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Notes for CBSE Class 9 Social Science - Free PDF Download
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CBSE class 9 is extremely crucial for establishing the foundation for Class 10. It is in this standard that you are taught the basics for Class 10 board exams. It is always suggested that you start preparing for your board examinations from class 9 only. This will help you practice the topics better. Class 9th SST, for example, has a huge syllabus. You must study all the chapters in it thoroughly. Once you are done with reading the NCERT textbooks, you must refer to the Class 9 SST notes. This article will tell you what is covered in this immensely useful set of study materials.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is the Study of Social Sciences Important?

Ans. The study of social science prepares you for your daily life challenges. It enlightens you about the various aspects of life. It teaches you about the past and the present as well as talks about prospects of various topics. It helps the students to develop a strong social character. It develops civil qualities, responsible and social behaviour. It teaches students about culture, religion, traditions and faith. It teaches students about nature and environment.

2. Why are the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Notes PDF Important?

Ans. The CBSE Class 9 social science notes PDF are important as they help you in the precise revision of the social science chapters. You can glance through the PDF notes before examination for a quick recapitulation of NCERT. They contain all the important points and concepts. It will help in revision both before exam and on a regular basis.