CBSE Class 5 English NCERT Solutions 2022-23

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English - Free PDF Download

English is an important subject in the Class 5 curriculum. NCERT Solutions for Class 5 is an excellent reference that not only strengthens a student’s hold on the language but also provides a detailed explanation of the chapters. Students are able to understand the gist of the poems and the prose given in the textbook with the help of these solutions. The NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English are prepared as per the latest guidelines provided by the CBSE board.

NCERT Class 5 English Solution is great support for students. It can be downloaded from Vedantu’s website in PDF format. NCERT Class 5 English Solution helps students with their homework and enhances writing techniques so that students can score well. Vedantu is a one-stop solution for all your learning problems. It not only provides solutions for all the subjects but also assists you with tips to overcome learning difficulties. NCERT Solution for Class 5th English helps students to boost their confidence by providing a complete answering guide and instructions to score well. Students can also refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 5th for English Olympiad exams.

All answers on Vedantu’s solutions for 5th standard English are so beautifully written that any student would be able to understand them at the first reading. By understanding the answers, they would also be able to remember all the points mentioned in them. The simple language and sequential answering of questions make sure that one can understand them even better than textbooks. Every single question is answered, and all of them are arranged chapter-wise. This makes it very easy for students to look for the answers while revising.

Class 5 English NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English have been provided for all the chapters. Download free PDFs of these chapter-wise NCERT solutions from the links below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

How to Prepare for Class 5 English?

The method of learning and preparing the chapters covered in CBSE Class 5 English may vary for students. Yet, there are few things to keep in mind while studying for all students.

1. Cover the NCERT syllabus first: The textbook is the Bible for a subject. Students need to read the textbook thoroughly to truly understand and benefit from it. Read through all the chapters. The prescribed textbook for Class 5 NCERT is Marigold. This book has ten chapters. Here is a list of all the chapters that are covered in this book.


  • Wonderful Waste

  • Flying Together

  •  Robinson Crusoe

  • My Elder Brother

  • Rip van Winkle

  • Talkative Barber

  • Gulliver's Travels

  • The Little Bully

  • Around the World

  • Who will be Ningthou


  • Ice Cream Man

  • Teamwork

  • My Shadow

  • Crying

  • The Lazy Frog

  • Class Discussion

  • Topsy Turvey Land

  • Nobody’s Friend

  • Sing a Song of People

  • Malu Bhalu

2. Mark important points: While reading Vedantu’s Solutions, mark all the important points on the answers. If possible, break down the answers into bullet points. Even underlining the keywords will help in recollection at the examination.

3. Set time aside for English: If English is a weaker subject for you, set time aside every day or at least every alternate day so that you can practice on a regular basis. Practising every day will make a huge difference and will reduce a load of studies during the exam.

4. Read books and newspapers: In today’s digital world, one has forgotten the beauty of reading books. This is one of the best ways to develop vocabulary and improve on the language.

5. Practice, practice, practice! This is the most underrated advice and the one that ultimately leads to success. Without practice and hard work, acing this subject is not easy. Make it a point to ask any doubts, solve all the questions and keep working at it to see the difference!

Why do We Need Class 5 English Solution?

Literature is always difficult to understand and complex to comprehend. Students often make mistakes in spelling and find it difficult to understand the inner meaning of the phrases. So, they need proper guidance and tips to comprehend difficult words with phrases. Students in Class 5 need proficiency in the English language as it is the most common official language. Structuring sentences and writing techniques must be taken into consideration while learning the English language. Class 5 students need to overcome such learning difficulties for which it is, therefore, recommended for them to refer to NCERT Solution for Class 5 English.

Increase Writing Practice

NCERT Solution Class 5 English covers all the chapters of English in Class 5. English Class 5 NCERT Solutions comprises various proses and poetry which are clearly explained so that it becomes easy for students to understand and interpret the inner meaning and context. There are various exercises with proper answering formats that give a brief idea to students on how to answer properly and thus enhances writing practice.

Reduces Wastage of Time

NCERT Solution Class 5th English comes in one solution package, which includes the meaning of difficult words, interpretation of themes, extra literature notes and writing exercises. This enables students to refer to one solution guide and clear all their doubts. It saves time by developing regular study habits, and there is no need for researching one topic from various sources. Hence, NCERT Solution for Class 5th English enables proper time management by providing the required solutions to students.

Why do we Prefer Vedantu for NCERT Solutions Class 5th English?

In our lives, the English language plays an important role as it helps in conversation. It is the key language for any subject to be studied all over the world. English is important for students as it develops their imagination, improves emotional development, and offers job opportunities to improve the quality of life. Since it is the only medium for communication in many countries of the world, the use of English as an international language is increasing with time. Even in the literature and media section, English is frequently used to publish books. Most writers write in the English language since the vast majority of readers only know the English language and can better explain their ideas in the English language.

In education, the significance of the English language is huge. Students can study other subjects in the English language if they know the general rules of grammar well. Thus students can easily write notes and score well in exams.

Vedantu is the most trusted educational portal in India, which has solutions for all the subjects for all the classes. If you refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 5th English, it will help you gain confidence in writing and enhance your knowledge in the subject. NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English can be easily downloaded from Vedantu’s education portal or from the Vedantu app that is available on the Google Play Store.

We have solutions for all subjects and all grades. The solutions are written in a sequential manner and the authors have tried to cover almost all the questions given in the book and some additional reference material as well. 

You need to register yourself by providing your correct email ID, name and mobile number. You are just a click away from solutions. Once you download Class 5 English NCERT Solutions, you can easily refer to it anytime from any place at your comfort level. You can even decide how much to refer to and which part to concentrate on the most. Thus NCERT Solution Class 5th English is very handy as you do not need to get any hard copies of the solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Vedantu website ( and start your learning journey today!

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FAQs on CBSE Class 5 English NCERT Solutions 2022-23

1. Will NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Help in Completing Homework?

NCERT Class 5 English Solution offers students proper answering instructions which help them to write their assignments and exams. Class 5 English Solution itself is a complete package that comes with a detailed explanation of all the topics with proper illustrations and exercises to complete. Thus it develops your writing habits and helps in completing the work in advance.

2. Is NCERT Solution for Class 5 English Reliable?

Vedantu appoints the best educators to design the solutions. So NCERT Solution Class 5 English is always accurate as they are prepared by the subject experts who have years of experience in preparing solutions. They also modify the solutions as per the CBSE curriculum norms whenever required so that students remain updated with the changes.

3. What are the main chapters of English in Class 5?

The chapters that you need to study in Class 5 English CBSE are as following - Ice-cream Man,  Mallu Bhalu, The Talkative Barber, Nobody’s Friend, Robinson Crusoe, Teamwork, Wonderful Waste,  Around the World, My Shadow, The Little Bully, Flying Together, My Elder Brother, Crying,  Class Discussion,  The Lazy Frog,  Gulliver’s Travels, Topsy-Turvy Land, Bamboo Curry, Sing a Song Of People, Rip Van Winkle, and Who Will Be Ningthou.

4. How many books are there in Class 5 for English?

According to the CBSE, Class 5 has only one textbook for English - “Marigold”. This book has a combination of prose and poems. There are ten units in total with two or three chapters in each unit. All the chapters are equally important. To score high marks in Class 5 English, you must use the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English on Vedantu. This has all the chapters that are explained with definitions and summaries.

5. How to complete all the chapters in  Class 5 for English?

Using Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English is the most effective way to complete all the chapters in Class 5 English. You can also access revision notes, solved exercise questions, and even important questions from the exam point of view. Studying with this solution will help you in revising the full chapter in no time improving your marks in the tests. All resources are free of cost and also available on Vedantu Mobile app.

6. What are the different flavours of ice cream, the ice cream man has in Chapter 1 Marigold of Class 5?

In Chapter 1 “Ice-cream Man” of the Marigold textbook, the poet is talking about an ice-cream man who strolls in the summer with his small cart filled with ice cream and cold fizzy drinks. The ice-cream man has an umbrella that is attached to his cart beneath which he fills the ice-cream cone with different flavours ranging from vanilla, strawberry to chocolate.

7. What is the lesson learnt from the poem “Teamwork” in Marigold of Class 5?

The lesson that we learn from the poem “Teamwork” from the Class 5 English book is cooperation and teamwork that will help us in achieving our goals. According to the poet, teamwork is very important to realise a shared dream or goal that we have. If we only aim at achieving our own dream, we will not be able to come together to win a bigger goal. All the chapters in Class 5 English will teach us morals.

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