NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English

Class 4 English NCERT Solutions

NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 English provides a solution for all units of English chapters present in the book ‘Marigold’. By combining quality teaching and superior technology, we, at Vedantu, create an exceptional learning experience for all students. Students can easily download this and refer to the NCERT solutions PDF, which is available online, to develop a better grip on the topics.

At Vedantu, we provide CBSE NCERT solutions for all subjects like Maths, English, EVS, and Hindi to help students in their day-to-day learning and excel in their exams. They are of great support for them in case of any issue while preparing for an upcoming examination. The best part is that the NCERT solutions PDF provided by us can be downloaded without any registration fee. 

All the updated solutions as per 2019-20 curriculum are currently available for all subjects. Students can access all previous years question papers from us, which can provide them the idea of question pattern. These are coupled with mock tests that will help students stay prepared and hence, fetch better marks in their exams. 

Our experts have formulated these solutions in such a way that it provides detailed information regarding every chapter. Pupils can easily avail the NCERT solutions online for reference, or they can opt for the NCERT solutions download for referring later.

Here is an overall syllabus of Class 4 English that will give students a better idea about the topic covered in our solutions and hence prepare a strategic approach to complete the same before an exam -

Unit 1

Chapter 1: Wake Up!

Written by Ajim Prem Ji, this poem attracts us towards the scenic beauty of nature and advises us to wake up early and enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It is an attempt to encourage the students to rise early, and hence, the poet paints the picturesque landscape via his words. 

Chapter 2: Neha's Alarm Clock

This story revolves around a girl, Neha, who wishes to sleep for long and stop her alarm clock from ringing. The rest of the story unfurls the mystery of whether her wish comes true or not. 

Unit 2

Chapter 3: Noses

This poem describes our nose from a different perspective. It is a metaphor symbolising how a single thing appears different, considering the varying viewpoints or perspectives. Latest NCERT solutions Class 4 English can provide Students with the proper guideline to gather a better understanding of this.

Chapter 4: The little fir tree

NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 English provides all the solution to queries for the section of a little fir tree. 

Unit 3

Chapter 5: Run!

It is written by the famous author Mary Daunt. The whole idea of this poem is to stay happy in every situation and explore the beauty of nature. Students can refer to our NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 English to seek help regarding its questions and answers.

Chapter 6: Nasruddin's Aim

This chapter teaches us the fact that practice makes a man perfect and proper concentration can lead to perfection through the story of a boy named Nasruddin. Our free NCERT solution for Class 4 English helps pupils develop a better understanding of the chapter and guides them through with the stipulated question and answers are given at the back of the chapter.

Unit 4

Chapter 7: Why?

The poem represents the story of a curious little boy who wants to know everything. He wants to know the reason why the sun shines, and the wind blows. CBSE NCERT solutions Class 4 English provides students with an insight into this thought-provoking poem.

Chapter 8: Alice in the Wonderland

The eighth chapter of NCERT Class 4 English solution provides answers to the story which revolves around a girl named Alice. It portrays different adventures and problems faced by her as well as their solutions.

Unit 5

Chapter 9: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Written by Ruskin Bond, the poem teaches the students not to be afraid of the dark and the moon and stars always shining in the night sky to provide us light. Students can always refer to our NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 English to derive an in-depth idea regarding the same.

Chapter 10: Helen Keller

The story revolves around a girl named Helen, who was born in a small town who lost her ability to see and hear, but her teacher helped her see the world differently.

Unit 6

Chapter 11: The Donkey

A story by Margaret S. Russell, it talks about the compassionate bonding between a little girl and her donkey. It shows how eager the girl is to let her pet stay pleased by being willing to feed it the favourite meal. Our NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 English is an excellent guide for the questions set on this chapter and hence, prepares students better for their upcoming exams.

Chapter 12: I had a little pony

This poem describes the story of a little girl who had a pony named Dapple Grey that was ill-treated by a lady. Following this, she decides never to lend her pony to anyone.

Chapter 13: The Milkman's Cow 

The story shows the cleverness of a boy who was successful in shifting a cow from the middle of a road. Considering that the story has an intriguing plot, readers are drawn to it. Our NCERT textbook solution for Class 4 English provides students with a complete guide in a sequential manner.

Unit 7

Chapter 14: Hiawatha

Composed by H.W Longfellow, this poem revolves around a Red Indian boy named Hiawatha who was able to talk with birds and animals and loved his old grandmother, Nokomis.

Chapter 15: The Scholar's Mother Tongue

Our free NCERT solutions for Class 4 English provide a complete guide on a story that is centred on how Birbal successfully tricked a multilingual scholar and came to know his actual mother tongue.

Unit 8

Chapter 16: A Watering Rhyme

In this poem, the poet describes the best time to water flowers and also suggest soaking the soil around flowers to ensure an endless water supply.

Chapter 17: The Giving Tree

This poem focuses on spreading the awareness of planting trees to maintain the ecological balance and also provide us with oxygen, which is essential for our survival.

Unit 9

Chapter 18: Books

In this poem, the poet describes the variety of books available in the library and recommends reading books regularly. It would surely motivate the readers to develop the creative habit of reading books at leisure. 

Chapter 19: Going to buy a book 

To score high in chapter nineteen, students can refer to Class 4 English NCERT Solutions which provide a complete guide about a book buying process in this chapter.

Unit 10

Chapter 20: The Naughty Boy

This poem talks about a naughty boy who ran away to Scotland and observed that all things are identical to those present in England, from where he belongs. 

Chapter 21: Pinocchio

This story revolves around a wooden puppet named Pinocchio, shaped by an old carpenter. His nose grew longer every time he told a lie. Pupils can free download PDF available for reference.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English

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