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Online Quiz - Maths & Science

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Free quizzes and practice problems for competitive exams

Give your competitive exam preparations the much-needed boost with these specially curated quizzes from Vedantu. While preparing for competitive exams, especially where you have to attempt multiple choice questions, practicing from normal textbook questions is just not enough. Not only are these exams quite difficult, but also are quite different from your school exams. Thus, we have specially curated quizzes around handpicked topics around maths, science, general knowledge, and aptitude to help you ace these tests.

There’s a stark difference between mock tests and online quizzes. While the former, in general, comprises questions from a subject or a topic; the latter comprises sub-topics. The benefit of attempting our quiz questions is that they are super-specific to individual sub-topics within a topic. This helps you quickly solve these practice problems the moment you complete a specific concept from a topic.

Although our quizzes are curated in such a way that it’ll be most helpful for students preparing for competitive exams, these questions can also be beneficial for preparing for board exams. Solving these practice questions will help you understand the concepts better and improve your agility in solving problems.

Maths Quiz

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Online Quiz questions

Vedantu’s free online quizzes typically have a short and crisp format. You can expect anywhere around 5-10 questions per quiz with a time limit of 5-10 minutes. Our questions come equipped with hints, solutions, and links to the study material once you complete the quiz. To add the much needed competitive exam flavor, we have added a scoreboard and much more metrics, which you can use to analyze your performance with yourself and others attempting the quiz.