NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

Class 5 English NCERT Solutions

English as a subject is very important in every student’s life. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in our country. Whether it is about professional communication, or having a regular conversation, this is the subject we mostly follow. That is why it is crucial to develop a student’s reading and writing skills of the subject at the onset of their academic life. 

English, as a subject, can help to set one’s ability to communicate and represent himself/herself as an educated individual. Thus, each student needs to learn thoroughly and score well in the subject.

With the CBSE NCERT solutions available as free PDF downloads, easy learning of students is facilitated. This NCERT textbook solution for Class 5 English is updated as per 2019-20 curriculums.

Our online learning platform also provides live tutorials on CBSE NCERT solutions Class 5 English, which are made interactive, for better understanding. Our expert teachers, through the NCERT solutions online, take special care to ensure that young learners get an in-depth understanding of each chapter and help them score well in their exams.

In our latest NCERT solutions Class 5 English, students will find answers to the exercises of 10 units, each consisting of one poem and one prose. Going through the solutions after reading each chapter carefully is the best way to understand how to frame their answers.

Our NCERT solutions download also have chapter outlines for a better understanding of students. Below is a list of all the chapters in the book Marigold, for which pupil can get our NCERT solutions PDF.


Unit 1: Wonderful Waste

This story imparts a valuable lesson of why we should not waste food at all. After reading this chapter, go through the Class 5 English NCERT solutions to prepare for the upcoming examinations.

Unit 2: Flying Together

It is a tale about how a flock of geese falls into the trap of a hunter because they refused to listen to the advice of an elderly bird. In NCERT textbook solution for Class 5 English, students will come across many samples to practice on this chapter.

Unit 3: Robinson Crusoe:

This story revolves around a man named Robinson Crusoe, who lived all alone on an island as his ship was destroyed by the sea. Go through the NCERT solutions PDF for all exercises on this chapter and re ready for the examinations. 

Unit 4: My Elder Brother:

In our NCERT textbook solution for Class 5 English, we have questions and answers solved about this story of two brothers named Munna and Bhaiya. 

Unit 5: Rip Van Winkle:

This chapter from NCERT class 5 English carries the classic tale of Rip Van Winkle. It is a story where students will learn the vices of being lazy. After reading the chapter, refer to the complete updated NCERT solutions online as per 2019-20 curriculum for all the necessary questions.

Unit 6: Talkative Barber: 

In this story, students will know about a barber from the city of Cashgar who neglects to do his job of shaving the Sultan’s head properly. Despite his negligence, the Sultan offers this barber food, which leads the latter to realise his generosity. Go through all the questions solved in the NCERT textbook solution for Class 5 English to understand the chapter better.  

Unit 7: Gulliver’s Travel:

The story is about a man named Gulliver who travels to an island with his companions. Eventually, trouble ensues when he is left stranded on the island after his companions flee from the monsters living in it. Refer to our NCERT solutions download as per latest CBSE guidelines for a better understanding of this chapter.

Unit 8: The Little Bully:

This story from the NCERT textbook solution for Class 5 English talks of a boy named Hari who bullied his peers. Eventually, he learns his lessons after other children isolate him during their school picnic. Our solution comes with a lot of comprehensive practice questions along with answers to help students.

Unit 9: Around the World:

This is a story of Mr. Phileas Fogg who began the journey from San Francisco to New York with his companion and finally completed it despite facing difficulties. Our NCERT Class 5 English solution has all essential solved exercises from the chapter to help students score better in exams.

Unit 10: Who will be Ningthou:

It is an inspiring story of a king and queen, where students learn the qualities of a great leader who sympathises with others. We, at Vedantu, have designed our CBSE NCERT solutions as per the latest syllabus and have all comprehensive practice questions in the same.


The book also contains 10 poems, each with exercises at the end. These exercises carry a variety of questions like long and short answer types, comprehensions, and grammatical ones. Young learners can practice the answers to these exercises with our NCERT textbook solution for Class 5 English. Following is the list of poems in Marigold.

Unit 1: Ice Cream Man

Unit 2: Teamwork

Unit 3: My shadow

Unit 4: Crying

Unit 5: The Lazy Frog 

Unit 6: Class Discussion

Unit 7: Topsy Turvey Land 

Unit 8: Nobody’s Friend 

Unit 9: Sing a Song of People

Unit 10: Malu Bhalu 

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

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