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NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Social Science

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science - Free PDF Download

Class 6 Social Science has a vivid syllabus divided into three sections. These sections have chapters related to our earth and our habitat, our past, and the aspects of social and political life. To understand the context and fundamental principles of all these chapters, refer to the Class 6 Social Science Solutions framed by the subject experts of Vedantu. Develop your concepts and learn how to answer such questions.

Students are more likely to score more marks if they practice solutions regularly. To ease the studying process, online PDFs and solutions are provided in detail at Vedantu. These solutions can be used by students as the best source for revising the subject before exams. These NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science are also the best source of self-analysis of results for students. NCERT Class 6 Social Science subjects are Geography, History and Civics. All questions with a thorough explanation to score high marks in the exams are solved here as per CBSE Class 6 SST syllabus.

Students can download NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science in a hassle-free way from Vedantu. CBSE Class 6 students can be assured of scoring good scores. Students can find a chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science in the free PDF format. Subjects like Science, Maths, English, and Hindi will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 6 Science, Maths solutions and other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Detailed Overview of Class 6 Social Science NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 6


Class 6 Social Science

Number of Chapters:

  • The Earth Our Habitat - 8

  • History Our Pasts - 12

  • Social and Political Life - 9

Content Type:

Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science - Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science. These solutions are provided by the Social Science experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science( The Earth Our Habitat)

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science( History - Our Past) 

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science( Social and Political Life)


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Books Available for


NCERT Solutions For Class 6 SST

Class 6 Social Science is one of the core subjects that forms an important part of the student’s curriculum. Social Science can be one of the scoring subjects for the students of Class 6 if they know how to go about studying it. The subject consists of three parts, History, Civics, and Geography. All the three are given in separate books. The subject, on the whole, is very important to build some basic social concepts. The different books available are Geography book, the Earth our habitat, History book, History our past, and the Civics book, Social and Political Life.


Each one of these subjects is very important as they will continue to be a part of the student’s curriculum for at least up to Class 10. Whatever the student studies in Class 6 will form a foundation for future studies. These subjects also happen to be quite scoring from the exam point of view. If the student understands how to write answers for the questions from these subjects, he or she can end up with very high scores that would eventually boost one’s average score. 


Speaking of the subject of History, there are 12 chapters in this book. The first chapter gives brief introductions about History, Archaeology, and Manuscripts. The consecutive chapters talk about the evolution and development of mankind, the important civilisations like the Harappan civilisation and how the books and burials can tell us more about each generation. The chapters then move on to tell us about various kings and their kingdoms, including Ashoka, who was a great emperor who gave up war. 


There is also mention of Gautam Buddha and Mahavira and their life and realisations. Towards the end, we get to know about various village dynamics, the professions, trade, and the barter system leading to different trade routes. Another important topic is one that covers the rule of Gupta and Maurya. At the end of this subject, the students will have rich knowledge about the country’s history and heritage.


Looking at the second subject, Geography, another important subject, the students can better understand the geographic elements in the world. There are eight chapters in this subject, starting from the first chapter, which covers basics like the solar system, planets, and stars. The next few chapters talk about latitudes and longitudes, how to read a map and touches upon the different motions of the earth and the phenomena it results in. 


Chapter 5 talks about the domains, continents, and layers of the atmosphere. Another important chapter is the major landforms of the Earth. The different natural formations and landforms that exist and the changes they bring in the weather are discussed in depth. The last two chapters talk about India, its physical divisions, climatic changes, wildlife, and vegetation. 


The last part of the subject is Social and Political Life. This book has about nine chapters, and they basically talk about the Civics of our country. Important topics like diversity, government and democracy are introduced. Other interesting topics include Panchayati Raj and the type of administration in rural areas. The subject also gives a gist of administration in urban areas as well. This subject is not only interesting as it talks about real-life situations and references, but also very scoring if the student knows how to answer the questions.


Read on for a complete and in-depth overview of all the chapters.


NCERT Solutions For Class 6 SST

CBSE Social Science Class 6: History

History is an essential subject for the overall development of children. It is a subject that includes the important events and dates of earlier days. The solution for all chapters of History for NCERT Class 6 is provided. The summary of each chapter is discussed below, which will help you to know about the chapters. 


Chapter 1: What, Where, How and When

In this chapter, you will learn about archaeology and manuscripts with inscriptions. You will get the best NCERT Solution Class 6 SST History Chapter 1.


Chapter 2: On The Trail Of The Earliest People

This chapter speaks all about Hunter-gatherers.


Chapter 3: From Gathering To Growing Food

This talks about the people who grow crops and have to stay in the same place for longer to look after the plants.


Chapter 4: In the Earliest Cities

This chapter covers all about Harappans and how they live along with this introducing all the states in India.


Chapter 5: What Books and Burials Tell Us?

Learn in detail about Sukta, Chariots, Yajna, Dasa, and many more in this chapter. Also, get the best NCERT Solutions Class 6 SST in this.


Chapter 6: Kingdoms Kings and the Early Republic

Have a look over the kings and their ruling techniques. Also have an overview of how Hunter-gatherers, farmers, traders, crafts-persons, and herders pay taxes.


Chapter 7: New Question and Ideas

Get to know about Buddha and Mahivera in detail.


Chapter 8: Asoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up War

Learn how Ashoka became the ruling emperor and his complete History.


Chapter 9: Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

Get deep knowledge of craftsperson like:

  • Goldsmiths

  • Blacksmiths

  • Weavers

  • Carpenters

  • Perfumers

  • Garland maker

Chapter 10: Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

Learn about the trading system of batter exchange and how kings control the Silk Route.


Chapter 11: New Empires and Kingdoms

Look over the Gupta and Maurya dynasties in detail in this chapter of NCERT SST Class 6.


Chapter 12: Buildings, Paintings and Books

Get to know how the building was made in earlier times, which were great books and how the painting was considered the best art.


NCERT Solutions Class 6 Social Science Geography

We should be familiar with the syllabus before starting our preparation for the examination. The introduction of each chapter of NCERT Class 6 Geography is given below. Go through them and get an idea about the syllabus of geography. It will guide you throughout your preparation for the examination. 


Chapter 1: The Earth in the Solar System

This chapter talks about what the universe is. How the Planet differs from a star, Meaning of the Solar System. It also tells about the Name of all the planets according to their distance from the sun.


Chapter 2: Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

In this chapter, you will understand the globe, the Tropic of Cancer, 3 heat zones of the earth, Parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude covering the NCERT Solution for Class 6th SST.


Chapter 3: Motions of the Earth

This chapter has complete details of the earth, its rotation revolution and the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis with its orbital plane.


Chapter 4: Maps

The most simplified chapter in Class 6th Social Science provides knowledge of different maps like the Physical map, Thematic map and the Political map.


Chapter 5: Major Domains of the Earth

This chapter refers to all about the major domains, continents on earth, and different layers of the atmosphere in detail.


Chapter 6: Major Landforms of the Earth

In this chapter, students get complete knowledge of all the major landforms like mountains, plateaus, and plains.


Chapter 7: Our Country - India

This chapter of NCERT Class 6 Social Science covers major physical divisions of India.


Chapter 8: India: Climate, Wildlife and Vegetation

In this chapter, we cover the name of the different seasons in India and also natural vegetation with different types.


Vedantu provides a step-by-step explanation of each chapter's questions for Class 6th Social Science. The new syllabus, NCERT Solutions, etc., are offered by Vedantu.

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Importance of CBSE Class 6 Social Science Solutions for All Chapters

As mentioned earlier, the elaborate syllabus of Class 6 Social Science has three sections. Each section is equally important for scoring good marks in the exams. Hence, students will need the assistance of good study material to understand the contexts completely. This study material must have the exercise solutions to help complete your syllabus on time.

These solutions have been compiled by the experts of Vedantu and covered all the basic requirements of a student to prepare for this subject. One can download a solution file dedicated to a chapter and complete preparing it in no time.

The solutions can also act as a Social Science Guide for Class 6. Once a chapter is studied, you can solve the exercise questions and compare your answers to the solutions. After comparison, you will find the specific sections that need more attention for preparation. This is how you can use the solutions to take a step ahead and complete preparing one chapter at a time.

Benefits of CBSE Class 6 Social Science Chapters Solutions

  • Apart from the exclusive notes designed by the experts, download and follow the solutions to find accurate answers to all the exercise questions. Remove any confusion related to the answering formats and utilisation of concepts included in the chapters for answering such fundamental questions.

  • Know the Class 6 Social Science All Chapter Name and download the specific files according to your curricular need. Make your study sessions more convenient by adding these solutions to your study material.

  • Resolve doubts on your own by following the answers compiled by the experts. Learn how the experts have attempted the questions to develop your answering skills for this subject.


Vedantu, Where Learning is Easy and Fun

Vedantu’s solutions for social science covers answers for all three segments and very cohesively provides crisp and well-written answers. Reading these solutions will definitely strengthen the understanding of the chapters. Students will also be able to frame the answers in a better manner as these answers are written by experts in an exact way that is expected by the NCERT board.


Vedantu offers the best guide for Class 6 students who are interested in SST. Also, Vedantu gives the best NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Social Science along with downloading PDFs. These solutions are provided by experts and include all the questions from SST Class 6.

  • Class 6 students can make their concepts of the subject clear with these solutions.

  • NCERT Solutions are the best source for students to qualify for the exams.

  • These are created as per the most advanced NCERT syllabus, highlighting the important topics.

  • Solving these answers gives students practice questions for exam preparation.

Another advantage that students can undergo with Vedantu is that they can choose to learn the subjects by referring to our NCERT Solutions for Class 6 SST anywhere and at any time of the day. Students can also download the PDF and get complete details of chapters.


So what are you waiting for? It's time to stop worrying and start scoring brilliant marks in your class 6 exams! Happy learning!


Download NCERT Class 6 Social Science All Chapter Name Free PDF

Get the free version of these solutions to develop your concepts of Social Science. Learn how to precisely answer fundamental questions such as what is Class 6 Social Science and score more in the exams.

Define your study sessions by using the solutions to cover the chapter exercises. Study the answers compiled and reduce your preparation considerably. Make your preparation sessions more productive, strengthen your concepts and learn how to score more in the social science exams.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Social Science

1. Which is the best website providing the latest CBSE-prescribed syllabus for SST Class 6?

Vedantu is a great platform that gives CBSE prescribed syllabus. It offers the best solution for students to easily cover the chapters like NCERT Solution for Class 6th SST. It is proven to be the best support in terms of gathering information as they are free downloadable PDFs.

2. How many chapters are covered in NCERT Class 6 Social Science Civics subject?

There are 9 chapters in NCERT Class 6 Social Science Civics. Below is a list of them. Find NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics at Vedantu, categorised and prepared to help you learn and score well.

  • Chapter 1 - Understanding Diversity

  • Chapter 2 - Diversity and Discrimination

  • Chapter 3 - What is Government?

  • Chapter 4 - Key Elements of a Democratic Government

  • Chapter 5 - Panchayati raj

  • Chapter 6 - Rural Administration

  • Chapter 7 - Urban Administration

  • Chapter 8 - Rural Livelihoods

  • Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods

3. What is Social Science?

Social Science is a subject that needs practical acceptance and knowledge. The concepts are not limited to a textbook. Solving questions related to what you’ve learned is the best way to check what you have gained. In its widest definition, social is defined as the scientific study of society and how people interact with and impact the world surrounding them. Economics, geography, political science and history are mainly the sub-subjects of social science. It is a popular subject among students. 

4. What is a democratic government?

A democratic government is where the rulers are elected by the citizens of the country. The native people have a big role in choosing the government. People can take part in the decisions for them and their actions are exercised by them directly or through elected representatives. Elections are held to choose such a government. A democracy differs from a monarchy or dictatorship in that each citizen has their own right to vote and choose the way in which the government is administered. 

5.  Can I study class 6 Social Science on Vedantu website? 

Vedantu primarily focuses on the aspects that assist students in getting a firm grasp on this subject. Our experts research and make the best-detailed study material for the students to understand the concepts clearly. It is in easy and concise language. Vedantu has made NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science textbook, which will guide you to solve the NCERT questions quickly at free of cost. These solutions can also be accessed on the Vedantu app for free.

6. What does geography class 6 include?

Geography subject tells us about our surroundings and places near or far from us. It also gives an overview of our solar system and the galaxies. Geography of Class 6 includes major physical divisions of India, major landforms, major domains and landforms, different maps, details of earth’s axis, different seasons in India, rotation revolution and angle of inclination of the earth, three heat zones of the earth etc. It will give you an overview of our earth.