NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English

English Class 1 NCERT Solutions

English is followed as the first language in most schools under the CBSE board. That is why it is crucial for students to develop good writing and writing skills of this subject right at the beginning of their academic life. Unless students develop a good grammatical base and proper comprehension knowledge of the subject, it can become difficult for them to keep up in the higher classes.

The CBSE NCERT solutions Class 1 English cover different types of exercises, with both short and long type questions. Our experts take it in their stead to make solutions streamlined and easy for students to understand. Additionally, going through these CBSE NCERT solutions can help them to assess better about their preparation for the upcoming examinations.

So to gain an in-depth knowledge of this subject, go through the NCERT solutions online after reading each chapter carefully. Also, since students can avail the facility of NCERT solutions download on their mobile devices, they can study them on the go. So avail our NCERT solutions PDF today and pave the way to get better grades in an upcoming examination.

Following are the chapters of two English books- Marigold and Raindrops, for which students can avail the Class 1 English NCERT solutions.


Unit 1- 

A Happy Child:

This poem talks about the simplicity of a child and how he finds happiness in every small thing around him. Looking through the CBSE NCERT solutions Class 1 English can help pupils understand it better.

Three Little Pigs:

This is a classic poem about three little pigs and a big bad wolf with a moral at the end. Referring to the CBSE NCERT solutions Class 1 English will help students solve the questions effectively.

Unit 2

After a Bath:

The poem talks about the thoughts of a little boy while he is drying himself after taking a bath. He imagines how easier it would have been if he was a dog.

The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe:

This is a funny little story about a bubble, straw and shoe that are on a journey together and have to cross a river to continue. The story then talks about the ensuing shenanigans. 

Unit 3

One Little Kitten:

This is a story of a tiny kitten growing up among different animals. After reading this chapter, refer to the NCERT solutions online to understand it better.

Laalu and Peelu:

This is a small story about a mother Hen and her two little chicks named Laalu and Peelu. There are exercises with pictures at the end of the story which students can solve with the help of NCERT textbook solution for class 1 English.

Unit 4

Once I Saw a Little Bird:

This is a short poem about a boy and a little bird. It talks about how a bird accidentally flies into a room, and as it is about to fly away, a boy spots it and asks it to stay with him.

Mittu and the Yellow Mango:

This is a tale recounting the conversation between a parrot and a crow regarding a mango. Check the NCERT solutions PDF to perform, better in the upcoming examinations!

Unit 5

Merry Go Round:

This chapter contains a poem which describes the joy a child experiences while riding a merry go round in a fair. 


Circle is a story about a little girl and her grandmother as they sit and draw various shapes together. Go through the free NCERT solution for class 1 English to know how to frame answers for the exams.

Unit 6

If I Were an Apple:

This poem talks about a boy imagining himself as an apple and how he would fall on the head of a passer-by instead of staying up on the tree.

Our Tree

Our tree is the poem of how a tree grows and the joy it imparts to its surrounding. To understand more about the poem, refer to the CBSE NCERT solutions class 1 English.

Unit 7

A Kite:

In this poem, a child compares himself to a kite and imagines flying away with the breeze. After reading the story, check the NCERT textbook solution for class 1 English to understand it better.


In the story Sundari, students will learn about a boy named Bobby and his kite named Sundari. It talks about how Sundari tugs out of Bobby’s hand in a fair and flies up high in the sky. 

Unit 8

A Little Turtle:

This is a poem about a turtle and how he carries his bed (his shell) on his back, everywhere he goes. 

The Tiger and the Mosquito:

This story presents an analogy of how even the littlest of creatures have their strengths and can defeat the mighty. 

Unit 9


‘Clouds’ is a poem which reminds students about the blessings that clouds bring. They provide shade and bring rainfall on hot sultry days, thus providing respite. Check the CBSE NCERT solutions class 1 English to understand the poem even better.

Anandi’s Rainbow: 

This chapter is a story about a little girl Anandi and how she imagines colouring her surrounding using the colours from a rainbow. 

Unit 10

Flying Man:

This is a tale about a little boy and a flying man. The boy wishes to be like the flying man so that he can fly and explore the world around him.

The Tailor and His Friend:

This is a story about a tailor named Kalu and his elephant Appu. It talks about their friendship and the mischiefs they plan on each other.

Check out the solutions as per the latest CBSE NCERT solutions Class 1 English and get an idea about the impending examination questionnaire.


Raindrops, like Marigold, consists of both poems and proses. Each of these chapters come with exercises at the end, which consists of various short and long answer questions, picture and grammar questions, etc. By checking the NCERT class 1 English solution for these questions, pupils can frame answers for each type of question and prepare well for an upcoming exam. Also, they can improve their reading and writing skills with these solutions. Below is a list of the chapters in this book:

Chapter 1: Clap, Clap, Clap

Chapter 2: One, Two

Chapter 3: The Little Bird

Chapter 4: Bubbles

Chapter 5: Chhotu

Chapter 6: Animals and Birds

Chapter 7: Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 8: Who Am I?

Chapter 9: Hide and Seek

English NCERT Solutions for Class 1 is available for:

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