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Essay for Class 2 Children

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Writing an essay is quite a simple thing. It not only helps to improve the writing and grammar skills of the child, but also helps them to get a better grip on their creativity, imagination, and the right usage of vocabulary. 

Writing short essays on a regular basis is a great way to practice English and it also helps to strengthen the overall essay writing skills of the student. 

Here are 2 short essays for Children studying in Grade 2. 

Short Essay on My Mother 

My name is Varun Shah. My Mother’s name is Reena Shah. She is 36 years old and works as a homemaker. She loves to cook food and is also very good at it. I love to eat the pizza and pasta that she makes. 

She also loves to sing and tries to practice as much as she can every day. Her voice is very sweet when she sings. She likes to sing old songs a lot. She is also very beautiful and very smart. 

She takes care of me, my elder brother, and my father as well. Everyone at our house loves her. She is very caring and loving. Whenever someone falls sick, she always looks after them by cooking food for them and giving them medicine. She is a very brave and kind person. She always takes care of others and helps others during any problem. 

My Mother and I visit the park near our house every Sunday. We go to the park in the evening. She sits there on a white bench and smiles at me while I swing. She also meets her friends and neighbours in the park. 

She helps me with my studies and homework from school. She also teaches me new things about singing, painting, and dancing. 

My Mother is a very caring and pretty woman, and I love her. 

Short Essay on My Favourite Festival Diwali 

Diwali is My favourite Festival. It is celebrated in October or November. It is celebrated to honour Lord Ram. 

It is the Festival of lights. I celebrate it with My family every year. My mother makes tasty sweets during the Festival. We also do pooja during this time and everyone gives each other nice gifts. My sister and I light crackers with our neighbours. We all get together and have fun at night while bursting crackers.

People wear new and colourful clothes during this time. There are colourful decorations and lights everywhere during this Festival. We decorate our house as well. I also help My sister to make rangoli outside our house. And My father lights diyas and puts them in different places in the house. People also light different lamps and lanterns at their houses. 

During the time of pooja, our whole family comes to our house and we do the pooja together. We worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and chant prayers to them. We thank them for keeping us safe and happy and pray to do the same in the future. After the pooja, a delicious dinner is cooked and sweets are served with it. Everyone loves eating good food during Diwali. 

There are rockets and other crackers being burst everywhere during this time. The sky is filled with bright pink, red, yellow, green, and other such colours. At night, the sky looks very beautiful as the crackers burst. Festive music is also played while lighting up the crackers. We also meet our friends and celebrate Diwali with them. We eat yummy food, light crackers, and dance together during this time. 

Diwali is My favourite Festival and it is very beautiful. I love celebrating it. 

Essay writing fosters a kid's writing skills. Essay writing also encourages young kids to think and put their perception in words. Essay writing is not an easy job. Kids to elders find it's hard to think of a topic & putting those thoughts into words sometimes.

Vedantu made your struggle easy & provides popular & frequently asked essays for class 2 children for free of cost. Explore our huge collection of popular essays exclusively written for class 2 children.

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