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CBSE Class 3 EVS Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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Class 3 EVS Chapter Wise Revision Notes - Free PDF Download

CBSE Class 3 revision notes, prepared by the subject experts, are now available on Vedantu. These revision notes are according to the Class 3 EVS syllabus for 2023-24. These notes are available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free from Vedantu. These notes are the best study material that helps you to learn and revise all the topics covered in the syllabus quickly. Our Class 3 EVS revision notes contain a short, precise, and straightforward explanation of all the topics covered in the latest edition of the CBSE Class 3 EVS textbook.

This will help you to learn all topics and sub-topics covered in the Class 3 EVS syllabus easily. These notes provided by our experts will help you during your last-minute revisions. As the subject experts prepared the notes after thorough research and following the latest CBSE syllabus, students can rely entirely on these notes for their Class 3 EVS exam preparation. They can download and refer to the chapter-wise Class 3 EVS notes PDFs from Vedantu for free.

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Download CBSE Class 3 EVS Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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What are the Benefits of Referring to 3rd Standard EVS Revision Notes?

Here are some of the benefits of referring to 3rd standard revision notes prepared by our subject experts.

  • The Class 3 EVS revision notes prepared by our subject experts are concise and easy to understand. 

  • The topics in the 3rd standard EVS notes are explained with the relevant diagrams wherever required to make it interesting for students.

  • The revision notes cover the essential terms and definitions from all the chapters.

  • The best thing about the Class 3 EVS notes is that you can refer to them anytime and from anywhere. You can go through these revision notes to know what all topics are covered in the chapters along with their brief explanation.

  • The EVS revision notes of Class 3 will help you save time during the exam as books contain lengthy chapters and cannot be covered completely in one or two days before the exam. But these revision notes provided have a short and to-the-point explanation of all topics. They help you to revise the complete syllabus one or two days before the exam. 

  • CBSE Class 3 revision notes can enhance your revision process. It is because notes are just like keynotes. Once you get the keynotes, you can quickly recall all your previously learned concepts.

Importance of Quick Revision Notes for EVS Class 3

Class 3 EVS has a vivid syllabus that comprises chapters covering various topics related to the environment, our surroundings, cooking, feelings, food, games children play, pottery, animals, etc. We can clearly understand how important all these chapters are to develop the conceptual foundation of students for this subject.

This is where the students will need the complete study material that contains the revision notes. The notes prepared by the subject matter experts of Vedantu will be the ideal companion for their revisions. There are 24 chapters in this syllabus and all of them have been represented in a concise format.

The topics, concepts and fundamental principles of each chapter have been covered in the respective revision notes. The experts have formulated a simpler version of the topics so that the students can easily comprehend them using these notes. Hence, these notes will act as the perfect companion for the students for revising the chapters.

The simpler format of these notes will enable students to focus on the concepts only. The topics will become more prominent in the notes. In fact, the students will also be able to recall them faster in an exam hall.

For example, when they have completed studying the first chapter and solved all the exercises, they can refer to the Class 3 EVS Chapter 1 Notes to remember what they have studied before an exam and answer all the questions perfectly.

Advantages of CBSE 3th EVS Notes

  • As mentioned earlier, there are 24 chapters included in the CBSE Class 3 EVS syllabus. There are individual files for all the chapters formulated by the experts. These files can be accessed here. All you have to do is to follow the list and find the files with the chapter name.

  • The simpler format makes the topics well organised. It means the students can easily find out the topics and can even memorise them while studying. They will also learn how to interpret the concepts mentioned in the chapters using these notes.

  • Resolving doubts related to the topics in the chapters will become much easier when you have the notes in your hands. Focus on how the experts have explained the definitions, concepts, fundamental principles and facts in an easier format and practise studying it to score more in the exams.

Download CBSE EVS Notes for Class 3 PDF

Perform the Class 3 EVS Notes PDF download and focus on completing the syllabus of an exam. Revise the chapters easily and use your exam preparation time in a better way. Memorise and recall the concepts of these EVS chapters faster and answer accurately. Make your study sessions more productive by using these notes and stay ahead of the competition by scoring more.

CBSE Class 3 EVS Study Materials



The importance of referring to the revision notes during exams cannot be ignored if you want to enhance your academic performance. Revising the short revision notes effectively boosts your confidence for the exam so you can score well in the exam.

FAQs on CBSE Class 3 EVS Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

1. How do CBSE Class 3 EVS revision notes help students?

With CBSE Class 3 revision notes, students can recall all the previously learned concepts quickly. The 3rd standard EVS notes on Vedantu cover all topics to make your EVS syllabus revision process easier and more organised. 

2. How many chapters are covered in the Class 3 EVS syllabus CBSE?

A total of 24 chapters are covered in the CBSE Class 3 EVS syllabus.

3. How do revision notes boost students' confidence levels?

Revising all the topics with our organised revision notes before the exam boosts your confidence. When you revise the same topics using these revision notes, you become more confident to attempt any question, even the difficult ones, in the exam. This is the vital benefit of referring to these revision notes before exams.

4. How can I download Class 3 EVS revision notes?

Downloading Class 3 EVS revision notes is an easy process. You can download it from Vedantu. Search the Class 3 EVS revision notes on Vedantu and click on the download PDF option.  

5. Are CBSE Class 3 revision notes available for all subjects on Vedantu?

Vedantu provides CBSE Class 3 revision notes for all four subjects, English, Hindi, Maths, and Environmental Studies (EVS). So you can prepare for your Class 3 exams with these revision notes.