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CBSE Class 12 Economics Revision Notes

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Revision Notes for CBSE Class 12 Economics - Free PDF Download

CBSE Class 12 Economics has an elaborate syllabus covering the different aspects. The two main segments of this subject covered in Class 12 are Micro Economics and Macro Economics. Apart from the books, students of Class 12 will also need the assistance of good study material. This is where you can find the best CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes prepared by the experts of Vedantu. The experienced economics teachers have covered all the chapters exceptionally to aid in preparing the entire syllabus and to get ready for the upcoming board exam. Download Class 12 CBSE Economics notes from here and make your study material complete.

Detailed Overview of Class 12 Economics Revision Notes





Number of Chapters:

  • Macro Economics - 6

  • Micro Economics - 6


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Download CBSE Class 12 Economics Revision Notes 2024-25 PDF

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Revision Notes for CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes

Class 12 CBSE Economics Syllabus and Revision Notes PDF Download

As per the NCERT syllabus, Class 12 Economics is broadly divided into two segments, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. The entire syllabus is designed exceptionally to cover all these aspects of economics. It helps in preparing the ultimate knowledge foundation of the students. Here is what the syllabus covers.

  1. Micro Economics

This segment of microeconomics covers the aspects of consumer behavior, production, production cost, firm theory under perfect competition, non-competitive market, and market equilibrium. This section will introduce the different types of economics first and then proceed to explain these chapters one after the other. Here, using the CBSE Class 12 Micro Economics notes will be ideal for understanding the advanced concepts.

  1. Macro Economics

The second segment of this syllabus covers the different aspects of macroeconomics. The chapters included in this section are national income and related aggregates, determination of income and employment, money and banking, the balance of payments, government budget and the economy, current challenges facing Indian economy, development experience and economic reforms 1991, development experience of India and comparison with neighbors. To understand the basic and advanced concepts of macroeconomics, you will need the assistance of CBSE Class 12 Macro Economics notes. Download these revision notes from the website and use them at your convenience.

CBSE Class 12 Economics Weightage 2024-25


Units Name


Part A

Introductory Macroeconomics

National Income and Related Aggregates


Money and Banking


Determination of Income and Employment


Government Budget and the Economy


Balance of Payments




Part B

Indian Economic Development

Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991


Current Challenges facing Indian Economy


Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours




Overview of Revision Notes CBSE Class 12 Economics

Economics in Class 12 is a vast branch consisting of different chapters that talk about the economy, welfare system, national income, government budget, payments, and much more. The topics of Indian Economic development such as the development of the Indian economy, challenges faced by the Indian economy, etc. are also included in the syllabus. Students can download Class 12th Economics Notes after reading the chapters to revise the topics and get a strong grasp of the concepts. The subject matter experts at Vedantu have designed the revision notes for Class 12 Economics in order to ensure that students have a reliable source to practice and learn about the chapters.


Students of Class 12 Economics have to completely understand the chapters in order to tackle the questions in their textbooks. Also, they need to have a proper understanding of all the chapters in order to score good marks in the examinations. This is why it is important for them to download Economics Notes for Class 12 PDF from Vedantu. These revision notes can be incorporated into the study routine and will provide numerous benefits to the students. The experts at Vedantu have formulated these revision notes according to the CBSE guidelines. By following the notes, students will be able to properly prepare for their exams and perform well in Class as well.

Benefits of Using CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes

The prime reasons for downloading and using the CBSE Class 12 Economics notes are:

  • Absolute Convenience

Class 12 has a huge syllabus to cover for all the subjects. The time is limited and you will have to be very conscious about your available time. Make a routine and concentrate on how to manage your time efficiently. This is how you use the best Class 12 CBSE Economics notes prepared by the top teachers of Vedantu. All the advanced concepts are brilliantly explained. You will not have to wait for the school classes to cover the syllabus. You can conveniently carry on your study and complete the syllabus.

  • Organized Notes

The best way to avail of the best-organized notes is by downloading the CBSE Class 12 Macro Economics notes. Proper organization of the concepts will deliver the ideal platform for finding references to the respective topics. You can rest assured that these notes will reduce your preparation time to a considerable level. Utilize this saved time for other purposes. All these concepts are explained using simple language so that students can build their foundations properly and prepare for the board exams.

  • Covering Essential Topics

Essential topics are covered exceptionally following the latest trends of the CBSE Class 12 board exams to provide proper suggestions to the students. There is no reason to panic when you have the best notes to refer to. CBSE Class 12 Micro and Macro Economics notes are what you need to complete your study material. Prepare at the basic level and then advance to avail of the online classes to strengthen your concepts. This is how the meritorious students study and score well in the board exams.

  • Assists in Revising

One of the most important benefits of the Class 12 Economics Notes PDF Download is that these prove to be excellent materials for revising. Students don’t have the time to retain the information that they learn in class until their examination. However, during exam times, they don’t get much time to revise because they are trying to complete the chapters in the syllabus. However, with the revision notes, students will easily be able to refer to the chapters and gather important information to know the crux of the chapters in the best way.

  • Doubt Clarification

Another main advantage of the Economics notes for Class 12 pdf is that students are able to use these resources for clearing their doubts. For instance, students facing some difficulties with the first chapter of the syllabus can download Class 12 Economics Chapter 1 Notes from Vedantu. They can use the concepts explained in the chapter to clear their doubts and rectify any mistakes that they might be making. This is something that will help them prepare for their exams as well.

  • Helps in Recognizing Exam Pattern

Students will be able to analyse the revision notes and find out the CBSE Exam pattern. This is due to the fact that these notes have been crafted by experts on the basis of CBSE guidelines. Thus, with careful analysis of the chapters, students will be able to understand the requirements of CBSE while answering questions. This will help in improving their answering skills as well.

Download Revision Notes for Economics Class 12 For Proper Preparation

Get your hands on the Quick Revision Notes for Economics Class 12 for free at Vedantu. Rely on these study resources to gain detailed insights into all the chapters. With these revision notes to guide you, there is no doubt that you will be able to complete the syllabus in time.

Download CBSE Class 12 Micro and Macro Economics Notes PDF

You need to act smart and study hard. Download the CBSE Class 12 Micro Economics notes and macroeconomics notes from here and follow them. Complete every chapter excellently and learn from the experts of Vedantu.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Economics Revision Notes

1. How Can You Cover the Entire Syllabus of CBSE Class 12 Economics?

Download the revision notes from the website and follow the classroom sessions. Cover every chapter properly and then proceed to the next one. Refer to the revision notes and get a clearer view of the concepts. This is how you can prepare the syllabus better.

2. What is the Benefit of Class 12 CBSE Economics Notes?

You can refer to the notes anytime you want when you have the PDF files downloaded to your system and follow a routine to study.

3. Why Should You Download CBSE Class 12 Micro and Macro Economics Notes?

The prime reason for downloading CBSE Class 12 Micro and Macro Economics notes is to resolve your queries without waiting for the school sessions. Make your preparation better and excel in this subject.

4. Where can I find NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Economics Subject?

On Vedantu, students may get chapter-by-chapter NCERT Solutions for Class 12th Economics. The solutions give detailed answers to all of the problems in the book, allowing students to practise the subject. Along with these solutions, the students can also avail notes for Class 12th Economics that are prepared for assisting the students in their revision for each chapter. These notes are concise and include all the key definitions along with keywords that have to be mentioned in the exams.

5. Which website offers the best notes for Class 12 Economics?

Vedantu provides students with Notes for Economics in Class 12th that allow them to concentrate on the theory, numerical problems, and graphs independently. These notes relieve students of the stress of a large curriculum by providing them with the greatest study material and answers. They contain precise definitions for all the essential topics and shortened descriptions for the ones that carry less weightage. These notes are curated specially for revision purposes. The notes are free of cost and also available on Vedantu Mobile app.

6. Which book is best for Indian economic development for Class 12?

Several books can be studied for Indian Economic Development but it is suggested to study the CBSE recommended NCERT Textbooks for Class 12th. They are designed especially for CBSE Board exams and follow the exact course structure. The explanations in the Economics NCERTs are given in easy language for a better understanding. The students can save time if they focus on one book instead of flicking through the reference books that give the same material in an intensive manner.

7. Is Economics hard in Class 12?

Economics in Class 12th is vast in respect to the syllabus but the students find it easy to comprehend with the right study materials. The two parts of Economics in class 12th are Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Students can take the help of Notes and NCERT Solutions provided by Vedantu to lessen their burden for the preparation. Economics as a subject is extremely interesting and once studied with determination it is relatively easy to understand and learn.

8. How to prepare Economics in Class 12?

If the students strategize well, they are easy to prepare. Get on with your preparation early on and make notes. Solve all the questions in your books for Class 12 Economics syllabus. Revise properly and clear all the doubts from reference books like NCERT Solutions. It is easy to ace the subject with determined efforts. The most important factor is time distribution. Dedicate your time equally to the chapters for effective learning.