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The Geography Class 6 Notes are the most crucial and reliable source of study material for students willing to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. These notes act as a guide for the students and help them in securing better grades. The Class 6 Geography Notes are prepared as per the Class 6 CBSE syllabus and cover all the chapters included in the subject. These notes give a complete insight into all the chapters and explain everything in detail to the students. The notes have all the questions with answers for the students and being prepared by the most experienced teachers, ensures them to be error-free and of better quality.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What do you mean by latitudes and longitudes?

Latitudes are the imaginary lines that run from east to west on a globe or map. These lines run parallel to the equator. The Latitudes range from 0o to 90o. The equator is the most extended latitude, which is at 0o. At the same time, longitudes are the imaginary lines that run from north to south. These lines run parallel to the Prime Meridian. The lines of longitude range from 0o to 180o. The largest longitude being the Prime Meridian which is at 180o. The combination of latitude and longitudes help in locating places on a map. 

2. How are the CBSE Class 6 Geography Notes helpful?

The Notes of Class 6 Geography by Vedantu are a crucial study material. These notes help you with all the difficulties that you face while studying for exams. They provide you with all the required information and serve you as a guide and help ease the study procedure. These notes can be accessed for free, and by referring to these notes, one can easily secure better grades.