NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi

Class 1 Hindi NCERT Solutions

Hindi is one of the most widely-spoken official languages in India with a rich literature and historical significance. Students must, therefore, learn Hindi diligently; for it will help them develop communication skills in this language. Also, expertise in the subject helps students excel academically. Using the latest NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi for proper learning of the same will give students a competitive edge in the exams. 

CBSE NCERT solutions provided by us are set according to the latest standards. They contain exercises in the CBSE board books with solved answers for adept learning. The updated solutions as per 2019-20 curriculum will help the students practice the questions in these exercises efficiently. Students can opt for free download PDF that is available without the need of going through any registration procedure.

Practising the exercises regularly with NCERT solutions download will help students to learn the language quickly. It will also give them a confidence boost and help them score high. Also, NCERT solutions PDF available on the website are entirely free. Young learners can download PDFs for all subjects to start learning with ease and convenience. The interactive way of learning offered by NCERT solutions online will also motivate them to learn more. 

A quick overview of all the chapters is provided here. Students of CBSE English medium can go through the same to get an idea about the chapters in this solution.      

Chapter 1: Jhula

Jhula is a poem about the imagination and emotions of children. It is easier to understand the poem’s theme using the online NCERT solutions PDF.   

Chapter 2: Aam ki Kahaani

The next chapter in the CBSE Hindi book is about a ripe mango and how a group of children enjoys it. To gain a proper understanding of all the words and exercises in this poem, Class 1 Hindi NCERT solutions can help.

Chapter 3: Aam ki Tokri 

Students will learn about the life of a little girl selling mangoes in this chapter. Students can practise this chapter using NCERT solutions to prepare for the exams.       


Chapter 4: Pattey hi Pattey

To practice this chapter about a little girl and her friends, students can use the latest NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi available with solved answers to its exercises.

Chapter 5: Pakodi

In this chapter about a popular snack in the country, students may solve the exercises in the textbook using the latest NCERT solutions to score high in the exams. 

Chapter 6: Chuk Chuk Gaadi

In 'Chuk Chuk Gaadi,’ students will learn about trains through the eyes of the poet. They can use the latest NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi to prepare best for this chapter.

Chapter 7: Makadi-Kakadi-Lakadi

To prepare this poem about a spider, students can practice its exercises and activities along with NCERT Solution for the same.

Chapter 8: Chuho! Meow So Rahi Hai

For this chapter about mouse and cat, students can use free NCERT solution for Class 1 Hindi and practice all exercises effectively. 

Chapter 9: Bandar aur Gilheri

‘Bandar Aur Gilheri’ tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a monkey and a squirrel.  

Chapter 10: Pagadi

The chapter is about a poor man trying to clean a turban without any success. Latest NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi is available for this chapter so that students can practice for the upcoming exams. 

Chapter 11: Patang

Patang is a poem about kites and how children love to play with them in the wind. Solutions provided for this chapter allow students to practice efficiently on their own. 

Chapter 12: Gend Balla

Chapter 12 of the CBSE board Class 1 Hindi solution is about a bat and ball, and their exciting and funny conversation. Practising from the CBSE NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi will help students prepare better for this chapter. 

Chapter 13: Bandar Gaya Khet Me Bhaag 

This fantasy poem about a monkey collecting and cooking vegetables from a farm will be exciting to read for young learners. 

Chapter 14: Ek Budhiya

Ek Budhiya brings the story of an old woman. Students can use the NCERT Class 1 Hindi solution to practice and study this chapter. 

Chapter 15: Mein Bhi

To prepare for this chapter about a duckling and a chick, students can practice answers to its questions using NCERT solutions PDF.

Chapter 16: Lalu aur Peelu

When learning this chapter about two chickens named Lalu and Peelu, students must make sure to practice with PDF solutions as per the latest syllabus. 

Chapter 17: Chakai ke Chakdum

Chapter 17 entails how the speaker enjoyed living in his village as a child. Practicing its exercises with the help of available Hindi textbook solution can help students ace their exam preparations.

Chapter 18: Chhoti ka Kamaal

In this poem about a little girl getting bullied by a big boy, students can read the NCERT textbook solution for Class 1 Hindi. To gain a better understanding of this chapter, they must go through the detailed answers provided in this study material.

Chapter 19: Chaar Paise  

In this poem, the poet discusses the importance of money through the story of a little boy. One can learn this interesting poem using the latest NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi to get exam-ready.  

Chapter 20: Bhagbad

Chapter 20 brings this poem with the story of an old woman being disturbed by surrounding animals. While it is both easy to read and understand, students can gain in-depth insight of the same through its solution. 

Chapter 21: Haleem Chala Chand Par

This poem tells the story of a young boy going to the moon and coming back. Students can proceed with an updated learning of this chapter with the latest NCERT solutions Class 1 Hindi.

Chapter 22: Haathi Chalam Chalam

In this poem about an elephant and children enjoying its ride, one gets an opportunity to learn this chapter in a fun and interesting way.

Chapter 23: Saat Punch ka Chuha  

Saat Punch Ka Chuha is a poem about a unique mouse with seven tails. It is a funny poem that students can learn using NCERT solutions for Class 1 Hindi Rimjhim. 

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