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NEET Biology Revision Notes (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Biology Short Notes for NEET PDFs, Revision Notes of Biology, Important Chapters of Biology for NEET

By studying revision notes of Biology, aspirants will retain the most important information in an easier way. Biology short notes for NEET PDF will provide key outlines and push your memory so that you will be able to expand your ideas at the time of examination.

NEET Biology revision notes are an important source for your NEET preparation as they are organised in a format that is understandable, covers the entire lesson and encourages active learning. Students are advised to go through the prescribed syllabus thoroughly  to take full advantage of revision notes for NEET Biology. Download the Revision notes of Biology PDF for free. NEET Biology syllabus is provided further below for your convenience.

NEET Biology Revision Notes (Chapter Pages)

NEET Biology Revision Notes

Revision notes of Biology are concise and have the most significant elements of each explained. The key points and sub points beneath will help students in mapping the topics.  Biology short notes for NEET PDFs by Vedantu will aid students who are struggling to remember the points. You can keep these notes at hand for revising on a daily-basis so that you are consistent with your studying.

Biology NEET Syllabus 2023-24

Students can have brief- run through the NEET Biology unit-wise syllabus provided below and refer to NEET Biology revision notes PDFs by Vedantu for a full-packed preparation. The following information is regarding the NEET Biology exam structure:

  • Total number of answerable questions in Biology section are 45.

  • Weightage marks of Biology section are 180.

The Biology syllabus prescribed for Class 11 and 12 unit-wise list is provided below:


Class 11 Biology Syllabus


Diversity in Living World


Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants


Cell Structure and Function


Plant Physiology


Human Physiology


Class 12 Biology Syllabus




Genetics and Evolution


Biology and Human Welfare


Biotechnology and Its Applications


Ecology and Environment

NEET Revision Notes of Biology (Important Chapters)

Benefits of NEET Biology Revision Notes by Vedantu

Biology short notes for NEET PDF will assist students in enhancing their preparedness. These revision notes by Vedantu contain outlines of key concepts, sub-branches of the concepts, theories explained in an easy manner and important questions to practise. Aspirants are encouraged to download revision notes of Biology to keep their memory nudged.

  • Daily Practise - These notes are organised in a format that is understandable and requires a short amount of time to brief-run through. You can use these notes to revise your concepts daily, this way the retention of Biology lessons will become easier for you.

  • Adherence to Latest Syllabus- NEET Biology revision notes PDFs by Vedantu adhere to the latest syllabus of NEET 2023-24. Students should prepare all the chapters that are newly added to the syllabus to avoid any new challenging questions at the time of exam. It is advised to leave no topics behind and cover the entire syllabus in preparation for NEET. You can download the NEET study material provided by Vedantu to be a top performer.

  • Reliable Study Material - Gathering reliable study resources online is a must for students. Many of the available resources contain factual errors and are not updated with the latest developments made in the exam structure of exam, However, revision notes of Biology by Vedantu are prepared with subject matter experts to help students acquire accurate information. The notes for neet are available on Vedantu’s site for free.

  • Focusing More on Weak Areas - The NEET notes Biology can be used to improve on your weak areas as they are designed in a format which is concise, making it easier for students to highlight their weak areas and work on them. With the help of easy explanations provided in revision notes of Biology, you can work on your weak areas and improve your preparation level.

  • Clear with Basics - Biology short notes for NEET is a great resource for grasping the basics of concepts. The information is short and includes the significant elements of each concept. You can use these notes to gain a better understanding of the basics.

Preparation Tips for NEET Biology

  • Make time in your study routine each day to complete at least one Biology chapter. Start with acquiring basics, concepts and then move on to important questions. 

  • Gather information on the questions that are most likely to come again in NEET 2023-24. You can refer to NEET previous year question papers provided by Vedantu for getting an idea about types of questions that are likely to come.

  • Refer to NEET previous year question paper analysis available on Vedantu for experiencing the NEET exams closely and increasing your readiness.

  • Make sure to adopt a study approach that suits you the most. Few examples of study approaches are:

  1. Note-making

  2. Concept mapping

  3. Using multiple study resources

  4. Diagrams or Illustrations

Highlights of NEET UG Exam




National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)

Conducting Body

National Testing Agency (NTA)


Offline (pen and paper based)


Physics, Chemistry, Botany (Biology) and Zoology


3 hours 20 minutes

Total Questions

200 (180 questions to be answered)

Subject wise questions

50 (45 questions to be answered)

Maximum Marks


Marks per question


Negative Marking

Yes (-1) per wrong answer

Courses offered through the Exam


We provide NEET Biology revision notes for students to prepare well for the exam. These revision notes of Biology by Vedantu covers all the important information and significant elements of each chapter. Students can refer to the Biology short notes for NEET to improve their understanding of basics and keep these notes as a handy study resource to revise from daily. You can use the revision notes for NEET Biology by Vedantu as a last minute preparation source as well.

FAQs on NEET Biology Revision Notes (Free PDF Download)

1. Is revision notes of Biology enough for NEET?

To perform excellently in NEET, you should start with studying the basics using the best books available for NEET preparation. Once you have grasped the basics, important definitions and names, practise questions of each chapter using the resources available such as sample papers and mock tests. You can refer to revision notes of Biology for clearing doubts, running through basics and revising all the learned material thoroughly. Students are advised to go with the appropriate study approach and not solely rely on revision notes.

2. Does Vedantu provide study material for NEET?

Yes, Vedantu provides study material for NEET to help students prepare for the exam. NEET previous year question papers, important questions, revision notes, sample papers and more are available on Vedantu’s website. You can access the study material for free and have a full-packed preparation.

3. How to make revision notes for NEET?

You can take help of the revision notes of Biology available on Vedantu and then do an organised note making of the topics according to your preference. You can also practise note making after you complete one chapter of the syllabus. Revision notes that are personally made is one of the best study approaches that students can resort to.

4. Is 1 month revision enough for NEET?

Whether the preparation time is enough for NEET depends on various factors and each student. To perform well on NEET, students should devote 1 month of revision to each subject. It is encouraged to revise every concept thoroughly before the day of exam.

5. What is the fastest way to revise for NEET?

Make a disciplined study schedule that involves reading revision notes and practising important questions of one chapter daily. This way, in a few days, you can cover the entire syllabus easily. Start giving mock tests, solving previous year question papers regularly for a better understanding of the exam structure. Make sure to rest and take breaks during the preparation period.