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NCERT Books Class 7 Books

When it comes to preparing for board exams and score high marks – most students often feel confused to decide the right study materials out of a plethora of options available. To remove these disparities, NCERT books have been designed to make studying convenient and enjoyable. 

India’s leading educational board, CBSE, exclusively uses CBSE NCERT books for all classes. However, to have a better grasp on all the subjects, you can go for NCERT books download. These study materials are provided at free of cost and can be downloaded without any registrations. 

To ace both your internal and external exams, NCERT solutions are a helping hand. We cover all the latest NCERT books for Class 7 all subjects. Let's take a tour of what you're to find in our study materials. –

Class 7 NCERT books for maths

Problem-solving has been much fun with our NCERT books download PDF lass 7 for maths. With our easy problem-solving tricks and unique methods, you will learn to solve the hardest of sums in no time. 

These are the chapters covered as per the NCERT textbook for class 7 maths –


Fractions and Decimals 

Data Handling 

Simple Equations 

Lines and Angles 

Triangle and its Properties 

Congruence of Triangles 

Comparing Quantities 

Rational Numbers 

Practical Geometry 

Perimeter and Area 

Algebraic Expressions 

Exponents and Powers 


Victualing Solid Shapes 

Class 7 NCERT books for Science 

Go for NCERT Class 7 Book PDF free download and explore the world around you. Learn everything in-depth to score well in your exams. 

The chapters covered are –

Nutrition in Plants  

Nutrition in Animals 

Fibre to Fabric 


Acids, Bases and Salts 

Physical and Chemical changes 

Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate  

Winds, storms and cyclones 


Respiration in organisms 

Transportation in Animals and Plants  

Reproduction in Plants 


Electric Current and its Effects 


Water: A Precious Resource 

Forests: Our Lifeline 

Wastewater Story 

Class 7 NCERT books for English 

NCERT textbook for Class 7 English comprises of 2 sets - Honeycomb and The Alien Hand Supplementary Reader. Our guide on these textbooks covers all the chapters in a systematic process for your better understanding.   


It contains chapters like– 

Three Questions 

A Gift of Chappals

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish 

The Ashes that made Trees Bloom 


Expert Detectives 

The Invention of Vita-Wonk 

Fire Friend and Foe 

A Bicycle in Good Repair 

The Story of Cricket 

The Alien Hand Supplementary Reader

It covers chapter like –

The Tiny Teacher 

Bringing Up Kari 

The Desert 

The Cop and the Anthem 

Golu Grows a Nose 

I Want Something in a Cage 


The Bear Story 

A Tiger in the House 

An Alien Hand 

Remember to go through the practice set for self-assessment. It will help you to answer the tricky questions in your exam.


Class 7 NCERT books for Hindi 

Our NCERT books download PDF Class 7 for Hindi will give an all-around back-up of your syllabus. We have also designed a comprehensive practice set which will help you to assess yourself. Our online materials cover all the 3 sets of Hindi textbooks under the CBSE curriculum –  


It covers famous stories from acclaimed writers of Hindi Literature like – Shive Prasad Singh, Nagarjun, Bhavani Prasad Mishra and others. 


It covers stories such as ChidiyaAurChirugun, SabseSunder Ladki, MainHoon Robot, Gubbaron Par Chita from writers like HarivanshRaiBachchan, Rajeev Garg, Premchand, and Manoj Das.


It is a concise version of the Mahabharata suited for Class 7 students.  

Class 7 NCERT books for Social Science 

Our study materials on NCERT books PDF Class 7 Social Science cover each aspect with precise detailing. Along with these, you'll be provided with practise sets. Solve it and gain confidence in the subject matter.  

Your study guide comprises of 3 sets as per the latest NCERT textbook for Class 7 Social Science syllabus – 

Social and Political science

Chapter 1 – On Equality 

Chapter 2 – Role of the Government in Health 

Chapter 3 – How the State Government

Chapter 4 – Growing up as Boys and Girls 

Chapter 5 – Women Change the World

Chapter 6 – Understanding Media 

Chapter 7 – Understanding Advertising 

Chapter 8 – Markets around Us 

Chapter 9 – A Shirt in the Making 

Our Past 2 

Chapter 1 – Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years 

Chapter 2 – New Kings and Kingdoms 

Chapter 3 – The Delhi Sultans

Chapter 4 – The Mughal Empire 

Chapter 5 – Rulers and Buildings 

Chapter 6 – Towns, Traders and Craft Persons

Chapter 7 – Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities 

Chapter 8 – Devotional Paths to the Divine

Chapter 9 – The Making of Regional Cultures 

Chapter 10 – Eighteenth-Century Political Formations 

Our Environment

Chapter 1 – Environment 

Chapter 2 – Inside our Earth

Chapter 3 – Our Changing Earth 

Chapter 4 – Air 

Chapter 5 – Water 

Chapter 6 – Natural Vegetation and Wildlife 

Chapter7 – Human Environment-Settlement, Transport and Communication

Chapter 8 – Human Environment Interactions – The Tropical and the Subtropical region 

Chapter 9 – Life in the Temperate Grasslands 

Chapter 10 – Life in the Deserts 

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