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The NCERT Solutions for Maths class 6 prove to be a worthy help to those students who are trying to score better marks in Maths. We understand that this subject might be a bit tough to understand in the CBSE Curriculum and hence we are all set to help you out in the best way possible. The PDF version of our NCERT Solutions for class 6 maths is available on the website. These NCERT Solutions have been prepared by experts and masters in the subject. Hence, students can rely on the accuracy of the solutions. You can also opt for offline study after you download the PDF versions on any mobile device without any hassle.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths – Free PDF Download

Download Free PDF of Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions Now

Students often need some help when it comes to preparing for their examinations. This is why they need to make sure that they are practising more and more. This is where the NCERT solutions for class 6 maths come into action. With the help of our solutions, students will easily be able to practice more and more and hence have all the information that they need about the chapters.

There are a total of 14 different chapters provided in the textbook of maths for class 6. In these chapters, students will be able to learn more about numbers, geometrical shapes, integers, fractions, decimals, handling data, algebra, mensuration, symmetry, proportion, and ratio along with some details of practical geometry as well. There are additional exercises in the chapters which are also solved in the PDF. With more and more practice, students will easily be able to make sure that they can manage more time and solve more questions. These chapters provide a basic understanding of different topics which have both theoretical and practical applications.

The 6th Class Maths Book NCERT includes the Aforementioned Chapter

  • Knowing Our Numbers - Chapter 1

  • Whole Numbers - Chapter 2

  • Playing with Numbers - Chapter 3

  • Basic Geometrical Ideas - Chapter 4

  • Understanding Elementary Shapes - Chapter 5

  • Integers - Chapter 6

  • Fractions - Chapter 7

  • Decimals - Chapter 8

  • Data Handling - Chapter 9

  • Mensuration - Chapter 10

  • Algebra - Chapter 11

  • Ratio and Proportion - Chapter 12

  • Symmetry - Chapter 13

  • Practical Geometry - Chapter 14

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers

When you open the Class 6 Maths NCERT Book PDF or hardcopy, the first chapter that you will see is Knowing Our Numbers. This chapter deals with the number of values a particular number can reach up to. It tells about large quantities that can reach up to a crore, roman numerals, use of brackets, rounding off, and estimation of differences between two values. This chapter is considered to be the simplest of all chapters given in the 6th Class Maths NCERT Book. You are thus required to have a thorough understanding of this chapter to have your concepts cleared for higher studies.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 2 Whole Numbers

This chapter provides students with an introduction to whole numbers and their various properties. Students are for the first time familiarised with the concept of number line in this chapter. Using a number line, one can understand predecessor, successor, addition, and subtraction on the number line. Since this is an essential concept in Class 6 Maths, the study material provided on this page serves nothing less than a 6th Std Maths Guide PDF for a student and helps in simplifying concepts. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers

Students, in this chapter, learn about the concept of prime numbers, composite numbers, common multiples, coprime numbers, and common factors. This chapter broadens the concept f numbers for students with an introduction to HCF and LCM.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas

The exciting chapter provides a student with the first-ever encounter with Geometry in 6th Standard Maths. The chapter includes 6 exercises relating to figures like polygons, quadrilaterals, circle, triangle, line, angle, etc. The study material provided on this page covers detailed solutions to all questions in this chapter and helps a student in getting a clear understanding of geometry.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes

This chapter of 9 exercises gets into a detailed study of geometric figures like quadrilateral, triangle, 3D shapes, and line segments. The chapter emphasizes on measurement and classification of angles. The given NCERT Solutions Class 6 Maths cover these topics in a very intricate manner and tries to clear all confusion a student faces in the best way possible.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 6 Integers

‘Integers’ is the topic taught in most schools in the second half of the academic year. NCERT Class 6 Maths Chapter 6 discusses this topic along with how to perform addition, subtraction of integers on the number line. Solutions to the problems of this chapter have also been discussed elaborately in the Mathematics Success Book Class 6 Solutions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 7 Fractions

The 7th segment of the Math 6th Class Solution shall deal with the topic of 'Fractions,' which can be considered an extension of the topic "division," which we learned in elementary school. This chapter covers the different types of fractions like proper, improper, mixed, equivalent, and like. The solutions provided in the pdf also include questions relating to the addition, subtraction of fractions, which constitutes a central part of the segment.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 Decimals

The use of decimals gets quite severe in this part of the book but is easily covered on this page. With a thorough revision of decimals, the chapter extends the particular concept to more significant numbers and cases where decimals can be used to measure, compare, add, and subtract values.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 9 Data Handling

The only chapter in the whole page to contain graphs in solutions for the NCERT Maths Class 6 is this one. Data Handling is a relatively easy chapter of Class VI Maths. A scoring chapter, and rather fun to study! You will feel the same way once you download NCERT Solution for Class 6 Maths.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 10 Mensuration

Once you have 6th Class Maths book Download, a simple look of this chapter will give you an idea about how tricky and tough Mensuration can be! But no trick or toughness has not been dealt with in detail and the easy-to-do manner in the given NCERT Solutions. The key to being good at this topic depends on the level of understanding and confidence in measuring perimeters, the area of various shapes in maths.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 11 Algebra

Chapter 11 provides students with an insight to a new topic called algebra. The Class 6 Maths Solutions contains solutions to exercises concerning algebraic concepts such as variables, equations, matchstick patterns, etc. Algebra is essential for students willing to take up Maths in higher classes, and hence, the basic concepts of this chapter are very well enumerated in NCERT Solution for Class 6.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion

Solutions to exercises of Ratio and Proportion have been provided in NCERT Maths Class 6 Solutions Ch 12. Along with introducing students to the concept of ratio and proportion, several examples are provided so that they can have a better understanding of the same. Students can also check solutions to critical problems if they are overcome with doubt at any point.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 13 Symmetry

Symmetry is a relatively short chapter with only three exercises coupled with solutions of NCERT Maths class 6. The exercises covered concepts like how to differentiate between reflection and symmetry, how to make symmetry, etc.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 14 Practical Geometry

This chapter deals with the concept of the Line of Symmetry and its identification for a reflection in the mirror. An easy chapter that has been covered with clarity in the solutions provided.

Why Choose Vedantu For Class 6 Maths Solutions

Mathematics requires the trifecta of practice, understanding, and confidence in the part of a student. The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 by Vedantu make students comfortable with the subject which allows for their better understanding and improving the knowledge-base. The fundamental concepts of Class 6 Maths along with exercises and solutions are thoroughly covered here. Students can also opt to take the guidance of Vedantu's professionals through solutions or enroll in the live classes. Log in to Vedantu now and become a part of India's leading portal in enhancing knowledge and acing exams!

Why Should One Download Class 6 Maths Solutions NCERT?

Practice makes a student perfect and where else can one get more practice if not from the solved questions of the chapters in the Maths class 6 textbook. There are several questions with difficult answers and students might need some additional help when it comes to solving these. So, we are here to help them. Our solutions are prepared in a very detailed and accurate manner and that too by experts and professors who have enough experience in the subject. With these solutions to the chapters, students will gain in-depth knowledge about the problems in each chapter and hence will be more confident in giving their board exams, thus scoring better marks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Should you Opt for NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths?

A subject like Mathematics might not be a favourite of most students. However, with NCERT solutions class 6 maths, students will be compelled to find the subject interesting and find motivation in preparing for its exams. These study materials will not only help students in clearing doubts but also improve their problem-solving and time management capabilities.

2. How can I prepare for my board exams with NCERT Solutions for maths in class 6? 

All you need to do is visit the official website of Vedantu and you will have your sights on the PDF version of the solutions provided by our experts. You can practice these solutions, again and again, to manage time better and have an idea about the marking scheme and question pattern. 

3. Does NCERT Solutions for maths class 6 help students a lot?

To be honest, the NCERT solution for students of class 6 maths is a great help since all of these answers are pretty accurate and are explained simply for students to understand. 

4. How to download Maths NCERT Solutions for class 6?

Students will be able to download the NCERT Solutions for class 6 maths from the official website of Vedantu. 

5. Why should I use the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths?

Students should use the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths provided by Vedantu as these are easy to understand. You can use the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths to understand the concepts easily. You can find answers to all exercises and learn the formulas properly. You can download the PDFs for Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions and can refer to them anytime you want. These solutions are free of cost and prepared by experts, so they are 100% reliable.

6. In Class 6 Maths, which are the most important chapters to focus for exams?

There are a total of 14 chapters in Class 6 Maths. Some chapters need more practice. Students can refer to NCERT Solutions for all chapters at Vedantu Website or the Vedantu app. All solutions are prepared by subject matter experts and explained well for a better understanding of students. Chapter 10 Mensuration and Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion are difficult chapters and might need more practice. Therefore, students need to practice more questions of these two chapters to score good marks.

7. Is it sufficient if I study only from the Class 6 Maths NCERT book?

Yes, if students study and practice the questions given in the Class 6 Maths NCERT book, it is sufficient and they can score high marks in Class 6 exams. NCERT books are prepared by subject matter experts and are accurate. They follow the latest CBSE guidelines and exam patterns. Students should practice all questions thoroughly. It is important to understand the concepts for scoring high marks in the Maths exam. To check the solutions students can download NCERT Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions on Vedantu for free of cost. 

8. Why should students solve Class 6 Maths NCERT Questions?

Questions given in the Maths NCERT book for Class 6 can help students to practice and understand the concepts. Students can solve Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions and practice all questions from the book. They should understand the concepts and solve questions two or three times to score good marks in their Maths exam. Vedantu provides Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions for the convenience of students. The solutions can help students to practice maths daily.

9. Are NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths provided by Vedantu free of cost?

Yes, NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths provided by Vedantu are free of cost. Students just need to download them on their computers. Visit the page on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths on the Vedantu website ( Click on the chapter you want the solutions for. Solutions are available in Hindi and English medium. Click on the download PDF to download the solutions. You can save them on your computers and refer to them whenever you have doubts or queries. 

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