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CBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Revision Notes for CBSE Class 9 Social Science - Free PDF Download

Class 9 Social Science has important sections that comprise chapters based on the important topics of history, political science, economics, and geography. These chapters need the utmost dedication from the students to study. For this, they refer to the 9th Social Science Notes developed by the experts for revision. These notes are designed following the latest CBSE syllabus to cover all the topics. These notes will be the best companion for exam preparation.

CBSE class 9 is extremely crucial for establishing the foundation for CBSE Class 10. It is in this standard that you are taught the basics for Class 10 board exams. It is always suggested that you start preparing for your board examinations from class 9 only. This will help you practice the topics better. Class 9th SST, for example, has a huge syllabus. You must study all the chapters in it thoroughly. Once you are done with reading the NCERT textbooks, you must refer to the Class 9 SST notes. This article will tell you what is covered in this immensely useful set of study materials.

Detailed Overview of Class 9 Social Science Revision Notes




Social Science

Number of Divisions:

  • History - 5

  • Economics - 4

  • Political Science - 5

  • Geography - 7

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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Chapter Wise

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Download CBSE Class 9 Social Science Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 9 Social Science revision notes for All chapters:


The 9th Standard Social Science: Subject-Wise Notes

Social Sciences forms one of the core subjects for Class 9 CBSE. Not only from the examinations point of view but looking from a broader perspective, Social Science teaches students about important life lessons. The chapters in CBSE Class 9 SST form the foundation to more important aspects of life. It not only illuminates the students about the present aspects of life but also teaches about the foundations on which the present world is standing. It teaches students about social norms, about how to become responsible citizens, about the environment, about various ideals in life.


The 9th standard social science notes of History, Geography, Political Science and Economics will help students prepare well for their class examinations as well as create a foundation for class ten board examinations. The notes are prepared by our experts as per the latest guidelines and syllabus prescribed by CBSE. The Class 9 SST notes are curated in a manner that they are precise and compact but will suffice for a quick revision. Students can glance through these notes for a thorough revision of the entire NCERT textbooks. The notes are easy to comprehend as they are written in simple and easy language. Students will get an idea about how to write answers in the examination. These notes contain every important detail in the chapters. These notes will help you pass the examinations with golden marks.


9th Class Social Science Notes

Class 9th SST syllabus has the sub-subjects of History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science under it. There Social Science Class 9 Notes PDF for all the chapters from all the sub-subjects which makes revision quick and easy.


Social Science Class 9 Notes for History

History is a theory-based subject where you are expected to memorize past events after understanding them. You are expected to write down good and precise answers during the examinations in history. French Revolution, Nazism, Russian Revolution, Forest Society and Colonialism are a few chapters in history in SST Class 9. CBSE Notes for Class 9 Social Science History will help you understand how to frame your history answers.


Download CBSE Class 9 History Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 9 History revision notes for All chapters:



Social Science Class 9 Notes for Geography

Geography requires understanding as well as memorizing. You should be familiar with the tricks which connect the topics. The important chapters of Geography in Class 9 are Physical Features of India, Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife, India- Size and Location, etc.


Download CBSE Class 9 Geography Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 9 Geography revision notes for All chapters:



Social Science Class 9 Notes for Economics

Economics will empower students to understand the world around them. From various businesses to markets can be analysed with the help of Economics. It will help students for the future as they will be able to respond better to opportunities and threats. The important chapters of Economics are People as a Resource, Poverty as a Challenge, The story of Palampur, etc.


Download CBSE Class 9 Economics Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 9 Economics revision notes for All chapters:



Social Science Class 9 Notes for Political Science

The sub-subject of Political Science will help students understand democracy better and be a responsible democratic citizen. The important topics of Class 9 Political Science are Constitutional Design, Democratic Rights, Electoral Politics, etc.


Download CBSE Class 9 Political Science Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 9 Political Science revision notes for All chapters:



CBSE Class 9 Social Science Weightage 2023-24





India and the Contemporary World – I



Contemporary India – I



Democratic Politics - I








Did You Know?

  • The 9th Standard Social Science notes PDF is made by the best of Vedantu’s subject matter experts. So, it is not only  authentic but also perfect for a glance through revision before the exam.

  • Social Science Class 9 Notes PDF is handy and teaches shortcuts for memorising the chapter and makes learning interesting.

  • Class 9 SST notes will help you get an idea about which topics to stress on and facilitate quick recapitulation of the complete NCERT textbooks.

CBSE Class 9 Social Science Study Materials



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Importance of CBSE Quick Revision Notes for Social Science Class 9

The experts have gone through all the chapters included in the four sections to make individual revision notes. These notes can be found in the form of a list on this page. The notes can be accessed anytime according to the study schedule of the students.

A revision note has a precise and simpler explanation of all the topics included in a chapter. It means the revision notes will be the ideal companion for the students to recall what they have studied or to find the simpler version of the topics and concepts.

Students can use these notes to remember what they have studied in a chapter. For instance, when a student is studying the first chapter and has completed all the exercise questions, he can refer to the Class 9 Social Science Chapter 1 Notes before an exam. These notes will guide him to remember what he has studied in that chapter.

Benefits of CBSE Social Science Notes for Class 9 PDF

  • The notes have been prepared following the latest syllabus. Hence, they will cover all the topics included in the chapters. So, using these notes to revise the chapters will be ideal for the students.

  • You can also access the notes for resolving doubts related to the chapter topics. The simpler versions of the topics will help students to understand them well and to clarify their doubts in no time.

  • The simpler format of the notes will also help students to remember what they have studied. In fact, they can recall the topics quickly during an exam in a precise manner and can formulate the answers perfectly.

  • The notes prepared by the experts will save you precious study time. You will not have to make notes on your own when you can easily access them online.

Download Class 9 Social Science Chapter Notes PDF

Perform the Class 9 Social Science Notes PDF download and get the notes for free. Add them to the study material for this subject. Check how the experts have simplified the concepts and made them easier for you to learn and remember. Use these concepts to compile accurate answers during an exam and stay ahead of the competition. 

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 Social Science Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

1. Why is the Study of Social Sciences Important?

The study of social science prepares you for your daily life challenges. It enlightens you about the various aspects of life. It teaches you about the past and the present as well as talks about prospects of various topics. It helps the students to develop a strong social character. It develops civil qualities, responsible and social behaviour. It teaches students about culture, religion, traditions and faith. It teaches students about nature and environment.

2. Why are the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Notes PDF Important?

The CBSE Class 9 social science notes PDF are important as they help you in the precise revision of the social science chapters. You can glance through the PDF notes before examination for a quick recapitulation of NCERT. They contain all the important points and concepts. It will help in revision both before exam and on a regular basis.

3. What are the contents of the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science?

You will find CBSE Class 9 Social Science notes for revision as well as NCERT solutions for class 9 at Vedantu. We cover the following sub-subjects for social science:

  • Class 9 History 

  • Class 9 Political Science

  • Class 9 Economics 

  • Class 9 Geography

Students will benefit from the Class 9 Social Science notes in History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics, which will help them study for their class exams as well as provide the groundwork for the class 10 board exams. You can access the study materials free of cost  on the official website of Vedantu or Vedatu’s App.

4. Are the solutions for all types of questions included in the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science?

Yes, solutions for all types of questions are included in the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science. Geography, History, Political Science, and  Economics are sub-subjects in the SST syllabus for class 9th. There are Social Science Class 9 Notes PDFs for all chapters from all sub-subjects, allowing for rapid and easy review. You can refer to these without any second thoughts as these are easy to understand and reliable.

5. How many subjects are there in social science class 9?

There are 4 subjects in social science class 9. They are economics, geography, history, and political science. Political Science is a sub-subject that will assist students to better comprehend democracy and become responsible democratic citizens. Students will be better equipped to comprehend the world around them if they study economics. Geography needs both understanding and memorization. History is a discipline that is founded on theories and requires memorizing dates and events.

6. What is the syllabus of SST class 9?

All the subjects deal with different issues about our society. It briefs you all from the past to the present. Social science class 9th syllabus is vast but interesting. There are also components of sociology and commerce. They give a holistic perspective of society in place and time, as well as in connection to one another. You will find four units in this subject. It deals with historic events, geographical structure, economical structure, and politics of our country. 

7. What does chapter 1 of Economics Social Science class 9 about?

This chapter focuses on the agricultural industry, which is one of India's most important industries. This industry accounts for around 18 percent of India's GDP and provides the majority of the country's jobs. It's crucial to note that this chapter includes a number of significant ideas, such as agricultural organization, production, transportation, and labour employees. This chapter addresses many of the essential aspects of Indian agriculture. It will brief you about our own country’s agriculture.