NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

Class 3 English NCERT Solutions

In India, English has become one of the most widely spoken languages second only to Hindi. It is now used in several aspects of our society. Therefore, the CBSE board, along with NCERT has, with years of experience, crafted the perfect syllabus to give you just the head start you need. Vedantu’s latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English provides solutions as per the latest syllabus and makes sure you have everything you need to prepare for your upcoming exam.

Class 3 NCERT English solutions are framed in a way that makes learning easy. It has explained the chapters in Marigold, NCERT’s English book for Class 3, simply while also leaving room for you to think. You can study NCERT solutions online from our website because we know learning from the internet makes it more engaging. For offline studying, you can download the NCERT solutions PDF. The CBSE NCERT solutions we provide are curated from the teachers with years of experience and understanding of your needs. 

You know that merely reading the textbooks isn’t enough; you need to have a thorough understanding of them. The NCERT textbook solutions for Class 3 English based on the books give you an in-depth knowledge of it. As mentioned earlier, you can also avail the NCERT solutions download to go for convenient forms of studying. 

Here are the chapters included in the English syllabus for Class 3 and they have been described in details in our free NCERT solutions for Class 3 English:

Marigold (Prose)

The Magic Garden

This chapter is centred on the conversation between the flowers and the birds of a school garden. They say to each other how well they are being treated by the school children. Our latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English have provided a detailed study of the chapter for ease of learning and understanding.

Nina and the Baby Sparrows

This story is about the concern a little girl feels for the baby sparrows in her house. She is concerned when all her family members are joyous about Nina’s aunt’s wedding. In CBSE NCERT solutions Class 3 English, this chapter has been described in details for you to understand it better. Also, you can download the CBSE NCERT for free from our website. 

The Enormous Turnip

It is about an older man and his wish to grow a turnip plant, and how he is helped by others to grow an enormous turnip out of the ground. It is about friendship and communal solidarity among different generations. You can read more about the essence of the chapter from NCERT solutions online. 

The Little Fish

This story tells of a little fish who used to be discontent because of his small size which made him different than others. Later in the story, due to an incident, he discovered the good part about his size which made him accept himself as he was. You can learn more about this chapter from our latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English. 

The Yellow Butterfly

A little boy called Sonu fancied a yellow butterfly. This chapter is about how he catches it and then lets it go. It teaches us about the values of freedom and liberation. You can learn more about this from our NCERT Class 3 English solution, available online at Vedantu.  

The Story of the Road

In this chapter, we read the story of a road, what he sees and how he feels about them. We learn about the safety measures to be taken on the road. This chapter can be understood in more details in the latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English. NCERT solutions PDF is also available for you to read on your electronic device.

Little Tiger Big Tiger

This story revolves around a mother tiger and her small baby cub. The maternal instincts and the tigress’ affection for her cub surely win the hearts of the readers. This chapter can be read and understood in more details from our free NCERT solutions PDFs available on our website.

My Silly Sister

It is a pleasant story about the relationship between a brother and her baby sister and bears the essence of the reverberating love that this bond has. For detailed guidance on this chapter, refer to our latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English. 

He is my Brother

The story is about the beauty of love between a sister and her elder brother. The elder brother, who is too small, was carried by his sister on her back up a temple’s stairs. You can learn more about this in detail from the NCERT Class 3 English solution, and free PDF download is also available here to study offline.

Ship in the Desert

This chapter teaches why a camel is called the ‘Ship of the Desert’ and considering the interesting narrative, it truly appealing to our young readers. For further guidance, you can look into our free NCERT solution for Class 3 English.

Marigold (Poems) -

Good Morning

This poem is about how a child feels after waking up in the morning. It tells us how precious everything around us is and how morning makes us appreciate those things. To learn in more detail, refer to our NCERT Class 3 English solution.

Bird Talk

It shows a conversation between two birds. The topic of the discussion revolves around the differences that exist between birds and humans and how it creates a difference between both. You can read more about this chapter at our NCERT solutions PDF, which you can download for free from our site.

Little by Little

In this chapter, we read about an acorn. The acorn grows little by little every day and every year. We learn how it hopes to one day grow into a massive oak tree of the jungle. You can go through our NCERT solutions online and can also download them for reading later.

Sea Song

It recounts the story of a bewildered boy, who finds a seashell on a beach. The boy is amused when he finds out the shell can make sounds. NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 English has answers to this chapter’s questions that give one an insight into the beauty of the poem. 

The Balloon Man

This poem is voiced by a girl who sees a balloon man every day. He sells balloon of different colours. She and her friends hope that one day the balloons will be released to the sky by him. Our latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English can guide you on how to answer the questions in this chapter.


This poem is about the various landscapes to which a train travels. How many places have you been to by train? Once you read this chapter, go on to answer the questions in it.

Puppy and I

A sweet poem about a boy who goes on asking anyone he seeks to walk with him. Finally, a puppy agrees, and they become good friends. Read this poem, and if you face any challenges, refer to the NCERT solutions online for help.

What’s in the mailbox?

A little girl wonders when she will get a letter from the postman. She decides to take charge of the situation. While you read on this story, remember to look into the NCERT solutions PDF for better understanding of the same. 

Don’t tell

In this chapter, we see a little boy think in his mind how it’d be to grow up. He thinks of all the things that he would want to do now and how no one lets him because he is too young.

How Creatures Move

Have you wondered how the other animals move? This chapter dwells on that and quenches the thirsty, curious minds. Read on the latest NCERT solutions Class 3 English and find out more about the topic with properly constructed answers.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

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