CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 9

CBSE Sample Question Paper for Class 9 Maths & Science (2016, 2017)

When preparing for your exams or even when you are working towards mastering the board examination, most experts recommend that you dedicate time and effort into solving question papers from previous year or CBSE sample papers for class 9. This practice not only will familiarise you with the format of the question paper, it will also teach you the discipline of answering the entire question paper within the time allotted to you at the examination. Learning how much time to allot for different questions of different weightage will give you an advantage in the exam. The time that you allot to answer a five mark question will be different from the time you take to answer a one mark answer. Be sure to answer the last year sample paper CBSE class 9 as this will have the format according to the latest syllabus.