Class 4 Maths Revision Notes - Complete Maths Revision

CBSE 4th Standard Maths Notes - Free PDF Download

Class 4 Maths Revision Notes are available on Vedantu in detail in order to help the CBSE Class 4 students stay updated with the Maths chapters in an efficient way.

Our subject expert's team made sure that each chapter in Maths is detailed in such a way that the students are not burdened with the vast chapters, yet they will learn the important concepts of those chapters efficiently at the same time. Students will find the free PDF of the Maths revision notes in the mobile app and also on Vedantu’s official website. 

CBSE Class 4 Maths Revision Notes

Building With Bricks

Long and Short

A Trip to Bhopal

Tick Tick Tick

The Way The World Looks

The Junk Seller

Jugs and Mugs

Carts and Wheels

Halves and Quarters

Play with Patterns

Tables and Shares

How Heavy How Light

Fields and Fences

Smart Charts

4th Standard Maths Notes - Salient Features of the Revision Notes

Class 4 Maths Notes PDFs are provided in this article; you can download the free PDF from here easily and enjoy the benefits of the same. Let us check the salient features of the Revision Notes, which will prove to be advantageous for the class 4 students:

  • Class 4 Maths Revision Notes are prepared by the subject experts; thus, these notes consist of nothing but the best revision material to study. 

  • The Maths Revision Notes of Class 4  consist of all the chapters of the Maths Class 4 syllabus. The notes are designed so that the students can understand the core of the concepts. 

  • The Maths Revision Notes also consist of those examples and practice sums which is important in terms of the Class 4 Maths examination, thereby, the students can practice those without missing any. 

  • Our Class 4 Maths Revision Notes are intended to simplify the subject matter and make the students understand the concepts in a very lucid manner so that the chapter is well stored in their brains. 

  • Chapters based on formulas and diagrams are crafted accordingly. A list of formulae and graphs are made so that the students understand the totality of the chapter. 

  • The main topics and sub-topics of each chapter are explained in such a processed manner that it becomes impossible for the students to miss out on any concept. 

  • The notes also consist of many exercise questions which will help the students to prepare for the exam appropriately. 

  • The revision notes are presented in the form of a free PDF which will help the students to revise conveniently as they can have free access to the notes and can also download it for later use. 

These were some salient features of our revision material that the students can use to their advantage. So, download them without further ado!

Benefits of Class 4 Maths Revision Notes

Let us now check out the benefits of Class 4 Revision Notes and how it will be useful for the Class 4 students in studying Maths.

  • Revision is one such fundamental key for the students which must be incorporated into every student’s life in their study routine; thus, revision of Maths Class 4 Chapters is as important as revising other subjects, and these notes help the students in revising Maths. 

  • At Vedantu, we provide ready-to-revise revision material, which is free. Thus, these help the students to focus only on their studies and not waste their time making the revision notes. 

  • Class 4 Maths Notes PDF will help the students study the chapters precisely, and, thus, they will be able to answer the questions in their Maths exam correctly. 

  • The revision notes will let the Class 4 students keep the memories of the Maths chapters fresh in their minds, this will help them to score excellently in their Class 4 Maths exam. 

  • Class 4 Maths Notes PDFs are curated in a very simple manner which will help the students to revise the chapters easily whenever they want.

  • These notes consist of a revision of all the chapters; thus, it will help the students to revise all the chapters from one source only. 


The article was intended to introduce the CBSE Class 4 students to our Class 4 Maths Revision Notes. You can revise from our free maths revision PDFs in order to enjoy the discussed benefits from the salient features of our excellent revision material. Study all the chapters appropriately and revise them from our provided PDF. So, download the free PDF of the Maths Chapters and revise them well to score what you deserve in your Class 4 Maths exam.

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FAQs on Class 4 Maths Revision Notes - Complete Maths Revision

1. From where can I get Class 4 Maths Revision Notes?

Class 4 Maths Revision Notes can be availed from Vedantu. You can check this article and get the free PDF of Maths Revision Notes on Vedantu’s official webpage and application. 

2. Can I refer to the Maths Revision Notes of Class 4 before the Maths Exam?

Yes definitely. These notes are precisely made for revisional purposes. Thus, revising these notes before your Maths exam will be the best preparation for you.  

3. Is it possible to score 100 marks in Class 4 Maths?

Yes, it is possible. A proper understanding of the Maths chapters, along with regular revision, practice, and solving the previous year's question papers, will help the students of Class 4 to score a perfect 100 in Class 4 Maths. 

4. How can I revise Class 4 Maths Chapters 1 to 14? 

You can revise Class 4 Maths all chapters by referring to our revision notes provided in this article. You can simply download the notes and revise them according to your preference. Maths revision must also include the practice of important questions which might appear in the exam, and writing down the formulas will also help in efficient Maths revision. 

5. How can I download the Maths Revision Notes?

You will find the option ‘Download PDF’ in the article. By clicking that, you will be asked for some contact information in order to verify. Then after filling in the details, downloading will start automatically.