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Class 12 English Revision Notes - Notes on Flamingo and Vistas

Last updated date: 29th Nov 2023
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Class 12 English Notes on Flamingo and Vistas PDF (Free PDF Download)

Class 12 English is a crucial subject that holds immense importance for the students to score well in the board exam. The handpicked chapters boost the development of English language and comprehension skills among the students. To make it happen, refer to the CBSE English Notes Class 12 prepared by the subject experts of Vedantu. These notes have a concise explanation of all the chapters that will help you to frame answers perfectly and score more in the exams.

Detailed Overview of Class 12 English Revision Notes





Number of Chapters:

  • Flamingo Prose - 8

  • Flamingo Poetry - 5

  • Vistas Prose - 8


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Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • NCERT Solutions

Importance of CBSE Class 12 English Revision Notes

There are two important sections of the Class 12 English syllabus. These two sections are Flamingo and Vistas. The prose and poem portions of Flamingo are based on the marvellous work of famous authors and poets of different eras. The Vistas section is based on stories written by great writers. Hence, understanding the concepts of these stories, prose pieces and poems will need the complete study material that contains the revision notes.

The revision notes designed by the experts are the ideal material to follow. The context of the chapters has been concisely depicted in an accurate manner by the experts so that students can easily understand and follow. This will help students to get a hold of the contexts and learn to compile answers for fundamental questions perfectly.

The easier format of these notes will enable students to recall what they have studied faster. For instance, when the first chapter of this syllabus is complete and all the exercise questions have been answered, students can follow the Class 12 English Chapter 1 Notes to recall the chapter’s context. They will certainly remember what they have studied even after a few months. Hence, the guidance of these notes becomes mandatory for the preparation of Class 12 English syllabus.

Advantages of CBSE Class 12 English Revision Notes

  • The concise version of the chapters will reduce your revision time. You can refer to the notes to get a glimpse of the chapters and recall what you have memorised earlier.

  • The doubts related to these chapters can be easily resolved when you have these notes with you. Download and access them anytime based on your curriculum and resolve doubts faster.

  • The neat presentation of the notes will also help you recall the contexts and answers during an exam. Hence, you can compile the answers to exam questions precisely and score more.

Class 12 English Revision Notes are provided in this article. CBSE students who are preparing for their Class 12 English exam must be thorough with their preparation and this will only be possible when proper revision study material is included in the study routine of the Class 12 students. 

In Vedantu, we provide chapter-wise English notes for Class 12 (PDF download) which will be beneficial for the revisional study of the students. We provide these English Class 12 CBSE Notes in the form of a free PDF that can be freely accessed by the CBSE Class 12 students. Download the chapter-wise Class 12 English Revision Notes now!

English Class 12 CBSE Notes (Free PDF)- Flamingo Prose

CBSE has introduced Flamingo as a Class 12 supplementary textbook which has both prose and poems. In this section, we will be providing you with CBSE Class 12th English chapter-wise summary notes which will be a form of revision material for the students. 

Flamingo Prose Chapters

  • The Last Lesson

  • Lost Spring

  • Deep Water

  • The Rattrap

  • Indigo

  • Poets and Pancakes

  • The Interview

  • Going Places

Flamingo Poetry Chapters

  • My Mother At Sixty-Six

  • An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

  • Keeping Quiet

  • A Thinking of Beauty

  • Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger

English Class 12 CBSE Notes (Free PDF)- Vistas Prose 

Vistas is another supplementary study that the students of CBSE Class 12 are required to study. Below mentioned are the chapter-wise revision notes of Vistas. Download the same and save it for later revision.

  • The Third Level

  • The Tiger King

  • Journey To The End of The Earth

  • The Enemy

  • Should Wizard Hit Mommy

  • On The Face of It

  • Evan Tries An O-Level

  • Memories of Childhood

Class 12 English Revision Notes - Salient Features of the Revision Notes

English Class 12 CBSE Notes are provided to help the students revise the CBSE Class 12 English syllabus properly. We provide efficient English Notes which can be quite reliably used by the Class 12 students. 

In this section, we will check the features of Class 12 English Revision Notes which will assist the students to secure great marks in their CBSE Class 12 English examination.  

  • CBSE 12th English chapters’ summary study is provided in these revision notes. 

  • Chapter-wise revision notes are provided which cover the whole content of each chapter. 

  • The revision notes are quite reliable as they are prepared by expert teachers who have invested abundant knowledge and research in making these revision notes.

  • The structure of the revision notes is very simple and the content is lucidly explained; thus one can easily revise this study material.

  • The best part is the revision material is absolutely free. This means you can download the PDF at zero cost and also save it for later revision, thus making it highly convenient for the students. 

These were some special features of the revision material which the students will have access to once they download the free PDF. 

Class 12 English Notes PDF - Benefits of The Revision Notes

Class 12 English Revision Notes will help the students of CBSE Class 12 in many advantageous ways, following are the benefits of studying from the revision notes:

  • Revising is one of the fundamental aspects of every study which must be done regularly by the students. Revisions lead to better marks in the exam. 

  • Revision can consume your time if you do not have proper notes with you. Thus, these ready-to-revise revision materials will save your time and you can focus elsewhere like on revising or studying new chapters. 

  • The revision notes will help you keep your lesson fresh, so revise as much as you can. 

  • The revision notes will lead to smart study, as you are not required to re-learn the chapters again and again. 

These were some benefits that can be rendered from revising. Thus, download the revision notes and revise regularly. 

Here in this article, we have provided you with the chapter-wise Class 12 English Revision Notes. We hope the students will gain an advantage from this study material. Revision is the key to scoring high marks in CBSE Class 12 English exam; thus students must take note of these English Notes for Class 12 PDF download and use them for their own revision sessions. 

Download CBSE English Notes Class 12 PDF

Perform the Class 12 English Notes PDF download and focus on your studies. The organised format of these notes will help you remember what you have studied before and complete revising the syllabus of an exam better. You will also gain confidence when you can easily remember the contexts of these chapters and stay ahead of the competition.

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FAQs on Class 12 English Revision Notes - Notes on Flamingo and Vistas

1. From where can I study the CBSE 12th English chapter summary?

In Vedantu, we provide free PDF revision notes for CBSE Class 12 English where the students can also find the summary of each chapter. 

One can study the summary thoroughly and revise the whole content from these revision PDFs, thereby enjoying twin benefits from our revision material.

2. How do I revise from CBSE Class 12 English?

Students can download the free PDFs of each chapter from our revision material and revise it from them. They can revise before the exam and even during their regular revision time. 

Revision from these study materials is to be done in a lucid manner, as we do not include any textual complications. 

3. How do I download the revision PDFs of each chapter of the CBSE Class 12 English revision? 

You are only required to click on the links of the chapters and you will be directed to another web page where you will find the option ‘Download PDF’ from here you can fill in the required contact details for verification and then download the revision material will start automatically. 

4. Do revision help in scoring good marks in CBSE Class 12 English exam? 

Yes, of course. Revising is one of the important study strategies to be followed by the student. Revising will help the students to keep the memories fresh in their minds thus helping them to remember the concepts and answers of each chapter. 

5. Can I refer to these CBSE Class 12 English Notes before the exam?

Yes, definitely. In fact, these revision notes are prepared for the purpose of revising the English chapters before the exam. Studying the vast chapters just one day before the exam can be hectic and time consuming. Thus, revising in a compact manner from these revision notes will definitely help you before your CBSE Class 12 English exam