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Moral Stories For Kids: Fun Way to Teach Valuable Lessons

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Fascinating Moral Stories With Pictures in English for Kids

Short moral stories are best for children who have been reading for generations. These short stories with morals are popular in different languages and parts of the world. A moral story depicts practical situations excitingly and carries a message that imbibes moral values in the children. Different short moral stories teach different lessons to kids. The stories also make children responsible, respectful, empathetic, and honest from a very early age.

Here we will briefly describe 5 very short stories with morals that guide kids with some values and principles.

Here is a collection of “5 lines of short stories with morals for kids” in English. Read these very short stories for kids with morals, which they enjoy hearing and learn valuable lessons for free.

Old Parents

An Intelligent Farmer

A Woman Without Her Husband

The Crow and The Peacock- Who is Happy

The Three Men

Two Friends and The Bear

A Spoiled Son

Starvation in a King’s Kingdom

The Hunter and The Pigeons

The Fox and The Grapes

5 Must-Read Moral Stories for Kids in English With Pictures 

1. The Golden Egg

Once upon a time, a farmer had a goose that laid a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell that egg and earn enough money to meet their family's day-to-day needs. One day, the farmer thought that if he could get more such golden eggs and make a lot of money and become a wealthy person. The farmer decided to cut the goose and remove all the golden eggs from its stomach. As soon as they killed the bird and opened the goose’s stomach, they found no eggs. The foolish farmer realized they had destroyed their last resource out of greed. 

Moral: Greed destroys your resource.

2. The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

A shepherd boy in a village used to take his herd of sheep across the fields near the forest. He felt this job was very dull and wanted to have some fun. One day while grazing the sheep, he shouted, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is carrying away a lamb!" Farmers working in the nearby fields came running for help but didn’t find any wolf. The boy laughed and replied, "It was just fun. There is no wolf here".

The boy played a similar trick repeatedly for many days. After some days, while the shepherd boy was in the field with the herd of sheep, suddenly, a wolf came out from the nearby forest and attacked one of the lambs. The boy was frightened and cried loudly, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is carrying a lamb away!" The farmers thought the boy was playing mischief again. So, no one paid attention to him and didn’t come to his help. 

Moral: No one believes a liar even if they speak the truth once.

3. Having a Best Friend: Friendship Moral Stories in English

Having a best friend by Shaikh Subuhi is one of the best friendship moral stories in English. The story is about two friends who were walking through the desert. During the journey, they argued over something, and one friend slapped the other. The one who got slapped was hurt by this gesture of his best friend but did not react. He quietly wrote in the sand, “Today my best friend slapped me.”

After some time, they found an oasis and started taking a bath in the lake. Suddenly, the one who had been slapped started drowning. Then his friend came to his rescue and saved him. After he recovered from the drowning, he engraved “Today my best friend saved my life” on a stone.

The friend who had slapped earlier and later saved his best friend asked, “After I slapped you, you wrote in the sand, and now, as I saved you, you write on a stone, why?” The other friend replied, “I wrote in on sand because we should not keep the feeling of getting hurt by someone for a long time. But, when someone does something good for us, we must remember it forever like a message engraved on a stone that nothing can erase”.

Moral: Remember the good things that happen in life, not the bad memories.

4. The King’s Painting 

There was a king with only one leg and one eye but was generous and competent as a ruler. One day while walking in his palace, the king noticed the portraits of his ancestors along the hallway. He also wanted his portrait painted by an artist but was unsure how it would turn out due to his physical abnormalities. The King invited all the painters across the kingdoms and asked who could paint a beautiful picture of him. The painters were confused about how to make a beautiful picture of the King with only one leg and one eye.

All the painters politely refused to make a painting of the King. Then one young painter came forward and ensured to make a beautiful portrait of the King. After a few days, the young painter unveiled the portrait in the court in which the King was seen sitting on the horse with one leg visible, holding his bow and aiming the arrow with one eye closed. There was no sign of physical deficiencies in the king in the painting. The King was pleased to see that the painter had creatively presented the King’s positive characteristics but not highlighted the abnormalities.

Moral: Look at the positive aspects of someone without emphasizing the limitations.

5. The Pig and the Sheep

A pig found its way into a meadow where a shepherd was grazing a herd of sheep. The shepherd caught the pig and carried him off toward the butcher shop when it started crying loud and struggled to get free. The sheep told the pig, "The shepherd catches us regularly and drags us off like that, and we don't make any noise." The pig replied, "My case and yours are altogether different; he catches and takes you to shave off the wool, but he wants me to be killed for making the bacon."

Moral: Don’t compare two situations without understanding them.


Children from an early age should develop a strong base of moral values that help them to be good human beings. A moral story must be part of the academic curriculum and parental learning. These learning will have a profound impact on individual lives as well as on society. In the end, we suggest you read at least one new story in English with morals for your kids to teach them good moral values.

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Moral Stories for Kids

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FAQs on Moral Stories For Kids: Fun Way to Teach Valuable Lessons

1. What is the purpose of a story with morals?

The purpose of a story with morals is to guide children to learn some moral values through some exciting stories. As the kids read the stories, they learn to appreciate the good qualities, behaviours, and actions and try to imbibe that in their lives. This learning helps them build a good character with strong beliefs in values and principles and guides them in the future course of life.

2. What moral values do the moral stories express?

The moral stories presented here convey the message of avoiding greed, not telling lies, looking at the positive aspects of something, acknowledging the actual values of friendship, etc. These stories also convey the values of intelligence, wisdom, honesty, perseverance, empathy, and many other qualities. 

3. What are some good morals for kids to teach?

The kids should imbibe the below morals to be good human beings:

  • Don’t be greedy! Be happy with what you have.

  • Think twice before speaking or acting.

  • Always tell the truth.

  • Never Give Up. Try and try; you will surely get success one day.

  • Where there is a will, there is always a way.

4. What is a moral story known as?

The moral story is known as a “Parable.” A Parable represents one or more instructive lessons or principles through moral stories.

5. Do all short stories have morals?

No, all short stories don’t convey morals. Some of the brilliant short stories (non-fiction, wordless books, etc.) do not convey any moral message; they are written just for reading and enjoying.