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CBSE Class 5 EVS Revision Notes

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Class 5 EVS Notes PDF - Free Download

Students who are in their class 5 learning EVS subject will learn different aspects of the environment. However, to prepare for chapters of EVS students need proper solutions and resources. For such students, we at Vedantu offer class 5 EVS chapter 1 notes drafted by subject matter experts keeping the NCERT subject guidelines. These solutions have been created to make it simple for students to understand concepts. Each chapter along with questions compiled keeping the mindset of students and making them easy to understand. These revision notes CBSE class 5 EVS cover all 16 chapters with easy language solutions.

Students usually give away the books once they finish the academic year and keep searching for the same in future. However, with EVS notes for class 5 pdf students can download and use it for further study resources. Using these notes can help students to score well in the exam and get the insight of each topic mentioned. The quick revision notes for EVS class 5 have covered the solution, along with complete descriptive material.

Every kid should understand the basics in early stages since they lay a solid foundation for more complex concepts. The NCERT guidelines are followed by the CBSE board while creating content for Class 5 kids. Every student will study this subject in a structured way because of the amazing content. Adhering to CBSE syllabus Vedantu has created CBSE Class 5 EVS Revision Notes with the help of subject experts which are helpful for students. These Revision Notes are freely available to all. Download the Class 5 EVS Notes PDF to revise and prepare for the exam.

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Class 5 EVS Syllabus CBSE

We have given the list of syllabus from Super Senses Class 5 notes to On The Move Again Notes for EVS subject below for the year 2023-24. Students are suggested to go through the syllabus carefully and revise as per exam patterns. Find list of syllabus covered in 5th Standard EVS Notes:

CBSE Class 5 EVS Syllabus

Super Senses

What If It Finishes

A Snake Charmers Story

A Shelter So High

From Tasting To Digesting

When The Earth Shook

Mangoes Round The Year

Blow Hot Blow Cold

Seeds And Seeds

Who Will Do This Work

Every Drop Counts

Across The Wall

Experiments With Water

No Place For Us

A Treat For Mosquitoes

A Seed Tells A Farmers Story

Up You Go

Whose Forests

Walls Tell Stories

Like Father Like Daughter

Sunita In Space

On The Move Again

Overview of Revision Notes CBSE Class 5 EVS

The revision notes CBSE class 5 EVS is an excellent source of practice material for students to gain complete knowledge of different chapters. It covers all major chapters and questions & answers. Using the revision notes, students will learn about chapters like Seeds and Seeds, Every Drop Counts, Walls Tell Stories, Up You Go, What If It Finishes, and others. These EVS notes come with complete solutions and will aid in your better understanding of all the fundamental ideas in the chapters in each subject. All the topics are covered in important questions for class 5 EVS chapter 1 notes in the chapter-by-chapter and exercise-based solutions.

Features of Class 5 EVS Revision Notes

  • Concepts written are simple and clear.

  • Since concepts are clear, children can learn them on their own.

  • All concepts from all are covered in the notes.

  • To make learning more interesting for children, diagrams and illustrations are provided.

  • These Revision Notes can be used in exam times for quick revisions.

Benefits of Downloading Important Revision Notes CBSE class 5 EVS

Students can download important revision notes CBSE class 5 EVS with solutions which can benefit them in the below ways:

  • All questions with solutions can help students a lot to know about each chapter in the subject. They can practice before the exam.

  • In the note, there are several questions along with solutions that are well-explained by subject matter experts.

  • Solutions of both subjects and topics are finely presented by authors. This allows students to understand it very well.

  • These notes are designed by subject experts at Vedantu which are in clear and concise manner.

  • We got the entire syllabus covered in this material right from Super Senses to On The Move Again. 

  • This material will also cover all the important terms and definitions from all the chapters with appropriate diagrams. 

  • These Revision notes are available for free in a PDF format. So, anyone can access from anywhere anytime.

  • Concepts in the textbooks will be lengthy & it's difficult to cover the entire syllabus. This material can be used for last minute revision in that case.

  • These notes will help you in revising and enhance your revision process

Download EVS Notes for Class 5 PDF

The class 5 EVS notes pdf download prepared by expert teachers from the latest edition of NCERT books is available for free. By practising given EVS notes for class 5 pdf with solutions will help in scoring high marks in the final exam. Students can download and use the PDF version for the last-minute practice before the exam. Vedantu is the right platform helping students to practice the same and use the study material for future purpose.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 5 EVS Revision Notes

1. Do these Revision Material have Class 5 science 1 Notes?

No, since science subject is not present in syllabus, Class 5 science 1 Notes is not available. Since EVS is also part of science, you can refer to EVS notes written by experts at Vedantu and which have precise explanations for every concept. The notes are easy to understand since they are explained in simple language.

2. Why do kids have to study EVS in Class 5?

Studying EVS is linked to environmental situations and experiences which is important for kids to explore and engage with both their natural and artificial surroundings. From a larger perspective of how nature works, EVS teaches kids of how people live with their environment.

3. How do Class 5 EVS Revision Notes help students?

By carefully reading each topic with these CBSE Class 5 EVS Revision Notes, students' confidence will gradually rise. If students use the revision notes effectively, they will have more knowledge to attempt any exam questions, including the difficult ones. This is a major benefit of using revision notes before the exam.

4. How to download Class 5 EVS Revision Notes?

It is very easy to download the PDF of Class 5 EVS Revision Notes. Login and go to the PDF link just click on the PDF link Download. It will start downloading automatically. This material is free of cost and you can download and use it from anywhere anytime.

5. Why should students use Class 5 EVS Revision Notes?

These revision notes must be used by students because they provide a clear and accurate explanation of the concepts. The revision notes can be used for quick revision of every chapter from the syllabus, which improves students' academic performance. Regular, efficient, and timely revision of these short revision notes ensures a positive outcome with increased confidence.