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CBSE Class 3 Hindi Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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CBSE Class 3 Notes for Revision: Free PDF Download

Class 3 Hindi has vivid chapters based on prose, poems, and stories written by famous authors. It also contains chapters related to grammar that students need to prepare. This is where the 3th Hindi Notes prepared by the experts of Vedantu will be the best companion. Find out how the experts have simply explained the chapter topics and how you can use them to score more in the exams.

Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes are available on Vedantu in an easy-to-download PDF. The CBSE Class 3 Hindi chapter-wise notes are prepared in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Students can refer to these Class 3 Notes, to learn and revise all chapters in the CBSE syllabus and score good marks in their Class 3 Hindi exam.

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Download CBSE Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 3 Hindi revision notes for All chapters:

CBSE Class 3 Hindi Notes: Special Features of the Revision Notes

These notes act as CBSE Class 3 Hindi Guide as they are quite helpful in a way that the students will be able to clearly understand the chapters by referring to these Revision notes. Let us see some of the salient features of the CBSE Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes below.

  • The students referring to these Hindi notes will have total conceptual knowledge of how to present their answers in the Hindi exam. We have drafted our notes in such a manner that they will easily grasp the gist of the chapters and likewise implement the best way of writing answers in their Class 3 Hindi exam.

  • CBSE Class 3 Hindi revision notes help students in excelling in their Hindi papers. The revision notes include all the poems and prose covered in their Hindi syllabus and we left no stone unturned to provide all the chapters with sheer conceptuality. 

  • CBSE Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes on Vedantu are highly reliable. The notes are prepared by our master teachers who have subject expertise in Hindi and thus the notes are designed after thorough research which will definitely help the students to rely on our revision notes undoubtedly. 

  • Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes will help the students to revise the Hindi chapters thoroughly before the exam. All topics and sub-topics of each chapter are covered in these revision notes.

  • With the Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes, students can know from which portions of the chapters questions can be expected and thus practice and prepare accordingly. 

  • The Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes are provided in the form of a free PDF, which makes these notes available and accessible to all students. 

These were some of the salient features of Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes which will definitely help the CBSE Class 3 students to make their revision worthwhile. 


Students are advised to check this CBSE Class 3 Hindi Syllabus which is mentioned above to have the correct study materials before even they begin to prepare for their exam.


How will these Class 3 Notes of Hindi be Useful for Students? 

Class 3 Notes of Hindi will be useful for students studying CBSE Class 3 Hindi in the following ways.

  • With ample revision, students will remain in touch with the topics and thus the lessons will remain fresh in their memory. 

  • The CBSE Class 3 Hindi exam demands accurate answers, so students can achieve the same by these revision notes.

  • The CBSE Class 3 students are not required to make any extra notes for their own revision, they can easily refer to these notes and revise the syllabus. 

  • Revision is considered one of the most necessary strategies while preparing for any exam, thus CBSE Class 3 Revision notes provided by us will be very much helpful in this regard. 

  • By studying these revision notes students will be able to memorise all the chapters for a long time.

  • At the time of the exam, writing the answers will become very easy for them as they will be on a constant revision of the chapters with these notes. 

  • The notes are easy to read and free to access, this gives the students an advantage of easy learning and easy accessibility of these notes. Thus they can excel in their Hindi Class 3 exams. 

These are a few reasons why these revision notes must be incorporated into your study routine. You can download the free PDF of these revision notes and refer to them before your exam. 


How to Incorporate Class 3 Hindi Revision Notes into your Study Routine? 

So, the main question is how to incorporate these revision notes into your study routine? Well, students can follow these suggestions and include the same preference in their own study routine.

  • Students can study these revision notes before their Class 3 Hindi exam.

  • These revision notes of individual chapters can be studied after the completion of each chapter. 

  • The students can also take up these revision notes to understand the chapters better as the revision notes are prepared in a lucid manner with all the topics being covered in the Hindi Class 3 syllabus

  • The students can also refer to these notes in order to know the types of questions that can be asked in the exam. 

Hope this study material will help students to prepare for their CBSE Class 3 Hindi exam. Additionally, students must note the suggestive tips about how to use the revision notes and why one should use such notes in order to prepare for CBSE Class 3 Hindi exams in a full-fledged manner. 


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Importance of CBSE Quick Revision Notes for Hindi Class 3

The revision notes have been compiled following the topics in all the chapters. The experts have gone through all the chapters and formulated individual revision note files for the convenience of the students.

These notes have been designed to provide a simpler version of the chapters. This version will be more comprehensive for the students. It means the easier explanation of the topics can be easily understood by the students. They can use the notes for the respective chapters to complete their preparation. For instance, the Class 3 Hindi Chapter 1 Notes can be used to recall what they have studied once the chapter and its exercises are over.

The notes can be used to recall the topics and contexts of the chapters faster. The organised format will deliver the right explanation of the prose, poems, and storylines of the chapters. Hence, it will be the best companion for the students to follow and revise all the chapters included in the syllabus of an exam.

Benefits of CBSE Hindi Notes for Class 3 PDF

  • The files are designed following a prime motive. The motive is to deliver the easiest explanation of the context of the chapters. You will find out how easily the experts have explained what the authors and poets wanted us to understand.

  • The notes can be used to complete the revision within a short period. Due to its concise version and organised format, you will be able to recall what you have studied before in no time and complete an exam syllabus.

  • Resolving doubts is easier when you have the notes in your hands. The notes can be accessed online or can be downloaded for free. You can carry the notes on your laptop or smart devices to refer to whenever a doubt arises.

  • The simpler format of the notes will help you recall the contexts and to formulate the right answers during an exam.

Download CBSE Class 3 Hindi Notes PDF

Perform the Class 3 Hindi Notes PDF download for the chapters you need according to your academic curriculum. Add these files to your study sessions and proceed with your preparation. These notes can be used to prepare a chapter faster and recall what you have studied precisely during an exam. 

FAQs on CBSE Class 3 Hindi Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

1. How to download the Class 3 Hindi revision Notes?

The Class 3 Hindi revision notes can be downloaded from Vedantu for free. Search for the revision notes of Class 3 Hindi and click on the ‘Download Now’ option. You will be directed to an information panel where you are required to fill out all the information required like which class, name, and registered mobile number, and likewise, the download will start automatically. 

2. How can I excel in my Class 3 Hindi exam?

Excelling in the Class 3 Hindi exam depends upon the preparation of students. You can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi - Free PDF and get extra resources to prepare better for your Hindi exam. You can also refer to CBSE Class 3 Hindi Sample Papers (2020-2021) to check out some sample papers for self-practice. 

3. Can I score full marks in the Class 3 Hindi Exam?

Yes, definitely. With good guidance and reliable study material, students can comfortably score full marks in the Class 3 Hindi Exam. You can get such reliable study materials on Vedantu and implement the same to score excellent marks in your Class 3 Hindi exam. 

4. What is the syllabus of CBSE Hindi Class 3?

The syllabus of Hindi Class 3 is as follows:

  • पाठ 1: कक्कू

  • पाठ 2: शेखीबाज़ मक्खी

  • पाठ 3: चाँद वाली अम्मा

  • पाठ 4: मन करता है

  • पाठ 5: बहादुर बित्तो

  • पाठ 6: हमसे सब कहते

  • पाठ 7: टिपतिपवा

  • पाठ 8: बंदर बाँट

  • पाठ 9: कब आऊ

  • पाठ 10: क्योंजीमल और कैसे कैसलिया

  • पाठ 11: मीरा बहन और बाघ

  • पाठ 12: जब मुझे साँप ने काटा

  • पाठ 13: मिर्च का मजा

  • पाठ 14: सबसे अच्छा पेड़

5. What is the Hindi Grammar syllabus for CBSE Class 3 Hindi exam?

The Hindi Grammar syllabus in CBSE Class 3 Hindi exam is as follows:

  • विलोम शब्द

  • पर्यायवाची शब्द

  • लिंग

  • अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द