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Nehas Alarm clock Class 4 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 [Free PDF Download]

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Neha’s Alarm Clock Revision Notes for Effective and Easy Preparation

Class 4 English Unit 1 is about an alarm clock that wakes up Neha every day at the right time. One day, the clock fell on the ground and its alarm went off. Neha was then woken up by the chirping of birds and even the sun. She wished that no one would wake her up this time. Ultimately, she woke up at 6:00 am on her own. The Neha’s Alarm Clock summary suggests that we have our own biological clock that runs on habit.

Check Neha's Alarm Clock revision notes to understand the context of this chapter. This chapter has been presented in a narration format. To understand every line of it, refer to the revision notes compiled by the experts of Vedantu.

Download CBSE Class 4 English Chapter-wise Revision Notes 2022-23 PDF

The following table shows the chapter-wise solutions for Class 4 CBSE English Marigold textbook and the revision notes related to each individual unit and its chapters. We would request students to go through the syllabus properly to have an idea of how they should go about studying and revising for their upcoming English exam. You can also download the notes, chapter-wise, from the links given below.

Access Class 4 English Revision Notes Chapter 1: Neha’s Alarm Clock

Neha’s Alarm Clock Revision Notes

  • ‘Neha’s alarm clock’ written by Girija Rani Asthana is a short story that talks about a little girl’s struggles with waking up early.

  • Neha’s alarm clock rings at 6 o’clock in the morning. Neha is irritated at its sound, she covers her ears and snuggles under the blanket. She mutters to herself in anger knowing that she has no other choice than to wake up.

  • Neha wishes that the alarm clock forgets its job sometimes. To her amazement, one day the clock falls and breaks down. Neha was happy thinking that the clock won’t ring the next day and she can sleep peacefully.

  • Next day, though the alarm does not ring, it is the little birds that come chirping near her window and wake her up. Neha is angry and she wishes that the birds leave her alone. 

  • Even this wish of Neha comes true. The next morning, there is neither an alarm clock nor the chirpy birds but this time it is the big bright Sun that wakes Neha up. 

  • Neha wishes that it would be wonderful if  Sun also leaves her alone so she can sleep peacefully.

  • Next morning, as per her wish, the sun is also behind the clouds and Neha is sleeping peacefully. But this time, it is her mother who wakes her up.

  • Something new happens the next morning. Neha wakes up on her own at 6 o’clock. She calls upon her mother and asks her who has woken her up this time. Her mother says that she has woken up on her own.

  • Neha is surprised. She asks her mom how someone can wake up on her own. Her mom explains that she eats her lunch every day at one in the afternoon because she gets hungry, like she sleeps by nine at night as she feels sleepy, likewise, she wakes up at a particular time. There is a clock inside our bodies which tells us when to eat, sleep and wake up.

  • Neha understands the concept and tells her mother that she has to rush or she will miss the bus. Her mother tells her that she can relax as it is a Sunday.

Moral of the Story

  • This short story explains the concept of the biological clock through a simple story.

  • We human beings are animals of habit. Once our body develops a habit over time, it behaves in the same way over and over again.

  • The little girl Neha has her lunch regularly at one in the afternoon as she gets hungry by that time. She sleeps regularly at nine at night because by that time she feels sleepy. 

  • Similarly, even when there is no alarm clock to wake her up, no birds or bright sunshine to disturb her sleep and her mother also does not wake her up, still she wakes up at six in the morning on her own like every day because she has a habit of waking up at that time.

New Words Meaning with Examples





To get in a comfortable position.

I snuggled inside my blanket immediately after reaching home.


Say something unclearly in a low voice, generally in anger or irritation.

I muttered at my bad luck.


An opening in a wall is generally covered with glass to allow entry to air and light.

Please close the windows before it is dark.


A shelf made of wood/concrete/stone just below the window

Please don’t lean on the window sill.


To not take any stress or tension

You can relax. The exam is postponed.

About the Author

  • Girija Rani Asthana is an Indian writer who writes for children and teenagers both in English and Hindi.

  • Apart from writing many books and short stories, she conducts workshops on creative writing, illustration, etc.

  • She is also the vice president of the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children and president of the Bachpan Society for Children’s Literature and Culture.

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of ‘Neha’s Alarm Clock’ Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. At what time do you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up on your own?

Ans: Generally, I wake up at seven o’clock in the morning. During the summer, I mostly wake up on my own. During winter, I find it difficult to wake up at seven. My mother generally wakes me up during winter.


2. Neha wished that the Sun would not wake her up by shining brightly. Did her wish come true?

Ans: Yes, Neha’s wish came true. The following morning, the Sun hid behind the clouds. Neha could sleep peacefully till her mother woke her up.

3. Why did Neha’s mother tell Neha to relax when she rushed to get ready for school?

Ans: Neha told her mother that she would better rush or else she would miss the bus to her school. Hearing this, Neha’s mother told her to relax as it was a Sunday and she did not have school.

Importance and Summary of CBSE Class 4 English Chapter 1 Neha’s Alarm Clock

This is the first chapter in the Class 4 English syllabus. It describes how Neha feels irritated when her alarm clock wakes her up every day at 6:00 am. According to her wish, the clock falls on the ground. She was happy that she could sleep late.

On the next day, birds chirped and woke her up. She wished that the birds would not be there the next day. This time, the bright sun shined on her face and woke her up at the same time. In the next section of Class 4 English Chapter 1, she again wishes that the sun would remain behind the clouds. It happens the next day but she wakes up on her own.

She was flustered at this incident. She asked her who woke her up. To her surprise, her mother told her that it was her habit or biological clock that woke her up at the right time.


Benefits of Vedantu’s Neha’s Alarm Clock Revision Notes and Worksheets

  • All the sections in this chapter have been simplified and described for your understanding. Find out how the girl was annoyed every morning. Find out the real meaning of the alarm clock that woke up Neha at the end.

  • This chapter also explains the importance of time for Class 4. Students will find out why we asked to wake up early in the morning.

  • Solve the Neha’s Alarm Clock worksheet once you are done preparing the chapter to find out your preparation level. Evaluate your skills in formulating the right answers to its exercise and exam questions.

  • Refer to the Neha’s Alarm Clock PDF revision notes at your convenience to resolve your doubts.


Download Neha’s Alarm Clock Class 4 PDF Worksheet and Revision Notes

The free PDF version of the notes and worksheet will help you prepare this chapter well before an exam. Check the Class 4 English Chapter 1 solution for exercise and worksheet questions to learn how to formulate the most accurate answers and score well in the exams.

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FAQs on Nehas Alarm clock Class 4 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 [Free PDF Download]

1. Who wakes up Neha after the clock is damaged?

The birds woke up Neha after the clock fell on the ground and got damaged.

2. Why did the sun hide behind the clouds?

Neha wished that the bright rays of the sun would not fall on her face and she could sleep longer. Her wish came true. The sun hid behind the clouds the next morning.

3. What did Neha’s mother say?

Neha’s mother told her that it was her habit and mind that made her wake up at 6 that morning even though there were no alarms, birds, or sun to disturb her.