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CBSE Notes 2023-24

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CBSE Notes for Class 3 to 12- Free PDF Download

CBSE Notes can be one of the best ways for students to score good marks in their Exam. Be it any class, students are always advised to study in a structured way. This not only makes the study organised and focused but also gives the students time to enjoy recreational activities. 

The CBSE Board is known for creating a foundation for students to appear in the competitive exams. Therefore, it is essential that students make the most of their assigned curriculum and prepare themselves well for all their class exams. And therefore, the structured way of studying can be even more effective if students have CBSE notes prepared that will help them to revise and retain the information learned. 

The CBSE notes are of great help to students who practise self study. Students who want to score higher marks and be clear with their concepts will find these notes useful. This is why Vedantu has brought together for students a class-wise list of CBSE Notes that covers all important subjects right from classes 3-12. 

The links to download the CBSE Notes for Classes 3 to 12 are provided in the table below:

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Importance of CBSE Notes

CBSE Notes can be a students’ best friend if utilised in the best manner. Here is why CBSE Notes are important and must be befriended:

  1. They are structured and concise and students do not need to skim through the entire chapter to find a particular topic.

  2. The CBSE Notes have added examples, formulas and summary for quick reference.

  3. The Notes are an effective way to revise when students do not have time to read the entire chapter.

  4. They also help the students with useful strategies to score higher marks in their exams.

CBSE Notes for Class 3-12

Vedantu has brought to the students a concise document of CBSE Notes for classes from 3-12. The Notes are designed to help the students to score better than what they scored last. They are designed such that students are able to ace all their subjects with proper emphasis in each chapter. This structured and organised way of studying will definitely aid students in doing well for all their class exams.

CBSE Notes for Class 3

Class 3 is the start to the higher classes where many basic concepts are introduced. Thus, it must be ensured that students have a strong foundation in their understanding right from the beginning. 

This is why Vedantu experts have designed and developed CBSE Notes for class  3 with subjects like EVS, Maths, Hindi and English. Students can download the notes for free and add it to their study materials.

CBSE Notes for Class 4 

Class 4 is when students are only one step away from entering middle school. Although the excitement is high since most schools allow students to start writing with  start pens for the first time in class 4, this excitement must not get in the way of studies. 

And one of the easiest ways to ensure that marks are consistently higher in the report cards is to adhere to a disciplined way of study. When students include CBSE Notes in their other materials of study, it automatically gives them an edge over others. And, the well-designed CBSE Notes for class 4 prepared by Vedantu Experts on subjects like Maths, English, EVS and Science does just that. So, get your hands on the free PDF of these notes today!

CBSE Notes for Class 5

Class 5 is here and the students are the senior-most class in their primary section. Only a year later, they will be introduced to a myriad of new subjects, in addition to the old ones they already had. This is why it is especially important that the basics of the old subjects are clear. The strong foundation in the existing subjects will allow students to transition to middle school relatively easily. 

The new subjects that will be introduced in the next year will also require students to have their older concepts within their grasp. Experts at Vedantu understand this and have therefore made every effort to make the CBSE Notes for Class 5 effective in every way. This will ensure that students are able to pass class 5 with flying colours

CBSE Notes for Class 6

Class 6 is the class that introduces students to middle school and a plethora of new subjects. The subjects are new and so are the chapters. With the break-down of subjects like Science and Mathematics and the consequential increase in the number of subjects, students can find themselves in a tough situation. 

This is why Vedantu Experts have created the CBSE Notes for Class 6 in a manner that students are able to find a guiding friend beside them. The Vedantu CBSE Notes for Class 6 are equipped with shortcut techniques and stepwise analysis to make studying easier for the students. The Maths, Science and Social Science CBSE notes are available for free on the Vedantu website. The students are welcome to utilise them for their maximum benefit and score higher marks in their exams.

CBSE Notes for Class 7

As the students move higher into middle school, their bonding with the new subjects grows. They get more comfortable with the new subjects. Class 7 is the class where students have gotten used to them but may also be struggling with them a little since it is still relatively new for them.

Vedantu Experts know this well and have come up with a helpful solution for the same. The CBSE Notes for Class 7 designed by Vedantu Experts on subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science and English clear all concepts and aid students to revise them easily. The CBSE Notes for Class 7 available on the Vedantu website is an easy way to score higher in the exams.

CBSE Notes for Class 8 

Class 8 is the penultimate class to high school. Board exams are now the topic of discussion during each class and among students. It is near and students have started thinking about the same. It is imperative that the foundation for the board exams are strong. Class 8 is a crucial class for this reason and students must try their best to have conceptual clarity over all subjects. 

Having and adhering to  a study timetable is a need of the hour. And access to quality and concise CBSE Notes for Class 8 will just make the study process easier for students. The Maths, Science, Social SCience and English Class 8 CBSE Notes are available on the Vedantu website for free. Students are advised to download them and begin their process to a strong foundation for high school.

CBSE Notes for Class 9 

Class 9 is the first step to high school. There is the thrill of being the seniors and so is the worry and tension for the upcoming board exams. There is a lot of syllabus to cover and hence a lot to revise. Sometimes, the overwhelming amount of study material leaves little time for students for revision. But, revision is important.

Students are encouraged to cover their syllabus well before time so that they have time for revision. The CBSE Notes for Class 9 with subjects - Maths, Social Science, Science and English designed by Vedantu Masters are easy to skim through and retain the learnt information. They are available  on the Vedantu website for free.

CBSE Notes for Class 10

Class 10 is here and the chatter about board exams is strong. But now, it is not just board exams but also the selection of streams for classes 11 and 12. With such important decisions to make along with multiple assignments to submit, it is normal for students to find themselves in a frenzy of emotions. 

Vedantu is here to handhold students through this journey and which is why the experts have formulated a concise and comprehensive document of CBSE Notes for Class 10. Detailed concepts with required formulas, theorems and relevant examples make CBSE Notes for Class 10 by Vedantu a reliable friend to students. Students can find them available for free download on the Vedantu website.

CBSE Notes for Class  11

Class 11 lays the foundation for the penultimate year for admission into college. But, college is still far away. What is currently present is the subjects that students have taken after their stream selection. There is excitement about the new books and for some, new subjects. And the new subjects bring with them curiosity and worry at the same time.

Vedantu Experts are here to ease this worry and allow students to participate and enjoy their fests and other activities in their second last year in the school. 

The CBSE Notes for Class 11 designed by Vedantu Experts for subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Business and Economics can become a students’ best friend. The notes with stepwise solutions and quick tips will make studying easier for students. Students are most welcome to avail them on the Vedantu website for free.

CBSE Notes for Class 12

Class 12 in the CBSE Board is a crucial class. Since all competitive exams like JEE and NEET follow the CBSE Board syllabus, preparation to be top-notch in this class is essential. The board exams and the impending competitive exams can seem like too much to students.

Vedantu is here to aid the class 12 students and help them gain conceptual clarity. The clarity will not only aid the students in acing their current exams but also gain a strong foundation of study for appearing in the  competitive exams. Students can find the CBSE Notes for Class 12 designed by Vedantu Experts for subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Business and Economics for free on the Vedantu website.

How can Vedantu CBSE Notes help?

The CBSE Class notes are designed by experts at Vedantu. These masters come with years of experience and knowledge. The notes are concise yet detailed in a way to aid the students grasp the information easily. The CBSE Class notes by Vedantu are equipped with relevant examples, formulas, theorems and study tips. Students will find them to be the most efficient way to study and ace the school exams.

FAQs on CBSE Notes 2023-24

1. Where do we get the best notes for CBSE?

Vedantu is here with the easiest to grasp CBSE Class notes. They are the best notes that students will find to aid them ace their school exams.

2. How to download CBSE Notes?

The CBSE Notes are available for free download on the Vedantu website. Students can easily click on them and save them to download.

3. What are revision notes?

Revision notes are a concise summary of the chapters of a subject. They come handy to revise the entire chapter in a short period of time. They are the easiest way to study in an efficient manner.