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CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Download 3rd Standard English Notes Free PDF

Class 3 English has a vivid syllabus covering the chapters related to masterpieces created by famous authors of all times. These chapters need the utmost attention from the students for preparation. For this, they will need guidance from the CBSE English Notes Class 3 prepared by the subject experts. These notes have been compiled following the latest CBSE syllabus to cover all the chapters precisely and offer the ideal material for revision before an exam.

Vedantu offers 3rd Class English notes to help students to revise the chapters covered in CBSE Class 3 English syllabus. Our subject experts have prepared the Class 3 English Notes as per the latest CBSE Class 3 English syllabus issued by the board. Students will find the free PDF of 3rd Class English Notes on the Vedantu mobile app and our official website.

Detailed Overview of Class 3 English Revision Notes





Number of Chapters:

  • Marigold Chapters - 10

  • Marigold Poems - 10

  • Grammar - 18


Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:




Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • NCERT Solutions

Class 3 English Syllabus CBSE

Class 3 students can find the English syllabus for the year 2022-23 below. Revising the syllabus carefully is suggested, so you don’t miss out on any chapter to prepare for the exam.


Chapters’ Names

Unit 1:

Good Morning

The Magic Garden

Unit 2:

Bird Talk

Nina and the Baby Sparrows

Unit 3:

Little by Little

The Enormous Turnip

Unit 4:

Sea Song

A Little Fish Story

Unit 5:

The Balloon Man

The Yellow Butterfly

Unit 6:


The Story of the Road

Unit 7:

Puppy and I

Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Unit 8:

What’s in the Mailbox?

My Silly Sister

Unit 9:

Don’t Tell

He is My Brother

Unit 10:

How Creatures Move

The Ship of the Desert

Syllabus for Class 3 English Grammar


Chapters’ Names

Unit 1:


Unit 2:


Unit 3:


Unit 4:


Unit 5:


Unit 6:


Unit 7:


Unit 8:


Unit 9:


Unit 10:

Antonyms & Synonyms

Unit 11:

Vowels & Consonants

Unit 13:

Animal Sounds

Unit 13:


Unit 14:

Story Writing

Unit 15:

Silent Letters

Unit 16:

Writing Composition

Unit 17:

People and Their Work

Unit 18:

Family Relation Vocabulary

Importance of CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes

The chapters in Class 3 English syllabus are based on the marvels of famous authors, poets and story writers. These chapters deliver valuable contexts that students need to realise and understand. To make the study process easier, students can refer to the revision notes prepared by the experts.

These notes are ideal to follow as they have an organised format and a simpler depiction of the context. Students will be able to follow this format of the notes better and can find out the meaning of the contexts faster. Hence, they can take a step ahead in their preparation for this subject.

By understanding the context of a chapter, a student will find convenience in compiling the answers to the exercise questions. For instance, after following the Class 3 English Chapter 1 Notes, students will be able to formulate the answers to the exercise and exam questions in a better way.

Hence, these revision notes will act as a perfect guide to follow and bring your Class 3 English preparation on the right track.

Advantages of CBSE English Notes Class 3 PDF

  • The organised format of the revision notes will enable students to study the chapter faster and better. It means the students can easily understand what an author or a poet wants to express and complete studying the chapter before proceeding to answer the exercise questions.

  • These notes can also be used to resolve doubts related to the chapter content. Students will find the utmost convenience in accessing these files here to clarify their doubts.

  • The easier format of these notes will also help students to remember what they have studied. The concepts and contexts of the Class 3 English chapter will get imbibed in their minds. They can easily recall them and compile the right answers during an exam.

Benefits of 3rd Standard English Notes by Vedantu

Following are some of the benefits to refer to 3rd Class English Notes curated by the subject experts:

  1. The Class 3 English Revision notes are prepared by the experts in such a manner that easily help students to clear the important concepts of every chapter. The notes are curated in easy language so that it becomes easier for the students to grasp the important and complex topics easily.

  2. Referring to 3rd Class English Notes by Vedantu teaches students how to present the answers during the exam. They can learn the topics quickly by studying the revision notes and noting how the experts write the answers.

  3.  The 3rd Class English notes can be used for quick revisions before the exam.

  4. The 3rd Class English Notes are reliable study material as the subject experts prepare them after thorough research. Thus the students of Class 3 can refer to this study material without any doubt. 

  5. Few topics are explained with interactive examples that make students learning exciting and engaging.

When Should You Read the Class 3 English Revision Notes?

If you want to know the ideal time to refer to the revision note, we suggest you read the following points: 

  • Try revising the chapters in the morning when your mind is fresh.

  • The revision notes of every single chapter can be studied after the completion of each chapter from the NCERT textbook for a better understanding. 

  • You can also take up these revision notes to learn all the important terms that you find challenging to learn from textbooks, as all the important terms given in the notes are explained in simple and easy-to-understand language by our experts.


It is always suggested to revise notes to have a quick revision of all the important concepts before the exam. Most English Grammar topics in Class 3 hold extreme importance as the concepts taught in this class are helpful in later grades and improve your English communication skills. To get more CBSE Class 3 study materials, including NCERT Solutions, worksheets, and more, stay tuned with Vedantu. Also, register at Vedantu to learn CBSE Class 3 topics of every subject in a fun way and understand the concepts better.

Download Class 3 English Chapter Notes PDF

Perform the Class 3 English Notes PDF download and get the proper study material to revise the chapters. These notes will save your studying time. You will also not have to keep finding the meaning of the context of a chapter when the experts have already done it. Focus on the simpler version of the notes and develop your concepts to ace the exams.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 3 English Revision Notes

1. What are the main features of 3rd Class English Notes?

Following are some of the salient features of 3rd Class English Notes:

  • All the important concepts of each chapter are written in a simple and easy-to-understand language so kids can learn them on their own, without taking any help from their parents or teachers.

  • Engaging examples are provided to make learning easy and fun for kids. 

  • It can be used for quick revisions before the exam.

2. How can students download the Class 3 notes of all subjects?

Students can download the free Class 3 revision notes PDF for all subjects from Vedantu's official website. You just need to visit the website, search for the Class 3 Notes link, and click on the PDF link for the subjects you want to have revision notes for. As you click on the PDF, you will be redirected to the page where you need to fill in the information, including your name, registered cellphone number, and the class you belong to. As you complete all the details, the download will begin immediately.

3. Why is revision necessary for the students?

Proper and timely revision helps students in the following ways. 

  • It strengthens their learning.

  • Boosts confidence.     

  • Lessens exam stress.

  • Minimises the chance of making easy mistakes.

  • Students are able to attempt the answers during the exam accurately.

4. What are the subjects for which CBSE Class 3 notes are available by Vedantu?

Vedantu provides Class 3 notes for all 4 subjects, including English, Hindi, Maths, and Environmental Science.

5. Do Vedantu provide summaries of Class 3 English poems?

Yes, Vedantu does provide summaries of CBSE Class 3 English poems. These summaries are written in an easy-to-understand language that will recall the wonderful moments of your child and enhance their creativity and reading skills.