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Indian Mythological Stories for Kids to Read

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An Introduction to Indian Mythological Stories

The Indian mythological stories and mythological characters of India are fascinating and interlaced. Also, these are so huge and ancient that it takes thorough reading and patience to understand the underlying messages and lessons in the stories. The earliest Indian texts are the Vedas, a progression of consecrated songs to tribute to the Aryan divine beings, who embodied powers like the sun, air, fire, etc. Indian mythology is well explained in books like Ramayana and Mahabharat. In this article, you will learn about Indian mythological stories in a fun and interesting way.

In Indian culture, there are many unknown stories of Hindu mythology. In this article, we will discuss some of these stories. Here are some well-known mythological stories for kids.

The Dedication of Ekalavya

Ekalavya was a little fellow who lived with his clan in the forest. His life goal was to become the best shooter in the world. However, when he asked Drona to teach him, he was turned down due to his low social status. Nevertheless, Ekalavya sculpted his Drona, in front of which he trained as an archer until he proved very talented. When Drona witnessed him and learnt of his accomplishments, he was concerned about the possibility of Eklavya surpassing his most brilliant pupil, Arjuna.



He asked Ekalavya to sacrifice his thumb, and Ekalvya followed his order without any questions and thereby lost his ability to be an archer. 

Mythological Characters

Some stories surrounding well-known mythological characters like Abhimanyu, Prahlada, Durga, and Shravana and their bravery are discussed below.

The Courage of Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu was one of the best fighters in the Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata. While his mother, Subhadra, was pregnant with him, his father, Arjuna, told her the strategy of Chakravyuha's battle. Abhimanyu intuitively understood the whole strategy but fell asleep just before Arjun could figure out how to escape the development. Not knowing how to escape, Abhimanyu gave up his life to fight for his people and family.

The Faith of Prahlada

Prahlada, the child of the devil Hiranyakashipu, was an incredible Lord Vishnu lover. Nonetheless, his father detested Vishnu as he believed himself to be the one genuine God. This was because of the boon Hiranyakashipu had gotten from Lord Brahma. He attempted to kill Prahlada by numerous techniques, yet Prahlada was constantly saved by Lord Vishnu.

The Mural of Prahalad

The Mural of Prahalad

After Hiranyakasipu's continued efforts to end Prahlada's life,  Hiranyakasipu was ultimately killed by Narasimha, the man-lion manifestation of Vishnu.

The Strength of Durga

Once Lord Mahishasura of the Asuras released Indra, the ruler of the divine beings, and transferred Indra's position to paradise. Then, the amazing goddess Durga of heavenly energies of many holy creatures combined. In order to preserve the universe, she confronted Mahishasura, a water buffalo demon, and defeated him along with his entire army.

The Loyalty of Shravana

Shravana belonged to a poor family. His parents were blind, and one day, they wished to go on a pilgrimage. Shravana helped them in their journey. As they were old and blind, he put them in two canisters and slung them over his shoulders. They travelled to many places. One day when they were passing by the forests of Ayodhaya, his parents were thirsty, so he went to have some water near the pond. There, when he was filling water in the pot, he got shot by Dasharatha. Dasharatha was the king of Ayodhya who was hunting deer at that place, but unfortunately, he shot Shravana thinking he was some animal. The injured Shravana still asked Dasharatha to give water to his parents, despite his breathlessness.


In this article, some popular mythological stories for kids have been discussed. The Dedication of Ekalavya, The Courage of Abhimanyu, The Faith of Prahlada, The Strength of Durga, and The Loyalty of Shravana are discussed in this article. These stories contain morals to learn, like doing good with others and following your teacher’s word is the lesson given in the story of Ekalavya. Similarly, be courageous, never give a chance to fear to overcome your courage, and keep faith in god are the basic lessons of all discussed stories. Thus, these stories have powerful lessons with a great history.

1. Write about Abhimanyu.

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FAQs on Indian Mythological Stories for Kids to Read

1. Write about Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu was a mythical warrior from the historical epic Mahabharata. He was born to the third Pandava prince Arjuna and the Yadava princess, Subhadra, Krishna’s sister. Sambhava Parva of  Adi Parva states that he was transformed into an incarnation of Soma's son Vargas. Soma was hesitant to part with his son, but he fully agreed on the condition that Vargas could return to him once he turned 16.

Abhimanyu grew up with his mother only because, at that time, Pandavas (Arjun with his four brothers) had been in exile for 13 years with Draupadi. After his father's return, Abhimanyu married Princess Uttara of the Kingdom of Matsya.

2. Write about Prahalad.

Prahlada was a king and the son of Hiranyakashipu and Kayadhu. He belonged to the Kashyap gotra. He is described as a saintly boy from the Puranas, recognised for his piety and bhakti to Lord Vishnu. Despite the abusive nature of his father, Hiranyakashipu, he continued his devotion to the direction of Lord Vishnu. He is considered a mahājana, or brilliant devotee, by way of fans of Vaishnava traditions and is of special importance to devotees of Lord Vishnu’s avatar Narasimha.

3. Who shot Shravan?

Shravan was shot by Dasaratha (Lord Ram’s father). Dasaratha mistakenly shot him. Dasaratha was hunting then, and he listened to some voices and thought about deer. He thought a deer was drinking water, so he shot to kill the deer but unfortunately, there was no deer. It was Shravan who was shot by him.