Child Safety at Vedantu

Creating safe learning environment for every child

At Vedantu, we keep upgrading the online learning space for our students to ensure holistic development through Innovative and new methods of learning.

Vedantu, being the pioneers of LIVE interactive online education in India, realizes the importance of safety and security of its students while they systematically adapt to the new environment of online education. Thus, the absolute priorities of Vedantu have been placed keeping in mind the best interest of its students.

Child Safety will always be our priority and to ensure, we provide a safe environment for every child to learn, we have become India’s first eduTech company to adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE towards unsavory practices like online bullying, defamation, stalking, abusive language and any other action that makes a child uncomfortable while attending any Paid or Free online session(s).

We have a competent Child Safety Team comprising legal experts, counsellors and external experts and works with the leadership. The mandate is to uphold the safety of children online all the time.

The list of initiatives and steps we have taken towards making online learning a safe environment are -
Safety measures in Regular Classes of Vedantu Courses:
The Regular classes are closely monitored and regulated by multiple 'Class Teachers' along with a Master Teacher in-charge.
The role of a Class Teacher is not limited to solving pertinent doubts of students (LIVE) during class hours but also to moderate the conversation on the chats. And any inappropriate behaviour will lead to the student being blocked by the teacher immediately.
The Regular Classes are integrated with automated profanity filters to check inappropriate texts / pictures / recordings.
In case of any unwanted / unpleasant behavior by any student during class hours towards another student/ or anyone concerned, the Class Teachers and / or Master Teacher in charge will inform the Child Safety Team (CST) of Vedantu, who will send a warning (verbal / written) to the student and / or parents / guardian of the student.
Keeping the best interest of the child, an appropriate counselling session may be suggested for the child by the Child Safety team of Vedantu.
Safety measures in Free Live MasterClasses:
The Free LIVE Master Classes are integrated with automated profanity filters to check inappropriate texts / pictures / recordings.
Further the chats during the sessions are closely monitored and regulated by the moderator of the session.
The Regular Classes are integrated with automated profanity filters to check inappropriate texts / pictures / recordings.
Further steps to ensure safety and positive learning environment:
Driven by our vision to create the best cohort in online education platforms for children, we understand safety and wellbeing of every student as well as educator is an absolute essential. In order to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, Vedantu has introduced a set of strict ZERO Tolerance Policy, which every staff at Vedantu/student/ their parents/ their guardians/ the educators will adhere to during and beyond class hours.
Please see the list of conduct prohibited in Vedantu’s LIVE Sessions below:
Disrupt the orderly conduct of classes in the form of action,speech or any other form.
Using loud or offensive language or displaying temper during class hours.
Sending abusive messages or threats to any STUDENT/ others concerned within the Vedantu community, through any medium (including Social Media).
Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments, pictures, videos regarding Vedantu or any of the pupils/parents/staff/governors at the Vedantu platform or on Facebook or other public/social sites.
Intimidating, harassing or discriminating any person on the basis of their race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability in the form of action, speech or any other form.
Use of physical, verbal or written aggression towards another adult or child.

In case a child feels uncomfortable in a particular class, or if you come across anyone who misbehaves or shows disorderly conduct during the sessions/linked to the sessions, report the incident here or call us at the helpline number +91 9986858858 or email us at , in writing or voice record their message (with details of the class, and screenshot of the incident if possible) mentioning the particular reason/s of their discomfort.

Vedantu’s Child Safety Team will look into the incidents with utmost priority.

Appropriate action/s will be taken against any person who breaches the norms laid down by Vedantu.

In the endeavor to make online education safe for children, we request your support and cooperation.

Team Vedantu