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ICSE Frank Solutions: Class 9 and Class 10

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Frank Solutions for ICSE Classes 9 and 10 - Free PDF Solutions

Frank Solutions for ICSE Board Classes 9 and 10 curated by Vedantu is one of the best study materials for the students of the ICSE board. The Frank solutions are provided by experts and are available in downloadable PDF format. The solutions pdf contains the exercise questions and examples with their step-wise easy solutions. One of the major benefits of using the ICSE frank solutions pdf by Vedantu is the solutions are written in very simple language.

In this article, we have provided the links to the ICSE frank solutions for classes 9 and 10. We have also included the class 9 and 10 syllabi. Download the PDF and be exam ready with Vedantu!

Syllabus of Class 9 Maths

Mentioned below is the complete syllabus of the class 9 maths syllabus of the ICSE board.

Chapter 1 – Compound Interest

Chapter 2 – Sales Tax and Value Added Tax

Chapter 3 – Banking

Chapter 4 – Shares and Dividends

Chapter 5 – Linear Inequations

Chapter 6 – Quadratic Equations

Chapter 7 – Problems Based On Quadratic Equations

Chapter 8 – Reflection

Chapter 9 – Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 10 – Remainder And Factor Theorems

Chapter 11 – Matrices

Chapter 12 – Distance and Section Formulae

Chapter 13 – Equation of A Straight Line

Chapter 14 – Symmetry

Chapter 15 – Similarity

Chapter 16 – Loci

Chapter 17 – Circles

Chapter 18 – Constructions

Chapter 19 – Mensuration I

Chapter 20 – Mensuration II

Chapter 21 – Trigonometric Identities

Chapter 22 – Heights and Distances

Chapter 23 – Graphical Representations

Chapter 24 – Measures Of Central Tendency

Chapter 25 – Probability

Syllabus of Class 10 Maths

Mentioned below is the complete syllabus of class 10 mathematics.

Chapter 1 – Irrational Numbers

Chapter 2 – Profit, Loss And Discount

Chapter 3 – Compound Interest

Chapter 4 – Expansions

Chapter 5 – Factorisation

Chapter 6 – Changing The Subject Of A Formula

Chapter 7 – Linear Equations

Chapter 8 – Simultaneous Linear Equations

Chapter 9 – Indices

Chapter 10 – Logarithms

Benefits of ICSE Frank Solutions

Mentioned below are some of the key features that help students in preparing for the class 9 and 10 examinations.

  • Expert teachers at Vedantu have curated these answers to help students succeed academically and prepare for exams.

  • The chapter-by-chapter PDF of the solutions is available for students to download and refer to offline.

  • The questions are answered step-by-step with thorough justifications to ensure that students fully grasp the subject.

  • It can help students in the last-minute revision during examinations.

FAQs on ICSE Frank Solutions: Class 9 and Class 10

Q1. How can I access the ICSE Frank Solutions PDF by Vedantu?

Students can download the ICSE Frank Solutions pdf from the official website of Vedantu.

Q2. What chapters are included in the ICSE Frank Solutions PDF?

All the chapters are included in the pdf of Frank solutions provided by Vedantu.

Q3. Is the Frank Solutions PDF Downloadable?

Yes, students can download the Frank solutions pdf from the official website of Vedantu by registering themselves using their mobile number and e-mail address.

Q4. Is Frank the appropriate material for the ICSE?

Frank solutions is the top study guide for ICSE board students. To learn how to solve complex issues quickly, students must solve a lot of problems. Students can obtain solutions for this reason and utilise them to confidently ace the exam.

Q5. What is the key benefit of using the Frank solutions?

The Frank solutions are the best guide and the solutions provided by Vedantu are given in a simple and step-wise manner thus helping students to cover the complete syllabus.