Everything You Need to Know About NEET Answer Key

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Download NEET Answer Key & Solutions For All Sets Here

NEET answer key provides you with the previous years’ questions in high-quality PDF form and thereafter gives you an idea about the questionnaire, markings, challenging options, and several other important questions. NEET is a highly competitive national level entrance examination conducted by the NTA every year. So, you need all the help you can get to succeed. Vedantu’s NEET answer sheet is prepared by professionals with several years of teaching experience. So, you always get the top-notch material for FREE!

NTA NEET Answer Key

NEET 2020 Question Paper with Answer Key

NEET 2019 Question Paper with Answer Key

NEET 2018 Question Paper with Answer Key

What is the NEET Answer Key?

If you are studying the NEET answer key, then you get acquainted with the proceedings of the examination and become confident about the unforeseen.

The NEET Answer Sheet is a ready-made cheat sheet for you to make NEET exam preparations easy for you.

The NTA will conduct NEET 2020 on the third day of May 2020 in pen and paper. However, NEET key (answer) will be released by the leading institutes by the third week of May 2020 prior to the official release by the authority which will be on the fourth week of May 2020 in the form of PDF and along with OMR response sheet of the candidate.

Why Do You Need NEET Answer Sheet?

If you are preparing for NEET, then you must consult the previous years of NTA NEET answer key along with questions for reference. 

You can download the NEET UG answer key along with questions and codes for previous years 2019, 2018 and 2017 right here from Vedantu’s official website.

Although the minimum cut off percentage at the national level of the entrance examination will not be clear until the results of NEET 2020 are declared. However, the authority gives a tentative idea of the cut off percentage in its brochure from the previous years cut off percentage. 

Minimum cut off percentage for [UR] unreserved candidates is 50%, for an unreserved physically handicapped candidate [UR-PH] IS 45% and 40% for [ST, SC, OBC] candidates.

All correspondences made by NEET, including the NTA NEET Answer Key are through your mail ID and mobile number provided at the time of registration. Any discrepancies arising and which are not acceptable by the authority will be informed through the registered mail or contacted by mobile number. You even have an option to consult with the authority in case of any doubts.

To make exam preparations easy, always use NEET Exam Answer Key by Vedantu.

How to Challenge the NEET Answer Key

If you find any discrepancy or have any objection in the answer key or NEET OMR response sheet 2020, he/ she may challenge the same within two days to sort out the discrepancy. 

Only after sorting out the discrepancies that the final answer key of NEET 2020 will be released in the fourth week of May 2020. NTA will charge a non- refundable fee of Rs. 1000/- for each challenge. This process is called ‘Challenging answer key’. Finally, the results for NEET 2020 will be released on the 4th of June 2020. However please note that the dates are tentative.

You can evaluate his/ her score in the NEET 2020 simply by the formula (4 x no of correct answers) - (1 x no of incorrect answers). This means 4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer and -1 for each incorrect answer. However, no marks will be awarded for answers not attempted and for answers having more than one response.

Anyone willing to challenge NEET 2020 answer key must follow the following steps:

  1. Click the link provided for “Challenging answer key“ for NEET 2020.

  2. Enter login credentials such as application number and password.

  3. Click “ Key challenge” and select “ TEST BOOKLET CODE’” that you wish to challenge NEET answer key 2020.

  4. Then select the question you need to challenge.

  5. Then select the answer which is correct according to them. You may add justification in favor.

  6. Finally, click the SUBMIT BUTTON.

  7. The challenging fees may be paid by debit or credit card.

  8. A confirmation for the transaction and the question challenged will be provided. You must print out a copy of it for future use. 

You can challenge for NEET 2020 OMR answer sheet which is a scanned copy of your OMR responses at the entrance examination. NTA will release the NEET 2020 answer key in PDF FORM along with the OMR response sheet by the fourth week of May 2020. In order to challenge the NEET 2020 OMR response sheet, then you should follow the listed steps.

  1. Click the link provided for the “Challenging OMR response sheet” NEET 2020.

  2. Enter the login credentials such as the application number and password.

  3. Click the OMR challenge option.

  4. You will then be directed to a page showing two options;


A] Click to view the OMR answer sheet.

B] Click to “ OMR challenge”

On clicking the first option, the screen will display your OMR answer sheet, while the second option will allow you to challenge the OMR response sheet of NEET 2020. 

  1. NTA charges a non- refundable fees of Rs. 1000/- for each challenge through debit or credit cards. Payment of the fees should be made and you will be provided with a confirmation copy. Keep a print out copy for future reference. 

Before the official release of the NEET answer key 2020 by the authority, many leading coaching institutions release the NEET 2020 answer key- code-wise in PDF form in the third week of May 2020  Institutions such as Resonance, Allen Kota, Akash, etc. provide links to be downloaded when available. 

Why Use Vedantu’s NEET Answer Key?

Vedantu provides teachers having more than 10 years of experience from IIT and similar top tier colleges. Vedantu’s NEET UG Answer Key ensures adaptive teaching methods by delivering customized learning based on your capacity to learn. It also allows you to learn from the comfort and safety of home without traveling. Vedantu teaching is a two-way interaction between a teacher and a student unlike teaching by video recording.