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Barbie Stories

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An Overview of Barbie Stories for Kids

We've always read about little ones who enjoy Barbie stories

Some are simple stories, while others might have a few amazing turns that keep you holding your breathing till the end. Some others address real issues. In this article, we are addressing some amazing Barbie stories that have adventure, fun, suspense, and the most entertaining Barbie tale. These are the best bedtime Barbie stories.

Sometimes Barbie stories seem like princess stories but they are different. How? To know this let’s read the following Barbie stories.

Barbie Stories

Barbie Stories

Three different Barbie stories are discussed here for kids. Let’s start with the first one, “Barbie Story”.

Barbie Story

There once was a girl by the name of Barbie. She was 16 years old and a resident of Mexico. She had a huge home. Barbie was incredibly kind to everyone she met. She took a car to school on her first day.

Ken and Stacey were in class when she entered. She was friends with them. Barbie's handbag accidentally dropped out of her school backpack as she was about to sit down. Both her purse and her phone were taken by a boy. She discovered no phone or purse  in her bag. She was upset. She then observed the boy carrying her belongings. Barbie tried to follow him, but she was unable to do so.

She carried a large amount of cash in her purse. When she returned home, Ken and Stacey knocked on the door. They came to deliver a gift to her. A new purse and a phone. She was encouraged to be happy and that everything will be OK. After thanking them both, Barbie enquired as to whether they would want to join her for tea. She was an excellent cook. For dessert, they enjoyed a roast and ice cream.

Barbie went to bed after dinner, while Ken and Stacey headed home. 

Story of Barbie Princess

This story was the twentieth entry in the Barbie film series, it followed the story of Barbie Named Blair Willows, a poor girl living in the kingdom of Gardenia, who won an annual lottery to attend a prestigious school where girls could train to become princesses or royal ladies. 

Girls are Happy to win the Lottery

Girls are Happy to win the Lottery

As Blair learned the ways of a proper princess, she discovered the mystery behind the kingdom's missing heiress to the throne.

Blair Willows was a kind-hearted young woman who was accepted into the wonderful, modern Princess Charm School, where she learned how to dance, host tea parties, and behave like a proper princess. In addition to the helpful magical sprites and her new companions, Princess Hadley and Princess Isla, Blair adored her classes. But when Blair's royal teacher Dame Devin realized that she resembled the kingdom's lost princess, she upended Blair's entire environment in an effort to prevent her from ascending to the throne. But princess Hadley and Isla located a magical crown to demonstrate Blair's true identity and lastly, Blair became that lost princess.

Barbie and Her Step-Mother

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and simple girl named barbie. She has a cute friend named Uni. 

Barbie and Uni

Barbie and Uni

They loved each other so much and they are best friends. But one day, Barbie’s mother died and her father found a new girl to replace her mother. Her evil stepmother did not like her so much. She always made the life of Barbie miserable. After some time her father also died. Her stepmother did everything to distract her Barbie's beautiful face. But the time came, there was a handsome man who helped Barbie out of her stepmother, namely, Prince. Her stepmother did not want what the prince was doing so she made a plan but she was not able to carry it anymore because she got sick. So that she just chose to be good and release Barbie and Prince. So Barbie and Prince were free from her bad stepmother and they live happily ever after.


In the article, we saw great stories of barbie princesses which have surely engaged you for some time to feel enjoyable reading them. You can refer to the barbie stories pdf for more stories like this which enhances your kids learning and listening ability while having these short fun bedtime stories. Here are three different stories. All the stories are interesting bedtime stories. You would love to read these stories. Each story has a unique and interesting character. In one story we talked about princess barbie whereas in other stories we discussed modern barbie and the modern world.

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FAQs on Barbie Stories

1. What makes Barbie so unique and special?

Barbie stories reflect the world young girls see around them. Her ability to develop and grow with the times, while remaining consistent with her soul. It is good to see how kids love these bedtime stories which enhances their reading ability while having fun. It connects the world of fantasies like a charming prince and beautiful princesses which attracts a lot of small kids because they think the world is that beautiful at a young age that’s why it's special.

2. How did Barbie (Blair Willows) become a princess in the story “Story of Barbie Princess”?

When Blair Willows went for training in the palace princess Hadley and princess Isla recognised her as the lost princess of the kingdom. Then, the royal dance teacher did the same. In the end, by the efforts of the royal teacher and both princesses, Bliar got recognition as the kingdom’s princess.

3. Write the characteristics of Barbie's stepmother in the story of “Barbie and her step-mother”?

Barbie’s stepmother was very cruel to Barbie. After her father passed away, Barbie’s mother made her life miserable. She got jealous of her beauty. That’s why she tortured her a lot.