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IIT JEE Coaching Available for Students on Vedantu

Every year Joint Entrance Exam is conducted by NTA to enrol in the best engineering colleges in India, such as NITs and IITs. This exam has two phases: JEE Main and Advanced. Vedantu’s online coaching centres are known as the best coaching for JEE and help students improve their performance in JEE in a competitive and fruitful environment. You will get plenty of course-specific quality study material, top faculties, real classroom environment, which gives students an add-on benefit for cracking the back-breaking exam with good marks. Regular tests and doubt-clearing sessions are a must when it comes to cracking JEE. With online JEE coaching, students can access live-recorded sessions to understand the subject better.

Vedantu's Winning Formula: Achieving Sky-High Success in JEE Main Exam!

Unlock your potential and soar to new heights with Vedantu's winning formula for JEE Main success! Our comprehensive JEE online classes combine expert faculty, interactive classes, and rigorous practice to strengthen your concepts and problem-solving skills. With personalised attention and advanced technology, we ensure a seamless learning experience from your home. 

Join the ranks of our successful achievers and secure your dream college admission. Dream big and make it a reality with Vedantu's unmatched support. Get ready to achieve sky-high success in the JEE Main exam!

We are introducing the toppers of Vedantu with shining marks in JEE Main 2023 here:

Vedantu Shining Stars of JEE Main 2023

vedantu Stars Qualify for JEE Advanced 2023

Overall Results

Our Shining Stars of JEE Main 2023

JEE Main 2023: The Spectacular Success Story of Vedantu!

Vedantu has achieved great success in both sessions of JEE Main 2023. The first session of JEE Main 2023 was conducted from January 24 to February 1. NTA declared the results on 6 February 2023 on their official website. 8.6 lakh candidates appeared for the Session 1 JEE Main 2023 examination. Among this:

  • 17 students from Vedantu scored 99.9%.

  • 155 students from Vedantu scored more than 99%.

  • 413 students from Vedantu scored more than 97%. 

  • A total of 875 students from Vedantu got more than 90%.

  • 6 students in Physics and one in Maths scored the perfect 100 percentile.

The second session of JEE Main 2023 was conducted from April 6 to April 15. NTA declared the results on 29 April 2023 on their official website. A total of 8 lakh candidates appeared for the Session 2 JEE Main 2023 examination. Among this:

  • 365 students from Vedantu scored more than 99%.

  • 950 students from Vedantu scored more than 97%.

  • 1900+ students from Vedantu scored more than 90%.

  • 22 students from Vedantu have scored 100% in individual subjects; 16 in Physics, 5 in Maths, and 1 in Chemistry

  • 2444 students from Vedantu qualified for the JEE Advanced 2023, which will be held on 4 June 2023.

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What is the Need for the Best Online Coaching for JEE?

When you search for “jee coaching centre near me “, you will find Vedantu at the top. Vedantu's online coaching guidance will help you achieve your career goals.  We will provide you with a step-by-step road map so that after a certain time, you will crack the JEE entrance exam with a top score. With accurate resources, the proper mentoring and the best study materials, you will find the right track to achieve success. 

  • Learning from Top Mentors

Online coaching facilities like Vedantu employ top faculty and subject experts from IIT/NIT to assist and coach students throughout their exam preparation. Listening to their lectures will be helpful, and students will grasp the concepts quickly and receive guidance from experts working in the same area for a long time.

  • Learning Online Saves time

Time management is the primary benefit of moving to Vedantu’s online coaching. Exams that are competitive such as JEE, need students to control their time efficiently. It involves the division of the syllabus according to the time available and creating an appropriate timetable to study. The advantage of online coaching is that the videos are accessible online, and students can access them from their homes. Students do not have to visit coaching facilities and travel long distances to study and learn.

  • Personalized Learning Experience

Each student learns at a different rate. Online coaching centers like ours offer personalized learning environments where students can learn about new subjects and develop independently. Vedantu’s JEE coaching institute provides a customized learning experience to all aspirants. Students will be given various assignments after completing a chapter, and their performance is evaluated throughout the process. Monitoring and feedback are essential to assist students in improving their skills and reinforcing their fundamentals.

  • Continuous Evaluation with Mock-Tests

Students can access mock exercises and learn past years' exam papers. Once they complete an entire chapter, they must take these tests to see their progress. Vedantu’s  tests will highlight strengths and weak points so that students can concentrate on areas of weakness.


Why Should Students Join Vedantu’s Online JEE Coaching?

The JEE exam system has become transparent; for every student, it's necessary to understand the exam pattern first. Master teachers at Vedantu coaching classes help students select the correct test papers with the most asked questions in the exam. They approach with a chronological order of advanced level with every session. Vedantu gradually helps students to prepare for JEE from the general to advanced stage with regular Mock Tests.

  • Qualified and Experienced Mentors

Vedantu has a vast pool of qualified and talented mentors from the International Institute of Information, Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Technology (IIITs), National Institute of Technology (NITs), and Best Universities and Industry. 

  • Comprehensive Course Material

Vedantu’s subject matter experts create the most comprehensive course material for study. The online PDF materials can be downloaded to any device. They will empower you with the required knowledge and chapter-wise in-depth understanding to keep you way ahead of the competitive environment.

  • Outstanding Track Record

Vedantu has a track record of decades of providing outstanding results in engineering entrance exams. Students from our online JEE classes have a history of placement in top colleges every year.

How to Choose IIT JEE Coaching Institute?

When choosing the best IIT JEE Coaching institute, students must take free demo classes before enrolling for the tuition. You must have a clear idea of the teaching method of the institute. The next step is going through the fee structure. Sort the institutes and go for the one that suits your budget. Vedantu’s online JEE coaching has minimal IIT JEE coaching fees with the best guidance available. We have updated course materials with the best Instructors. You will also get post-class assistance and an online doubt-clearing forum to post your doubts and get immediate attention. 

What Will Students Get in the Online JEE Coaching Classes?

Take a look at the benefits students  get from the online JEE coaching centre conducted in this session:

  • Comprehensive study material in PDF format.

  • Chapter-wise unlimited mock tests for students.

  • The designed course materials have advanced practice sets to maximize the skillset.

  • Get High-Quality Live and offline Video Materials for revision.

  • All chapter-wise course materials prepared are downloadable on Android and iOS devices.

  • Printed materials are also available. 

  • In-depth Discussion of daily Practice sets.

  • Avail personalised classes extra 2-3 times a week.

  • Doubt-clearing session every week. 

  • Motivational classes to boost confidence.

  • Online human assistance 24x7.


People often search for the best "JEE coaching near me”. Vedantu is committed to delivering the best online JEE coaching in India course, providing students with the best knowledge daily and throughout the year. The core curriculum of studies has detailed subject-wise analysis through regular mock tests. Students will get everything required to crack the IIT JEE entrance, main and advanced.

FAQs on JEE Coaching by Vedantu

1. How is online JEE coaching effective and efficient for students?

Online coaching has a structured learning process that allows students to have invaluable online support from the best IITians in the safest environment just by sitting in their homes. Online mode saves a lot of time and energy, which a student can utilise to prepare for an exam.

2. Does online JEE coaching help to clear all the doubts?

A doubt-clearing session is essential to exam preparation, which you must handle exquisitely. Best online coaching for IIT JEE conducts frequent doubt-clearing sessions in groups and one-on-one. Unlike offline classes, where students wait for the next class, online centres have an online discussion forum where students can post their doubts and get an immediate response.

3. What's the batch size for online JEE coaching classes?

The batch size varies depending on the selection process. It is generally a small batch of 15-25 students, which allows teachers to know every student individually. A small, focused group makes individuals more competitive towards their goals.

4. What do I require for online JEE classes?

When you look for the best JEE coaching classes near me, you will find out that online class students need the following equipment for live, interactive classes:

  • Any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop with speaker and microphone.

  • Earphones or a headset will be better for you to concentrate.

  • You need to have an active internet connection or a 4G Internet Connection.

5. Can students crack the JEE entrance exam with online coaching?

If you are considering starting your JEE preparation this year, you can crack the exam by preparing at home by taking online coaching classes. Enrol for the best IIT JEE coaching that offers proper learning structure and guidance.