Previous Year Question Paper of CBSE Class 10 Science

Previous Year Question Paper of Class 10 Science with Solutions

The anxiety of not knowing what the next exam will bring is always stressing students out. It would be great if a student could know and understand what questions would be asked in the Board Exams. But since that cannot happen, we have the previous years? question papers for our students to practice and revise their class 10 Science with! Vedantu offers the entire solution set of questions and answers from over 5-10 years, to make students acquainted with the type of questions asked. The answers are not just a simple one line solution, but include stage wise calculation and even the marks that are graded for each stage. This provides a comprehensive structure to students of how to present their answers and secure best grades. The solutions have been carefully drafted by Vedantu?s expert tutors, who are easily available for a free trial session upon registration as well. It is a well-known fact that 20% of questions in Board Exams have been asked before, so it does make it wonderful to know that you can complete 20% of your paper by just going through the previous year?s question papers with proper solutions provided with them. Going through and practicing on these papers not only makes the student confident but also gives him ample time to prioritize his subjects and topics to learn.

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