NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi

At Vedantu, you will find the solution to all your homework and exam related queries and will learn the art of answering questions in a better way. By practising our NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 Hindi frequently, you will learn about the chapters in details. At the same time, you will be able to answer complicated questions with ease. 

You can download our NCERT solutions online and refer them to improve your experience of learning. The primary aim of these solutions is to equip students with proper study material for exam preparation. We try to do our best for the same by offering you access to free NCERT solutions PDF. Clear your concept about each chapter by practising the exercises and seek the assistance of our book solution to excel at it.

With our CBSE NCERT solutions, students will not only learn about the chapters in a newer light but will also understand how to answer the given questions correctly. By accessing our e-learning platform, students will gain access to the valuable teachings of our experienced faculties, which will ease your worries as a parent as well.

If you find the subject Hindi hard or tend to face any problem while doing homework, you can avail our NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 Hindi. The fact that NCERT solutions download is available for free and can be accessed without registering makes them even more feasible for you.  

Here is the list of Hindi chapters that are included in the latest CBSE Board curriculum and also included in our CBSE NCERT solutions.

Chapter 1: Kakku

The poem accounts the importance of one’s name. Find answers to this fun chapter by referring to our NCERT textbook solution for class 3 Hindi that makes learning interesting. 

Chapter 2: Shekibaz Makhi

The chapter is a fable that narrates the tale of Lion, the King of the Jungle, and Makhi. Grasp most of this chapter by referring to Class 3 Hindi NCERT solutions and practising them daily. 

Chapter 3: Chand Vali Amma

Want to score high in Hindi? Download and refer to NCERT solutions PDF and improve your scores in every exam. Learn how to answer the questions of this story about old Amma and her daily banters with Aasman to score better. 

Chapter 4: Maan Karta Hai

The poem urges the youth to dream in life. Students can access the free download PDF version of the NCERT Class 3 Hindi solution and learn how to answer reference to the context better for poems.

Chapter 5: Bhadur Bitoo

This interesting story highlights the importance of being strong and brave through the anecdote of Bitoo, a brave woman. Also, learn how you can score high with the textbook solution offered by us at Vedantu to fare well in the exam.

Chapter 6: Humse Sab Kehte

The fascinating poem talks about nature and how it doesn’t follow any restrictions, unlike human beings. Learn more about this chapter by accessing the free NCERT solution for Class 3 Hindi and improve your scope of understanding.

Chapter 7: Tipatipava

The story explores the bond of a young boy with his grandmother and the charm of her bedtime stories. Avail NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 Hindi to be able to answer your overall Hindi curriculum.

Chapter 8: Bandar Baant

This funny story revolves around two hungry cats and their fight over a chapati. For students seeking to score better in the exam, our updated solutions as per 2019-20 curriculum will help to learn faster and score better. 

Chapter 9: Kab Aau

The story talks about Avanti, a talented craftsman and how he dealt with a shrewd Seth. Learn the technique of using to the point answers by following the latest NCERT solutions Class 3 Hindi. 

Chapter 10: Kyu Jimal Aur Kese Kisliya

The quirky poem highlights why one should not ask too many questions from elders. However, if you have any questions regarding this particular chapter, make sure to refer to Hindi NCERT solutions online and clear all your doubts. 

Chapter 11: Mira Bhen Aur Bagh

CBSE NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi will offer a better understanding of how to answer questions in brief but with all the key points. Refer to the NCERT solutions PDF to learn how to answer questions about the story of Mira and her regards for Gandhian ideologies. 

Chapter 12: Jab Mujhe Saanp Ne Kata

The story highlights all the chaos that surrounds a boy and his apparent snake bite. Unlike the people in the story, get your confusions cleared by practising with the CBSE NCERT solutions for Class 3 Hindi regularly.

Chapter 13: Mirch Ka Maza

The poem narrates a funny anecdote, where a Kabuliwala mistakes red chilli as a fruit because of the language barrier. Students may avail our NCERT solutions PDF and learn the meanings of difficult words and how to use them in their answers.  

Chapter 14: Sabse Acha Pedh

The chapter narrates the story of three brothers and their experience with a mango tree, while they were looking for a house. Our NCERT textbook solution for Class 3 Hindi will meet your various requirements when it comes to learning the same.

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