NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi

Class 4 Hindi NCERT Solutions

Hindi is one of the primary subjects in the curriculum, followed by CBSE schools. Thus, for any student looking to pass their exams with flying colours, it is crucial to have a good understanding of this language. Our Class 4 Hindi NCERT solutions bring chapter-wise solutions of class 4 Hindi books that can help pupils polish their Hindi reading and writing skills.

These CBSE NCERT solutions are put together by our subject experts who ensure that students receive the best materials to study from. They put extra care to make sure that these solutions comply with guidelines set by NCERT. By following these solutions provided in our books, pupils can form an idea about the type of questions they can expect during their exams. They will also know how to answer these questions, thus helping to score better and gain a much more in-depth knowledge of this subject.

Additionally, pupils can enjoy the facility of NCERT solutions download on any device without undergoing any registration hassles. Thus, they can access our NCERT solutions PDF format anywhere on the go, enabling them to enjoy the freedom of studying outside the confines of their house.

Our class 4 Hindi NCERT solutions contain chapter wise question-answers of each of the 14 chapters of the book. Access these NCERT solutions online to make studying more enjoyable and taking examinations easier.

Let us now take a look at these chapters and their CBSE NCERT solutions Class 4 Hindi.

Chapter 1- Man Ke Bhole-Bhole Badal

Ace poet Kalpanath Singh beautifully describes the fascinating nature of clouds in the sky; how it mesmerises both children and adults alike. After reading this poem, look through the NCERT class 4 Hindi solution to develop a better grip on this topic.

Chapter 2- Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab

This chapter from Bharat Darsan Sankalan is a funny tale recounting an incident that happened during Mughal emperor Akbar’s reign. It involves his brilliant advisor Birbal and his tussle with Khwaja Raj, an attendant at Akbar’s court, who was jealous of Birbal’s intelligence and quick wit. Refer to our class 4 Hindi NCERT solutions to know how to answer the questions expected from this chapter.

Chapter 3- Kirmich Ki Gend

This story revolves around a boy named Dinesh and the ball he finds in his garden. It is a tale of this boy’s honesty and how it gets rewarded. Students need to look through the solutions as per the latest syllabus provided to learn what questions to expect in their exams.

Chapter 4- Papa Jab Bacche The

Written by Alexander Ruskin, this story explores the fickle imagination of children, about their ever-changing goals while growing up. The story is an exciting read. However, the readers need to refer to the free NCERT Solutions for class 4 Hindi to understand the chapter in-depth. 

Chapter 5- Dost ki Poshak

It is a story about the famous Mulla Nasreddin, and a lesson he teaches his friend Jamal. The story has a moral which you can understand better if students refer to the CBSE NCERT solutions provided in the study material.

Chapter 6- Naav Banao Naav Banao

This poem, written by the famous poet Harikrishan Das Gupt paints a picture of the joy that monsoon brings to children. It takes us back to the time of making paper boats and floating them in the puddles. Referring to the NCERT solutions download provided in the books will help pupils to score high in their exams and understand the poem better.

Chapter 7- Daan ka Hisab

Written by Sukumar Rai, this chapter teaches about the perils of greed. It recounts the tale of a king and how his greed led to his downfall. Going through the Class 4 Hindi NCERT solutions can help pupils understand how to frame their answers properly to score better in an exam.

Chapter 8- Kaun

Kaun is a poem which talks about the mischiefs of an entity in a household. If students read the poem, they will find that the poem talks about a mouse wreaking havoc in the house. Go through the NCERT textbook solution for class 4 Hindi to learn and understand the poem better.

Chapter 9- Swatantrata ki Aur

This chapter by Sohanlal Dwivedi gives us a brief description of Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts towards making India independent. By referring to our NCERT solutions online, students can learn about Gandhi’s Dandi March, the Ahimsa movement and the plight of our freedom fighters.

Chapter 10- Thapp Roti Thapp Daal

It is a light-hearted tale of how children assign various roles to themselves for a game. The textbook solution of this chapter has short and long questions as well as comprehensions to help young readers understand the chapter in great details.

Chapter 11- Padhaku ki Sujh

This poem is a satire by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and talks about a person named Padhaku. Padhaku is, in essence, a foolish person who regards himself to be too smart. Thus, the chapter gives an account of his hilarious shenanigans. Look through the latest NCERT solutions Class 4 Hindi to prepare the chapter better.

Chapter 12- Sunita ki Pahiya Kursi

A thought-provoking tale of how disabled individuals face discrimination in our society, it appeals to the reader’s humane disposition. Students can give this story a thorough reading and go through the free NCERT solution for Class 4 Hindi to know what type of questions to expect in exams.

Chapter 13- Hudhud

Hudhud is a type of bird, and this story provides various interesting facts and trivia about it. Check the CBSE NCERT solutions Class 4 Hindi to know every vital point to remember in the chapter.

Chapter 14- Muft Hi Muft

This chapter is a story of Bhikubai who gets into huge trouble because of his miserly nature. After reading the chapter, go through the latest NCERT solutions class 4 Hindi to know how to answer the questions and hence, score well in your exams.

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