NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi

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Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions - Free PDF Download

Understanding the fundamentals of Hindi poems can prove to be difficult. This is where the PDFs of Vedantu can be effectively utilized. Vedantu has come up with solutions for Hindi Class 11th as well. There are different types of chapters in Class 11 Hindi syllabus that can be difficult for students to understand. The NCERT Solutions Class 11 Hindi makes it easy for students to comprehend and understand the chapters. The NCERT Solutions Class 11 Hindi PDF files are available in a chapter-wise manner on Vedantu, and can be downloaded for free.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How will you describe the protagonist of the story? What qualities inspire you?

The protagonist of the story, Munshi Bansidhar has a variety of characteristics that are appeasing. Coming from a family that is already in debts, it is easy to feel like money is the most important element. Even when the rich landlords as we see, out of greed, indulge themselves in corruption. Munshi Bansidhar on the other hand gets his job as a Salt Inspector and decides to stick to his job along with his ethics. One can easily sway away in this materialistic world but he does not turn away from his honesty even when his family also is against this. The landlord attempting to break him by not letting him work also does not waiver his confidence. These qualities are the most inspirational. 

2. Opine: Munshi Premchand’s writing style.

Munshi Premchand is one of the well-known writers of his time and has stayed alive in the form of his writings beyond his time. His writing style is not complicated or adorned with difficult words. Rather it is simple to understand. It is also observed that his story caters to the economical class that may not be doing very well.  In his story ‘Eidgah’, we see that the story not only speaks about a certain class but highlights their morals. Here we see the moral of honesty upheld by Munshi Bansidhar despite his circumstances. In Eidgah, the orphan Hamid, who is barely 4 years old, does not spend money on himself during the fair. Rather he chooses to buy tongs for his grandmother.  It is also seen that Munshi Premchand’s stories often touch the audience emotionally. 

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