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CBSE Class 9 Science Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2024-25

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Revision Notes for CBSE Class 9 Science - Free PDF Download

Once students are done studying for their science exam, they must be searching for notes to memorize important points. To better understand, students can check out Class 9 Science Notes developed by professionals at Vedantu. These Science Notes of Class 9 are specially designed to help students grasp even the most difficult topics related to every chapter in a more comprehensive way. As Science Class 9 Notes PDF is available to download, students can revise the complete syllabus without using other study materials. Vedantu is a platform that provides free NCERT Solutions and other study materials for students. Maths Students who are looking for better solutions, they can download Class 9 Maths NCERT Solutions to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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Download CBSE Class 9 Science Revision Notes 2024-25 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 9 Science revision notes for All chapters:

CBSE Class 9 Science Notes - PDF Solutions

Getting Notes for Science Class 9 in a PDF format is quite beneficial when students want to revise for their examinations. Most importantly, these professionally designed Revision Notes of Class 9 Science can be downloaded for free on Vedantu’s official website. So, once students download these notes, they don’t need to worry about the internet connection. They can further print these Notes of Class 9 Science and revise all the important points in a short time.

CBSE Class 12 Science Weightage 2024-25

Detailed marking scheme of the examination is given below for you so that you can understand on which unit you should focus more to score maximum.


Unit Name



Matter - Its Nature and behaviour



Organization in the living world



Motion, Force and Work



Food - Food Production




Internal Assessment


Grand Total


Revision Notes for Class 9 Science

Chapter 1 - Matter in Our Surroundings: These notes cover the concept of nature and what elements make up living and nonliving things. It elaborates on the physical nature of matter, its characteristics, states of matter, change of state of matter, diffusion, temperature effect, and effect of change of pressure. The notes also cover topics like evaporation, plasma, and Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Chapter 2 - Is Matter Around Us Pure: Anything which occupies space and has mass is known as matter. The crucial notes cover topics such as mixture and its types, solutions, its properties, suspension and properties, colloidal solution and properties and physical and chemical changes. It also explains the types of pure substances and the differences between mixtures and compounds.

Chapter 3 - Atoms and Molecules: These notes cover the prominent topics as laws of chemical combination, Dalton’s Atomic Theory, Molecules, Atoms, and its elements. It also explains Atomicity, Molecular Mass, Ions, Mole concept, chemical formulae, its characteristics, and rules to write chemical formulas.

Chapter 4 - Structure of the Atom: These notes explain the discovery of electrons, neutrons, and protons along with their facts in a detailed way. It covers Thomson and Rutherford’s Atomic models and their observations, conclusions, features, and drawbacks. It further focuses on assumptions made by Neil Bohr, atomic and mass number, Isotopes, and its uses.

Chapter 5 - The Fundamental Unit of Life: The cell is known to be the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all living organisms. These crucial notes cover the cell theory, types of organisms, types of cells, key differences between animal cells and plant cells, diffusion and osmosis. It also explains hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic solutions, plasma membrane or cell membrane, its properties, its functions, cell wall and its function, plasmolysis, nucleus, its composition, its functions and related topics.

Chapter 6 - Tissues: These notes cover both plant and animal tissues, their features and classification, primary and secondary meristematic tissues - apical, intercalary, and lateral meristem. It also highlights permanent tissue concepts, the difference between parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma, complex permanent tissues, xylem and phloem.

Chapter 7 - Diversity in Living Organisms: Our Notes of Science Class 9 covers taxonomy, its classification, types of cellular organization, body organization, mode of obtaining food, and five kingdom classification. It elaborates the kingdoms - Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia, along with a lot more related concepts in a comprehensive manner.

Chapter 8 - Motion: The vital notes elaborate on distance and displacement, uniform and non-uniform motion, speed, velocity, and accelerated and decelerated motion. It also explains the equation of motion with a graphical representation of motion and uniform circular motion.

Chapter 9 - Force and Laws of Motion: These notes explain the concept of force, its effects, balanced and unbalanced force, laws of motion, and Newton’s laws of motion. It further offers a detailed explanation of mass and inertia, momentum and mass, its unit along with numerical problems for practice. The notes also explain the second law of motion and the third law of motion.

Chapter 10 - Gravitation: The crucial notes explain Newton’s universal law of gravitation, mass, weight, and difference between mass and weight. The notes further explain thrust and pressure, buoyancy, density, Archimedes principle, relative dentistry, and provide solved numerical problems.

Chapter 11 - Work, Power and Energy: The notes talk about work, a condition when the work should be and when not, its unit, along with positive, negative, and zero work. The notes also elaborate on energy, its types, the law of conservation energy, power, a commercial unit of power and provide solved numericals.

Chapter 12 - Sound: The notes elaborate production and propagation of sound, sound waves as longitudinal waves, its characteristics, wavelength, frequency, time period, amplitude, and velocity. Various other concepts of the speed of sound in multiple mediums, sonic boom, echo, a reflection of sound, range of hearing, application of ultrasound, sonar, and structure of the human ear are also explained.

Chapter 13 - Why do we Fall Ill:  These vital notes explain why health is essential and how humans can fall ill. The difference between healthy and disease-free is highlighted in the notes. Various types of diseases, microorganisms, and antibiotics have also been discussed. The notes also explain ways to control the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS, its causes and preventions, the principle of treatment, and a lot more.

Chapter 14 - Natural Resources: The notes focus on natural resources acquired from the earth. They explain the biosphere, atmosphere, air pollution, its causes, rain, and acid rain. The greenhouse effect, environmental issues led by humans, smog, water pollution, and its causes are also described. These notes further explain soil, soil erosion, and its causes.

Chapter 15 - Improvement in Food Resources: These crucial notes explain the green and white revolution, enhancements made in crop yields, various crop seasons, crop variety and production improvements, the difference between manures and fertilizers, irrigation, and crop patterns. The notes further cover animal husbandry, pest control, grain storage, diseases in cattle farming, fish production, and beekeeping.

Overview of Revision Notes CBSE Class 9 Science

Science is one of the most important subjects for students who are in Class 9. The syllabus of Class 9 Science consists of 15 chapters that are chapters that have been divided into 5 different units. These units cover all the important concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students will be able to get a detailed overview of all the topics and chapters in these units with the Class 9th Science Notes


For students of Class 9, it is important to complete the syllabus before their exams. The syllabus of Class 9 discusses important topics such as Matter, the Organization of the Living World, Force, Motion, Work, Our Environment, and Food and Food Production. The chapters contain all the information about the different concepts that will be taught to the students.


Class 9 students have to focus on gathering as much information about the chapters if they want to perform well during their exams. This is where the Science Notes for Class 9 PDF can help them out. The notes include well-explained and researched details about the different concepts which are a part of the Class 9 Science syllabus. With the help of these notes, students will be able to get a deeper and much more detailed understanding of the chapters. They can also use the revision notes to prepare their own study materials which will be a great help during the exams. Hence, it is important that students download and study from the Class 9 Science revision notes.

Benefits of Class 9 Science Notes PDF 

  • One of the main reasons why students should download the revision notes for Class 9 is the fact that it can help during exam preparation. With revision notes, students will not have to go through the entire textbook to read the chapters in detail.

  • The professional experts at Vedantu have curated the best notes for Class 9 Science students. These study resources are accurate and aligned with the CBSE standards. Thoroughly following the revision notes will enable students to guess the exam pattern and also the answering format that they need to follow in order to score good marks.

  • The topics and concepts have been explained in a detailed and comprehensive manner with these revision notes. If you follow the notes carefully, you will be able to understand the topics much easier. Vedantu experts have used explanations, examples, and other descriptive elements to explain complicated topics easily.

  • Students can download the study materials to check their own answers to textbook questions as well. For instance, downloading Class 9 Science Notes will help students identify their own mistakes while going through the chapter. This will boost their knowledge as well.

Download Revision Notes for Class 9 Science to Improve Your Scores

For those who want to score great marks in their Class 9 Science final exams, downloading the quick revision notes for Science Class 9 is the best bet. Students will find all the explanations, definitions, and important questions from the chapters in these notes. They can refer to these notes and increase their chances of performing well in class as well as during exams.

CBSE Class 9 Science Study Materials 2024-25

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 Science Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2024-25

1. Can Class 9th Science Notes Help Students Prepare and Score Well in the Examination?

Ans: Preparing and scoring well in any examination requires not only hard work but also smart work. Once you’re done studying all the chapters of Class 9 Science, it’s better to go through the well-made notes to ensure you have a clear and concise understanding of the concepts and are aware of all the important topics from each chapter. Revision is important when preparing for any exam, so it’s suggested to start your revision with these Class 9 Science Revision Notes drafted professionally.

2. Are There Solved Numerical, Diagrams, and Graph Explanations in These Revision Notes for Class 9 Science?

Ans: Yes, these notes are well-prepared by the subject experts who have years of experience and knowledge. They ensure to add all the essential points, easy explanations, solved numericals, and key topics explained through diagrams for students to understand all the topics comprehensively.

3. What are the chapters with the highest weightage in Class 9 Science?

Ans: Students must be aware of the marks distribution to help them prioritize particular topics during their preparation. The latest syllabus for Class 9 Science provided by CBSE has been divided into 5 units and accordingly, the units with the highest weightage include the following:

Unit 1: Matter - Its Nature and Behavior - 23 Marks

Unit 2: Organisation in the Living World - 20 Marks

Unit 3: Motion, Force, And Work - 27 Marks

4. Is CBSE 9th exam a board exam?

Ans: CBSE Class 9 does not conduct Board Exams. Only internal exams are conducted in Class 9 while Board Exams are conducted at the end of Class 10. Class 9 Exam Pattern includes three periodic tests, other practicals, and laboratory tests as a part of the internal assessment, and an annual examination worth 80 marks of theory and 20 marks of internal assessment at the end of Class 9. On the basis of these marks, students shall be promoted to Class 10.

5. Is Class 9 Science easy?

Ans: Science may seem a tough subject to prepare and score well in for some students. However, Science in Class 9 includes all the fundamental concepts that are important for building a student’s base for higher classes. If you are facing difficulty in understanding any concepts that are a part of the Class 9 Science syllabus, referring to helpful study material like CBSE Class 9 Science Revision Notes can help you achieve a grip on the subject. Vedantu’s revision notes can help you get an in-depth understanding of the chapter to help you score high marks.

6. What is the syllabus of Class 9 CBSE 2022-23?

Ans: The Central Board of Education (CBSE) has made many changes in the syllabus for Class 9 Science for the academic year 2022-23. The latest syllabus of Class 9 Science provided by CBSE includes the following units:

  • Unit I - Matter - Its Nature and Behaviour

  • Unit II - Organization in the Living World

  • Unit III - Motion, Force and Work

  • Unit IV - Our Environment

  • Unit V - Food; Food Production

7. What are the features of Vedantu’s CBSE Class 9 Science notes?

Ans: CBSE Class 9 Science Notes are one of the best resources that students will find very useful during their preparation. The features of Vedantu’s Class 9 Science notes are listed below:

  • The notes include thorough and well-explained details about each concept that is part of the Class 9 Science syllabus.

  • The notes are meant to help students save time as now they can simply study from ready-made study material instead of making their own notes.

  • Vedantu’s subject experts have created these notes based on in-depth research of the NCERT and provided material that students can easily comprehend.

  • These notes are available on both website and app. And can be downloaded free of cost.