Class 7 Social Science Notes CBSE

Notes for CBSE Class 7 Social Science - Free PDF Download

The History curriculum for Class 7 spans over 10 chapters that help the students in gaining an understanding and insight into the evolution of civilization. History forms an important part of Social Science and by going through the interactive and simple notes, it will not stay a boring subject that students only have to memorize. The Class 7 curriculum for history discusses the rise and spread of the era of the Delhi Sultanate. 7th Social Science Notes for History cover all important points and help the students in securing good grades.


7th standard Social Science Notes have been prepared by experts in a lucid language and help the students in understanding the basics of the subject. The curriculum for Class 7 Civics focuses on topics related to political, social, and economic life in contemporary India. Civics is the study of how a country runs smoothly on rules and laws framed for its efficient functioning. The subject may appear dull to the students if they read only the lengthy chapters but going through the notes helps them gain an interest in the subject. These notes bring together an overview of all the chapters in one place for the benefit of the students.


NCERT Notes for Class 7 Social Science Geography will help students gain a good understanding of the chapters. The Geography course for Class 7 focuses on the study of places and the relationship between people and their surrounding environment. It is a study of the environment, the earth, nature, atmosphere, and the relationship between humans and the environment that includes transport and communication. Geography can be a high scoring subject if students prepare well and use revision notes for their exams. The notes are available for all the chapters and all important topics in these chapters. Students will find the language of these notes easy to understand and the format of the notes will help in easy revision.

Class 7 Social Science Notes

Students of class 7 have a good grasping and learning power and if they are taught in an interactive manner, they can pick up from their curriculum well. Social science is a subject that comprises History, Civics, and Geography. It is important to help the students understand this subject through examples and easy notes so that they do not resort to mugging. NCERT Notes for Class 7 Social Science by Vedantu aim at making this subject interesting and helping the students to not only learn the topics but also understand and retain them. 7th Standard Social Science Notes PDF compiles the chapters in an easy to understand manner. There are separate notes for each chapter in History, Civics, and Geography.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What are the Benefits of Studying the CBSE Class 7 Social Science Notes PDF?

Ans. There are several advantages in studying these notes.

  • These notes help the students in understanding the chapters well.

  • Students get to know which topics are important and must not be missed at all.

  • These notes help in revision at the time of tests and exams.

  • Students can revise all the critical topics simply by going through these notes.

  • The notes have been prepared by experts after a careful study of the chapter.

  • The notes have been prepared as per the complete and updated NCERT syllabus.

  • Students can easily access these online notes anywhere, anytime.

Q2. When is the Right Time for Students to go Through the Class 7 Social Science Notes?

Ans. The curriculum for the academic year is available to the students at the start of the academic year itself. If the students decide to go through the chapter on their own before it is covered online, they can take the help of these notes. They can refer to them again at the time of any tests and before their exams. These notes work as a ready reckoner for students by taking them through chapter methodically and in a summarised manner.

Q3. Why do Students Need Revision Notes?

Ans. It is difficult for students to read all the chapters end to end at the time of exams. Not only does it require a lot of time but it also makes them lose focus on what is important and what topics must not be missed at all. The revision notes highlight the important topics and contain information in a summarised manner. It takes lesser time for students to revise a chapter through these notes and the simple language clears any doubts they may have had on the topic. The notes help the students in gauging the topics on which questions may be based in the exams and the manner in which their answers need to be framed. NCERT Notes for Class 7 Social Science cover all the chapters and all important topics in the three sub-subjects of Social Science: History, Civics, and Geography.

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