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NCERT Solutions For Class 1 English

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English - Free PDF Download

The Class 1 English subject includes chapters that have interesting stories, fun rhymes, and grammar exercises for the children. The syllabus of Class 1 English has a total of 29 chapters between the two books, Raindrops and Marigold. To complete such big syllabus, students will need some help. Thus, the NCERT Solutions Class 1 English are provided for students to practice and learn the chapter easily. Class 1 is an important standard for students as they are introduced to the English language in a much more detailed manner. The chapters help in improving their English speaking, reading, and writing skills. Apart from that, students can learn a lot about the use of English grammar from these chapters.

The learned faculty members at Vedantu have created the most reliable English notes for Class 1st. Students can download these notes and solutions to aid their preparation strategy for final exams. They can delve deeper into the English chapters present in both books and get valuable insights. The solutions are also helpful when they need to learn the meanings of any difficult word or phrase in English. The Class 1st English Solutions are some of the best study resources that students can rely on. They will be able to tackle the chapters easily and perform better than the rest of the class in their exams.

Detailed Overview of Class 1 English NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 1


Class 1 English

Number of Chapters:

  • Marigold Chapters - 10

  • Marigold Poem - 10

Content Type:

Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

Class 1 English Marigold NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English have been provided for all the chapters. Download free PDFs of these chapter-wise NCERT solutions from the links below.


Class 1 English Poem NCERT Solutions

Here are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English. Download free PDFs of these chapter-wise (Poems) solutions from the links below

English NCERT Solutions for Class 1 is available for:

NCERT Class 1 English Solutions - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions English Class 1

Class 1 English Solutions will provide step-wise answers to all the textbook questions of every story and poem given in the NCERT English book for Class 1. Referring to these Class 1 English NCERT Solutions will help students to understand the stories and poems covered in their syllabus in a comprehensive way. The basic concepts and summaries of the chapters can be understood in a much-clarified manner with the help of these NCERT English Class 1 Solutions. Kids can download and refer to the chapter-wise Class 1 English NCERT Solutions PDF files, for free, from Vedantu to secure good marks in the examination.


NCERT Class 1 English Raindrops Chapter-Wise Details

The NCERT Class 1 English Raindrops Book consists of 9 chapters, most of them being poems and some short stories that little children will find fun to read.

  • Chapter 1: Clap, Clap, Clap – This poem is about actions like clapping, tapping, and jumping. While reciting the poem, it can be a fun activity to perform these actions.

  • Chapter 2: One, two – In this chapter, you will learn about how some numbers rhyme with some animal sounds in the form of a poem.

  • Chapter 3: The Little Bird - This poem is about a girl and a little bird sitting at the window of her room. The girl wants to befriend the bird but the bird might get scared and fly away.

  • Chapter 4: Bubbles – Small children love bubbles and enjoy playing with them. This poem discusses bubbles in a fun way for you to understand.

  • Chapter 5: Chhotu – This is a story about a mouse named Chhotu who never comes home on time, despite his mother asking him to. Eventually, he gets into trouble when a crow picks him up in his beak.

  • Chapter 6: Animals and Birds - This chapter has some pictures of animals and birds. You can identify the pictures from real life and write the names of animals or birds in the provided blank space.

  • Chapter 7: Fruits and Vegetables - In this chapter, you get to learn about different types of vegetables and fruits in the form of pictures. The exercise for this chapter requires you to identify the names of fruits and vegetables from given pictures.

  • Chapter 8: Who Am I? – This chapter is more of an activity for students, who are required to sit in a circle. The teacher calls the student’s name and throws a ball at him/her. When it is your turn, you need to introduce yourself. The exercise for this chapter requires you to trace the dots to complete the alphabets.

  • Chapter 9: Hide and Seek - The final chapter of this book is an interesting story about a Cat called Rani, a dog called Moti, Frog called Happy, Rabbit called Bunny, and two other cats called Jimmy and Rimmy.

NCERT Class 1 English Marigold Chapter-Wise Details

Unit 1

The first unit consists of two chapters. One is ‘A Happy Child’ and the other is ‘Three Little Pigs’. Chapter 1, “A Happy Child”,  is a poem about a child who lives in a little red-coloured house. The second chapter is a story about three little pigs Sonu, Monu, and Gonu who lived in a house made of red bricks. In “A Happy Child”, the child is seen laughing and playing all around the city. The whole day she will laugh and she never cries. The child generally sits under the green tree that is near her house. This tree saves her from the heat of the sun. The NCERT Solutions provide explanations of all the chapters and you can learn from them easily. In the story, three little pigs had to deal with a big cruel pig. The wolf could not break into Gonu’s house because it was very strong and made of bricks. Practice and understand the chapter. Solve the exercise questions using the solutions.

Unit 2

This Unit consists of chapters 3 and 4: ‘After a Bath’, and ‘The Bubble, the Straw, and the Shoe’. “After a Bath” is a poem about a child who tells us what he does after he takes a bath. The second chapter, “The Bubble, the straw and the shoe” is a story about three friends who were passing through the forest one day. In the first chapter “After a Bath”, the child thinks that if he was a dog he could have just shaken and he would get dried. Read the poem and revise multiple times to memorize. Use the solutions for preparing this chapter and maintain separate notes for writing and revising. In the next chapter “bubble, the straw, and the shoe” in this chapter, the three friends were wondering how to cross the river. They decided that they would cross the river with the help of a straw. Solve the exercise questions on a separate note.


Unit 3

This Unit consists of chapters 5 and 6, “One Little Kitten” and “Lalu and Peelu” respectively. ‘One Little Kitten’ is a poem that teaches the names of various animals and numbers in a poetic rhythm. The second chapter, “Lalu and Peelu” is a story about a hen and her two chicks, Lalu and Peelu. Solve all the exercise questions and study the poem. Use the solutions for learning the answers and the chapters. “Lalu and Peelu”, this chapter is about a red and a yellow hen chick. One day Lalu ate chilli and started crying and Peelu came and gave Lalu a yellow laddu to help. Study and learn the chapter properly. Solve all the exercise questions from the Class 1 English solutions. Maintain notes and practice daily.


Unit 4

This Unit consists of chapters 7 and 8. Chapter 7 is “Once I saw a Little Bird” and Chapter 8 is “Mittu and the Yellow Mango”. Chapter 7 is a poem about a boy who sees a little bird sitting at his window. The boy came near the window but the bird flew away. Understand the poem and write a summary in your words. Use separate notes for writing and practising the poem and also you can use these notes for revision purposes. Chapter 8 is about a parrot named Mittu who once saw a yellow mango while he was flying. In this story, a parrot named Mittu, after getting afraid of the crow, so, comes back with an idea. He uses the idea to scare the crow and get the mango. Mittu ate the mango and also scared the crow away. This chapter is important and you need to be through with it. Solve the exercise questions and use the NCERT Class 1 English solutions as a guide. You can also download the 1st standard English Solutions for offline revision. 

Unit 5

This Unit consists of Chapters 9 and 10. Chapter 9 is “Merry-Go-Round” and Chapter 10 is “Circle”. Chapter 9 is a poem about a child who is enjoying swinging on the Merry-go-round. In this poem, the child sits on a brown coloured wooden horse. Do the exercise questions and use the solutions for learning them. Be focused while studying the poem and practice reading as many times as possible. Chapter 10 is about a girl named Mohini and her grandmother. The name of this chapter is Circle. Mohini sits with her grandmother and she teaches her how to draw circles. Then her grandmother asks her to make things in the shape of circles. This chapter is important and you need to study it. Prepare all the exercise questions too. 


Unit 6

This Unit consists of chapters 11, 12, and 13. Chapter 11 is “If I were an Apple”, in this poem the boy thought that if he were an apple then he could swing all day. He also wishes that he falls for a nice boy. Study the poem and solve all the exercise questions. Chapter 12 is “Our Tree”. This poem is about a tree. The poem talks about how a bird eats fruit and drops the seed which later gets water from the rain and grows. This poem is very important in your Class 1 English. Practice all the exercise questions and use the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English revision. Chapter 13 is “Murali’s Mango tree”. Chapter 11 is a poem about a little boy who thinks that if he were an apple then he would not have liked swinging on the tree. Chapter 12 is also a poem that is based on a tree. Chapter 13 is about a man named Murali who ate a mango one day.


Unit 7

This Unit consists of chapters 14 and 15. Chapter 14 is “A Kite” and chapter 15 is “Sundari”. A kite is a poem about a child who wishes to become a kite and fly in the air. Chapter 15 “Sundari” is a story about a big colourful kite named Sundari made by a boy named Bobby. Bobby flew the kite higher and higher and at last, he had to leave it and let it go. Study and revise the exercise questions and read the story properly. Use the 1st Class English solutions for better learning.


Unit 8

This Unit consists of chapter 16 and chapter 17: “A Little Turtle” and “The Tiger and the Mosquito” respectively. Chapter 16 is a poem about a little turtle that moves very slowly. Chapter 17 is a story about a mosquito and a tiger.


Unit 9

This Unit consists of chapters 18 and 19. Chapter 18 is “Clouds” and chapter 19 is “Anandi’s rainbow”. Chapter 18 is a poem that is regarding a hot day when the sky was looking blue and everybody was waiting for rain. Chapter 19 is a story about a girl named Anandi who was sleeping and dreaming of the rainbow.


Unit 10

This Unit consists of the last two chapters of the Class 1 NCERT English book, chapters 20 and 21. Chapter 20 is “Flying Man” and chapter 21 is “The Tailor and his friend”.

The NCERT English Class 1 Solutions provide explanations for all the chapters and solutions for the exercise questions. You can download PDF chapter-wise and learn from them.


Class 1 English Chapter - Wise Marks Weightage

All the chapters from 1 to 21 are extremely important. All of them carry the same marks weightage. Hence it is advisable not to study selective chapters for examination and rather study all the chapters from the book with an equal amount of attention and effort.

Benefits of Downloading Class 1 NCERT English Book Answers

NCERT Solutions provide a strong base to the students in the subject of English. We suggest that you download the Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 1 English to make sure that your preparation is completely done for the exams. The following benefits are provided to the students who rely on NCERT Solutions for the Class 1 English subject.

  • The experts at Vedantu have made sure to use easy-to-understand language for explaining the chapters in detail. Thus, students will be able to gain a complete view of all the chapters and understand the meaning of the lessons easily. This will also help them in formulating the answers to questions that might seem a bit challenging.

  • These solutions have been created by expert faculty members on the basis of CBSE guidelines. For students, this is nothing less than a plus point because they can figure out the exam pattern and answering format easily by practising these questions and answers.

  • If you want to make sure that your doubts are clarified about the chapters of English, you can take help from the notes and solutions here at Vedantu. These solutions provide a great base for identifying and correcting mistakes in your own answers.

  • The solutions from Vedantu have been explained in detail and prove to be helpful study resources. Students can easily improve their speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension skills with these solutions. They can boost their overall knowledge of the English subject in the most effective way.

Important Related Links for NCERT Class 1 English

Ensure Better Preparation With NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English PDF Download

Do you want to score good marks in Class 1 English final exams? Head on to the website of Vedantu and download the notes and solutions for Class 1 English right now. By referring to these solutions, one can definitely guarantee a better grasp of the English language.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 1 English

1. How will NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Help me?

The NCERT Solutions will help you get a precise understanding of all the chapters along with solved exercises. The questions are solved in an easy to understand language, so you will be able grasp things quickly. Since these solutions are based on the CBSE Syllabus, learning them will help you score good marks in your exam.

2. Are NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Reliable?

Yes, the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English on Vedantu are very reliable because these are prepared by experienced teachers in an easy-to-understand language according to the CBSE guidelines. Not just that, every important concept is thoroughly explained in these solutions. It is more than reliable enough to use for preparation and revision purposes 

3. How do you teach English to Class 1 students?

Teaching languages to Class 1 students can be an ardent task. However, the NCERT syllabus is designed to familiarize the students with the English language in an uncomplicated and effortless way. Parents and teachers should follow the NCERT syllabus for Class 1 as the core study material to make it easy for students to acquaint the child with the basics of the English language. NCERT Solutions for the English syllabus by Vedantu can also be used for simple and comprehensive answers.

4. How many subjects are there in Class 1?

There are three subjects in Class 1. Vedantu provides solutions for the Class 1 NCERT syllabus for English, Mathematics, and Hindi. All the solutions have been explained in easy language and offer an in-depth understanding of concepts. These solutions are created by subject matter experts, making them accurate and according to the CBSE guidelines. The solutions PDF can be downloaded from the website as well as the Vedantu app free of cost.

5. Why did Bobby call his kite Sundari?

Bobby loved kites. He made a very big kite in mesmerizing colors of red, white, and blue. Bobby was so bedazzled by the beauty of the smiling kite that he called the kite "Sundari." "Sundari" is the Hindi word for beautiful. 

6. Are Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English effective for young students?

The expert professionals at Vedantu carefully curate age-appropriate solutions keeping in mind the students. The solutions provided by Vedantu explain the answers in the simplest language for Class 1 students. These solutions are as per CBSE guidelines and will help young students in their studies.  The solutions PDF can be downloaded from the website as well as the Vedantu app free of cost.

7. What is the syllabus of Class 1?

Here is a list of the syllabus for Class 1 for various subjects:

Mathematics: The syllabus consists of 13 units comprising different topics. You can find the complete list of chapters on the page NCERT Class 1 Maths book.

English: Syllabus consists of two books, namely “Marigold” and “Raindrops”. You can find the complete list of chapters by clicking on the link NCERT Class 1 book English. You can also find the solutions for “Marigold,” NCERT Class 1 English Solutions.  

Hindi: Syllabus contains a total of 23 units for Class 1. You can find the complete list of chapters of NCERT Class 1 Hindi book here.