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JEE Main Online Mock Test Series for Free

JEE Main is the most competitive exam in India in which more than 11 lakh students put in their brains and efforts to get into the most prestigious engineering institutions across the country. Students prepare for years to get into NITs, CFTIs and IITs through JEE. Along with covering the necessary portions, mock tests and sample papers are very important for such competitive exams as it helps in time and pressure management. Vedantu is the top educational platform in India that offers free mock tests for IIT JEE Mains open to all students. These tests are prepared by the best educators in the country and will definitely give a competitive edge to IIT aspirants. 

JEE Main Question Paper

- JEE Main 2020 Question Paper

- JEE Main 2019 Question Paper

- JEE Main 2018 Question Paper

JEE Main Sample Paper

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IIT JEE Main Online Mock Test Series for 2020 - Free

Online Test Series for JEE Mains

Vedantu’s mock test series provides students with subject-wise tests which are prepared according to the latest syllabus and guidelines for IIT JEE. The test series covers the entire portions prescribed and ensures an exhaustive revision of all topics. These tests also assess the in-depth knowledge of aspirants.

The students who attend these mock tests can know their rank among their peers and also an analysis of their performance. The performance analysis is really helpful as it enables the students to recognize the areas in which they are lagging. Vedantu even tracks the time which the students take to solve each question and analyses their attitude towards the exam. JEE Main Mock Test will be uploaded soon.

JEE Mains Free Online Mock Test

JEE Mains is one of the most competitive exams, requiring rigorous preparation and determination. Regular practice of what you studied is also very important for memory retention. Mock tests and test series are therefore an unavoidable step in preparing for JEE. In addition to the mock test published on the official website of NTA who conducts the examination, Vedantu’s mock test is designed to help the students get a clear idea of the exam model.

The advantages of taking Vedantu’s Mock test series are innumerable. Cracking a competitive exam is not only about covering all the portions, it is also about how you attend the exam and the strategy that you use to take on the questions. Mock tests are the right way to build your own strategy. Time management also plays an important role in such exams, which can only be mastered with rigorous practice using sample tests or attending mock exams like ours.

The practice of mock tests also has the added advantage of getting into an almost real exam scenario where pressure management is also important. These tests also help in revising all the areas in one go, analyzing yourself, and getting to what and how to study rather than beating around the bush.

Vedantu - You Perfect Companion for JEE 2021

Vedantu, being the top educational platform in India, has rolled out all that a student needs to crack into an IIT. We, at Vedantu, always put the student first and therefore are providing a majority of our services free of cost. All the mock tests can be accessed freely through our website. All the material that we offer is prepared by well-experienced educators in the country and are prepared by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the students.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How are mock tests important for JEE?

Mock tests are the most important tool of preparation for JEE. It enables the students to get hold of the exam pattern in the right manner, analyze their own performance, find areas that they are lacking and most importantly learn time and pressure management. Vedantu’s mock series is the right way to go about your JEE preparation. These tests are prepared to meet all your needs by experts in their field.

2. Why should I choose Vedantu for my JEE preparation?

Vedantu has unlimited resources for your JEE preparation. Not only do we have all that you need, but we also use very systematic technology-aided learning methods that help in an easy and pressure-free learning experience. We have the best educators in the country who provide online live classes as well as all the materials that a student needs to crack into an IIT. Vedantu is therefore the right choice for your JEE preparations.

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