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Last updated date: 27th Mar 2023
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Teaching a kid is never an easy job. At this early stage of brain development and grooming, mentoring becomes crucial. The basic programs of Class 2 tuition offer personalized one-student-per-teacher Interactive Classes.

Today’s world is highly technology driven, and children are also addicted to smartphones and other digital devices. Due to these reasons, concentrating particularly on textbook-based studies becomes difficult for a child. This is where online tuition comes in. Online home tuition services are that’s why it's getting more convenient. When you already have the option of engaging your kid with his studies in the comfort of your home, why would you go looking for a mentor door-to-door?

Main Features of Online Tuition for Class 2 CBSE

  • Introducing New Concepts of Different Subjects to Your Kid

Class 2 is an important time for a child’s learning stage as the subjects are now being introduced to them differently. At this stage, he is getting to know how subjects differ. Our website has this amazing animated recording of the stories from the textbooks.

  • Personal Mentor with Undivided Attention

Teaching a kid takes too much of your attention every minute, as kids can get distracted in no time. Our kid's learning programs are perfectly designed with attractive screenplays so they cannot escape from it.

  • Study Materials Organised

The Vedantu has designed its online tuition for Class 2 CBSE as per the board's syllabus of Class 2 with the main subjects and keeping in mind the other subjects like EVS, arts and crafts, etc. Once registered, you can easily find all of the NCERT solution manuals topic-wise on our website.

  • Several Games to Play and Learn

There are our fun and interactive exercises designed for CBSE Class 2 tuitions. It consists of different storytelling episodes, poems recited in the form of songs, different types of games with getting rewards options, etc.

  • Live Classes with Daily Items on the Show

Whenever a Class 2 CBSE student is introduced to a brand-new chapter of a book or concept, there are audio-visual Classes with special importance for getting the kids’ undivided attention. As an example, when a Class 2 student is getting to know geometric figures, the mentor can show him the shape of a pencil.

  • Experts are There to Help From the Beginning

There are 8 levels altogether in Vedantu early learning platform. A mentor from our team is always available to help you find out how and where to start as per the student’s brain development.

  • Personalised Curriculum Available

We have our platform designed specifically for every different brain out there. This variety of courses will help your child learn how to retell the stories they have learned and how to read patterns.

  • Expert Storytellers of Our Program Can Become Your Child’s Best Friend in no Time:

Our team has our handpicked experienced storytellers who have been helping kids to learn in a fun way over the years.

Book a Free Demo Session Today

There is no worry about wasting money on trying out a new platform. We have been offering a free live demo session every day. All you have to do is go to the website and book a free demo class absolutely free of cost according to your time. We have videos of our interactive sessions uploaded on the website too.

FAQs on Top Rated Vedantu CBSE Class 2 Tuition Services

1. What are the subjects discussed in the CBSE Class 2 syllabus?

There are several long-term courses available at Vedantu at a minimum cost. The syllabus includes general topics like Mathematics, English, and Hindi. The platform is not only focused on these academic courses but also on EVS, art and crafts, and other types of extracurricular activities.

2. Why should you rely on Vedantu at such an early stage of education?

The one-to-one personalized mentoring system of Vedantu is designed so that every kid gets extra special attention while learning.

3. What are the benefits of enrolling at Vedantu for Class 2 tuition?

As it’s not always possible for parents to look after their kids every time they are studying so that they cannot get distracted easily, our mentors are always there to keep them focused and energized with several fun ways of teaching.

4. What kind of study materials are available for Class 2?

The study materials are easily accessible on our platform for Class 2 tuition, where you can find topic-wise NCERT solution manuals for every subject differently.

5. What is the “English Superstar” program?

This specific course is designed for the kids' confidence and personality building along with the advanced level of reading and public speaking live Classes. There are several worksheets available in our program which can keep the kid engaged during his study time.

6. What programs are available in Vedantu’s CBSE Class 2 tuitions?

There are two levels to our early learning program,

  • Single level: 

It’s a program of 5 months with 40 one-to-one Classes, activity books, 40 app-build exercises, and the flexibility of rescheduling the Classes.

  • Two level:

This level allows you to enroll for 10 months with 80 gamified app-based exercises, activity books, the flexibility of rescheduling the Class, and 80 one-to-one Classes.

These two courses are clearly described on our website so that you can decide which one to go for as per your kid's stage of learning.