NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths

Maths Class 5 NCERT Solutions

Mathematics is a subject that incites fear in the heart of most students. They mainly face problems with the subject because they do not have a clear understanding of its basics. However, now you can make understanding maths easier by referring to our latest NCERT solutions Class 5 Maths. It provides a comprehensive solution for every problem in your textbook. 

The CBSE NCERT solutions contain the answers to the exercises from the NCERT Maths book, which are crucial for your examinations. These chapters also help to prepare you for the higher classes making these NCERT solutions download even more important. 

Our expert teachers approach each question in a unique way. Through interesting pictures and 3D models, we provide a brand new twist to the textbook solutions. We also try to make CBSE Board mathematics syllabus comparatively easier with our NCERT solutions online. At the end of each chapter, there are several fun activities and exercises which help you to reach your full potential. If you follow the exercises regularly, you are bound to score high in your maths exams. You can download our NCERT solutions PDF from anywhere anytime, absolutely free of cost. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Give me an overview of the CBSE Class 5 Maths syllabus.

Ans: CBSE Class 5 Maths syllabus consists of 14 chapters in total. Take a look at the names of all the chapters given in the following list. 

  • Chapter 1 – The Fish Table

  • Chapter 2 – Shapes And Angles

  • Chapter 3 – How Many Squares

  • Chapter 4 – Parts and Wholes

  • Chapter 5 – Does It Look the Same

  • Chapter 6 – Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor

  • Chapter 7 – Can You See The Pattern

  • Chapter 8 – Mapping Your Way

  • Chapter 9 – Boxes and Sketches

  • Chapter 10 – Tenths and Hundredths

  • Chapter 11 – Area and Its Boundary

  • Chapter 12 – Smart Charts

  • Chapter 13 – Ways to Multiply and Divide

  • Chapter 14 – How Big How Heavy

2. What is taught in the first chapter of CBSE Class 5 Maths?

Ans: Chapter 1 of NCERT book for Class 5 Maths titled The Fish Tale depicts multiplications through various engaging illustrations like fishes and boats. Students of Class 5 will learn the concepts of weight, distance, and money from this chapter. You can also get your doubts clarified regarding this chapter through our NCERT solutions which are provided on our website and mobile app.

3. What is Chapter 7 of Class 5 Maths NCERT textbook all about?

Ans: Chapter 7 of Class 5 Maths NCERT textbook named ‘Can you see the pattern?’ talks about various shapes and patterns. It also educates you on how you can change the shapes by changing their directions. You can find the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths to the problems of Chapter 7 of the NCERT book on the official website of Vedantu alongside the mobile app.

4. Why should a Class 5 student refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths offered by Vedantu?

Ans: NCERT solutions for class 5 Maths offered by Vedantu have been developed keeping in mind those students who face difficulties in finding the correct solutions for the difficult Maths problems given in the exercises of the NCERT textbook. These solutions have been created with the utmost care by our in-house subject matter experts, who have years of experience from the relevant industry.

These solutions contain answers in a stepwise manner from the exercises of the NCERT Maths textbook, which play a crucial role in your exam preparation. These solutions are designed as per the latest CBSE curriculum including all the new updates. With the help of these NCERT solutions for class 5 Maths, all the students can grasp the concepts easily and understand quickly. Not only this but these solutions also help in building a vast knowledge in the basic concepts which will be studied further in the higher classes.

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