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Famous Fairy Tales and the Cinderella Story for Kids

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English Fairy Tales to Enchant the Kids

Who doesn’t like fairy tales? I bet we all do! Fairy tale stories are loved and adored by all children. The kids love it so much that they want to stay glued to the fairy tales either by listening to or reading the famous short stories in English. These fairy tales are stories in English to read by the kids. There are many fairy tales that are available in the form of short stories to read online. But have you tried reading our enchanting fairy tale story? 

If not, then hop right into it as we begin our folk tale journey of the famous fairy tales. Let us check the list of fairy tales along with a brief about them.

Read these famous fairy tales that are stories in English to be read by the kids and wander in the adventure land of these famous short stories in English. 

Below is a list of famous fairy tales; keep on reading:

  1. Little Red Riding Hood

  2. Cinderella

  3. The Picky Prince, Princess and the Peanut

  4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  5. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

  6. The Elves and the Shoemaker

  7. The Enchanted Canary

  8. The Marvellous Musician

  9. The Three Dwarfs

  10. The Queen Bee

  11. The Valiant Little Tailor

  12. The Butterfly

  13. Grandmother

  14. The Snow Man

  15. The Pea Blossom

  16. The Little Elder Tree Mother

  17. The Swineherd

  18. Gubbon Seer

  19. The Dragon of the North

  20. The Little Weed

  21. The Blinded Giant

  22. Prince Darling 

  23. The Six Sillies

  24. The White Doe

  25. The Fair With Golden Hair

  26. Prince Ariel

  27. The Blue Bird

  28. The Friendly Frog

  29. The Yellow Dwarf

  30. How Molo stole the Lovely Rose Red

  31. The Kingdom of Ogres

  32. The Bird with Nine Heads

  33. Rose of Evening

  34. Giauna The Beautiful

  35. Bamboo and The Turtle

  36. The Happy Prince

  37. The Star Child

  38. The Selfish Giant

  39. The Devoted Friend

  40. The Nightingale and the the Rose

That was quite a list of fairy tales which we bet you would love to read. You can get these fairy tales in the form of an English storybook.

Let us now see what are the most famous fairy tales in the world of English fairy tales. 

Most Famous Fairy Tales - Fairy Tales for Kids 

Hey kids! Take a look at the list of the most famous fairy tales. You might even spot your favourite fairy tale here!

  1. Little Red Riding Hood

  2. Cinderella

  3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  4. The Selfish Giant

  5. Rapunzel

  6. Jack and the Beanstalk

  7. Sleeping Beauty

  8. Puss in Boots

  9. Beauty and the Beast

  10. Hansel and Gretel

  11. Frog Prince

Cinderella - Short Story

You must have read the English story book which illustrates the beautiful girl named Cinderella. Let us give you a brief about the story of Cinderella in the form of a summary.

Cinderella lived with a wicked step-mother and two step-sisters. Cinderella lived in rags and worked day and night, cleaning the floor and dusting the house. 

One day, there was a royal ball in their kingdom, the two step-sisters hurried off to the ball, leaving poor Cinderella alone. She was crying bitterly. Suddenly, her fairy godmother appeared and helped her to dress up for the ball and made a magical carriage and sent her off to the royal ball, reminding her to be back by 12 midnight as the magic spell would last until that time, after which she would be back in her old form.

Cinderella was very happy! She hurried off to the ball in her magic carriage and danced all night long with Prince Charming there. When the clock struck midnight, she hurried off to return from the ball. However, while running, one of her glass slippers fell off her foot on the stairs and the prince who followed her picked up the glass slipper.

Now, he wanted to marry this beautiful lady. The next day, Prince Charming sent out his men to search for the girl in the kingdom. They carried Cinderella’s glass slipper to see whose foot perfectly fits into it. The actual owner of the slipper, which was Cinderella, would get to marry Prince Charming  immediately. 

None fitted into the glass slipper, even the step-sisters tried hard but could not fit into the slipper, then came Cindereall in her ragged form. When she wore the glass slipper, it fit her perfectly, and magically the ball gown appeared and she looked as beautiful as she looked that night.

The prince confirmed his princess, and then they were happily married forever. 

Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, a beautiful daughter was born to a king and queen. For the newly crowned princess, they threw a fantastic party. The important men, ladies, and fairies all arrived bearing gifts. Everyone gave the infant princess gifts. The princess received magical gifts from the seven nice fairies.

The first and second fairies declared, "You will be Beautiful and intelligent." The third fairy remarked, "You will be Kindhearted." The fourth and fifth fairies announced, "You will Sing and Dance." The sixth fairy assured her, "You will always be happy." A wicked fairy who was angry that the king had not invited her to the party suddenly came. She gave a curse to the princess. "The princess will prick her finger on the spinning wheel and die when she is fifteen," she predicted.

The evil fairy vanished. The princess didn't receive her gift from the seventh fairy. She stated, "Not to worry. Here's my gift to you. Princess won't pass away. She will sleep for a century. She will awaken when a prince kisses her. She will be slept with the entire kingdom". 

Princess turned fifteen. The princess saw the stairs as she was exploring the palace. She followed it out of curiosity. She arrived at a room at the top of the tower through the stairs. When the princess opened the door, she saw an elderly woman spinning a wheel. 

The princess was asked to attempt spinning by the elderly woman. She pierced her finger and she fell asleep.

Everybody in the kingdom also fell asleep. Around the palace, a thick forest of thrones grew. One hundred years have passed. A prince once stopped by to check on the sleeping princess.

The dense woodland was cleared by the prince. He entered the castle. He found the princess sleeping. He was in love with her because she was so stunning. Princess received a kiss from the prince.

It was a kiss of magic. The young princesses awaken. She saw the prince. She developed feelings for the prince. Everyone in the kingdom awoke when the princess woke up. When the king and queen first saw the charming prince, they were overjoyed.

The prince and princess married and lived happily ever after.

The Little Mermaid

A little mermaid used to live in the ocean of Atlantica. She desired to be human, and when she found herself saving a handsome prince from suffocation, she came to the conclusion that she must become human at any cost because she must go with him.

This inspired her to go see an ocean witch, who demanded that she give up her voice in exchange for human legs, with the condition that she would return to the sea as a slave if the prince didn't wed her.

The mermaid then proceeded to see her prince but faced a series of obstacles, starting with the ruler not recognising her and ending with several admirers approaching to marry him. The mermaid and ruler finally reunite, defeating the witch and going on to live happily ever after.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Beauty and the Beast

Starting in France, this is the tale of Belle, a delightful young lady who replaced her dad, when he was taken prisoner by a furious beast.

While things were initially unpleasant and scary for Belle, she soon grew fond of the beast because of the way he had treated her. When Belle heard that her father was sick, she begged the beast to let her visit him and promised to come back. 

However, she was delayed for some reason and the beast started losing his breath. Belle came on time and he was saved. Then he asked her to marry him and Belle responded yes. This turned the beast into a handsome royal prince. Prince told about the curse and thanked Belle for her love for him. Prince married Belle and they lived happily.

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Reading Fairy Tale Books - Benefits of Reading or Listening to Fairy Tale Books   

Fairy tales for kids will always make them happy no matter from where you read, whether online or offline. Kids enjoy famous short stories in English, not only it will amuse them but will also make their English studying interesting. 

These short fairy tales will help your kids in reading and improving their imagination as well.

So, check out the benefits of reading and listening to short fairy tales:

  1. Early Development of the Children

Reading and listening to these short stories of fairy tales will help the kids in developing their brain by 95% by the age of six (this is confirmed by a research). Their imagination skills, and literary interest will rise from an early age. Although they would learn about fantasy lands in fairy tales, it would give them the power to differentiate between the real and the fiction.

  1. Enhance Kids’ Problem-solving Skills

The fairy tales are always based on a character who goes through a problem and then gradually solves it. This will help the children to understand that there are solutions to every problem and that they should not give up easily.

  1. Faith in Goodness

The fairy tales are filled with the idea that the good always wins at the end. Thus, by reading and listening to these fairy tales, children can build their trust in goodness.

  1. Knowledge About Other Cultures

The children will be familiarised with the different cultures around the world and learn about them.

  1. Boost Their Imagination

These fairy tales encourage a child to be imaginative. The imagination power is built while they listen to such folklore.

  1. Growth of Moral Values

Fairy tales are a great way to teach the children certain moral lessons of life.

  1. Strengthening Parent-child Bonding

By reading fairy tales with their parents, children can bond with their parents as well. It will give them an opportunity to spend quality time with their parents.

So, the next time you sit with your child to play games or just to spend some time with them, try reading fairy tales to them. They will be very enchanted by them and would want to read or listen to more stories. 

This article intends to provide an introduction to fairy tales and their benefits for kids and their parents. These fairy tales might get old but they will remain evergreen.

We have provided a list of fairy tales and also have shared with you the benefits of reading fairy tales to you kids. Additionally, we also have narrated the story of Cinderella in a summarised form. 

Have fun exploring the world of fairy tales!

Moral of These Fairy Tales

Be kind, be generous to every individual, never give up, and always obey your parents. We have also learned that we shouldn't judge someone just by looks.


In this article, a list of very short fairy tale stories is discussed. Kids learn many new things in the form of stories. The list of short fairy stories that are discussed here is Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, and the Beauty and the Beast. We have many fairy tales but we chose only these 3 because they have a story related to someone’s life with a powerful lesson. These are beautiful fairytale princesses who met their prince (the love of life) at the end and lived happily ever after. These stories give lessons about being kind, always helping others, and never comparing or judging someone. 

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Fairy Tales for Kids

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FAQs on Famous Fairy Tales and the Cinderella Story for Kids

1. Name the oldest fairy tale.

The Smith and the Devil is the oldest fairy tale. According to the researchers, this fairy tale goes back to 6000 years to the Bronze age period.

2. Do all fairy tales have morals? 

Yes, all fairy tales have morals to teach the children an important life lesson through the actions and choices of the characters.

3. Are fairy tales real?

It cannot be said that all fairy tales are entirely unreal. These fairy tales have come down from many centuries. Hence, it is said that they are partially taken from real experiences, and then modified into a fairy tale.

4. What is the correct time to read fairy tales to the kids?

There is no such specified time to read fairy tales. Though it is preferred to be read at bedtime. When the kids are relaxed and tucked into bed comfortably, they will keenly listen to you until they fall asleep.

5. What are some good short fairy tales?

Some good short fairy tales are as follows:

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

  • The Gingerbread Man.

  • Androcles and the Lion. 

  • Little Red Riding Hood. 

  • Father Anansi. 

  • The Rat and the Elephant. 

  • The Fox and the Crow. 

  • The Grasshopper and the Ants.

6. Write the characteristics of the beast in the story of Beauty and Beast.

The beast was very bad and scary by his outer look but he was a good person inside. He never hurt Belle and always took care of her meal and all her needs. He was a kind-hearted person.

7. Why did the evil fairy curse the princess in “sleeping beauty”?

Sleeping beauty is a story of a beautiful princess who was born after a long time. So, her parents threw a grand party to celebrate their happiness and missed inviting an evil fairy to the party. As she didn’t receive any invitation and the rest of them got it, she became angry and came to the party to curse the princess.

8. What is the importance of fairy tales for kids?

Fairy tales have an important life lesson to teach with a touch of magic that’s why kids enjoy fairy tales and listen properly. Fairy tales consist of stories of different cultures and places, so the vocabulary of kids is also enhanced by listening to these stories every day.