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Honey Bees and the Selfish Tree

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Fascinating Bee Story

Jungle stories are the most lovable and fascinating among the kids. These stories teach valuable lessons to kids. These short stories for kids help them develop their logical and reasoning abilities. It also fosters them to face the problems. Here is the story of hard-working Honey Bees. What happened to Honey Bees? Read this complete story and get the answer. 

The Tree and The Honey Bee Story

The Tree and The Honey Bee Story

The Selfish Tree and Honey Bee Story

There was a forest. It had many beautiful flowers in the spring season. The Queen of bees decided to build a beehive with her fellow bees. As they started collecting nectar, the Mango Tree got upset. He said to his fellow Trees, “They extract nectar from our flower like a thief. Then, they build a nest on us. It is not acceptable. We should stop this.” And, all the other Trees agreed with him. They decided to throw away all the bees.

The Mango Tree was very dense. The Honey Bees thought that their nest would be saved under the shed of it. So, they planned to make a nest over it. After a few hours, the Bees came near the Mango Tree to build a nest. He shook himself and said, “You are not allowed to make a nest over me. I will not entertain you.” Listening to this, the Queen Bee requested to allow them to make a nest. But, the Tree did not give any attention and shook himself again.

It made Honey Bees very sad. So, they thought of the Banyan Tree. But, when they went near the Banyan Tree, it also started swinging. Then, all the Trees said, “You make the unnecessary collection of nectar. We will not allow you to build a nest over any of the Trees of this forest.” Bees started crying and begging for space, but none of the Trees gave them.

The Queen Bee went off from this forest and shifted to another. They made their nest and lived there happily.

One day, a few woodcutters came to the forest. They found the dense Trees. So, they planned to cut them and collect their wood. The monkey saw them and listened to their plan. He immediately informed the bees and requested to help them. The bees came to their forest quickly and attacked woodcutters. All the woodcutters run away from that place.

The Trees took a sigh of relief. They thanked the bees for helping them and saving their lives. The Mango Tree apologised to the Queen of Bees. He also requested them to build nectar over him.


Moral of the Story

We should always help the needy, no matter what they did in the past.



In the end, the bees return to their forest happily. They made a nest over the Mango Tree. Bees are necessary to protect the Trees, and Trees are also equally important to provide shelter to them. 

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FAQs on Honey Bees and the Selfish Tree

1. Why did Trees dislike Honey Bees?

Earlier, Trees did not like the Honey Bees. They thought that bees unnecessary collect the nectar and make a nest. They consider themselves as thieves who stole their honey and built their beehives.

2. How did Honey Bees help to protect the Trees?

Honey Bees attacked the woodcutters who came into the forest to cut down the Trees. The monkey rewarded them with woodcutters’ intentions. Though the Trees force the bees to relocate to a new forest, bees save their life. Bees were very kind-hearted. They pardoned them for their behaviour.