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JEE Advanced Answer Keys 2024

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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Download IIT JEE Advanced Official Answer Keys

The final phase to fulfil your dream of being an IITian is approaching soon.

The registration for JEE Advanced 2023 was from 30th April 2023 to 7th May. Only the top 2,50,000 qualified examinees of JEE Main 2023 were able to appear in JEE Advanced 2023.

The test was organised in two shifts – Paper 1 from (9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon) and Paper 2 from (2:30 PM to 5:30 PM). This time, the JEE Advanced 2023 exam was held in a full computer-based mode. Authorities have released the JEE Advanced answer key on 11th June 2023 and the final answer key on 18 June 2023.

Answer key essentially helps in assessing your results before the final declaration. The JEE Advanced answer keys will be available separately for both papers in a PDF format at the official website (

Below are some important dates related to JEE Advanced answer key 2023. It’s advisable to go through this table for your own convenience:




Official DATES (2023)


Copy of candidate responses 

9 June 2023


JEE Advanced 2023 answer key display

11 June 2023


Start date of challenging JEE Advanced answer key 2023

11 June 2023


Last date to challenge JEE advance answer key

12 June 2023


Declaration of JEE Advanced results 2023

18 June 2023


What Is the Process of Downloading JEE Advanced 2023 Answer Key?

Applicants need to follow the below procedure for downloading JEE Advanced answer key of 2023:

Step 1: Candidates need to visit the direct links or 

Step 2: Click on the relevant tab to open the official answer key released. This takes one to the login page.

Step 3: Submit the essential details as required like Date of Birth, registration number, etc. Once done, the answer key will appear.

Step 4: Download it or check it out from there directly. Note that the answer key for JEE Advanced is available provided as a PDF file.

With the answer key, candidates can estimate their probable ranks and precise knowledge regarding their chances of getting into an esteemed college in the country. It is recommended to take a printout for any further queries or issues.

Now, after downloading JEE Advanced official answer key 2023, if any applicant wishes to challenge the answer key, he or she needs to follow some significant steps. Below are the 3 necessary steps which a candidate needs to know before proceeding to challenge the answer key.


JEE Advanced Answer Key 2023: The Process to Challenge

The procedure to be followed for challenging the answer key is as follows:

  • If there are any issues with the JEE Advanced answer key, then candidates need to challenge it by sharing their feedback at

  • The applicants need to select the question ID having the error.

  • For every question challenged, one needs to pay Rs. 500/-.



This Rs. 500 amount is refundable only if authorities who are responsible for checking the answer key find out that the challenge you have raised is legal or if there are any legitimate issues on the JEE Advance primary answer key.

The JEE Advanced answer key is a significant source to help you determine your rank. So, it’s better to clear issues if you are sure about it.

Guiding Champions: Vedantu's Role in JEE Advanced Accomplishments

IIT Guwahati held the JEE Advanced Exam on June 4, 2023. The most awaited results of JEE Advanced 2023 were released on June 18, 2023. The JEE Advanced success story of Vedantu is a testament to the power of technology, personalised learning, and the unyielding spirit of students. It signifies a paradigm shift in education, demonstrating that goals are attainable with the right tools and guidance.

1.9 Million students were signed up for the JEE Advanced Exam 2023. Among these, over 1000 students from Vedantu cleared the Exam. 

Here are the extraordinary results of Vedantu in the JEE Advanced 2023:


No. Of Qualified Students From Vedantu

Top 200


Top 500


Top 1000


Top 5000


Top 10000


Top 20000


FAQs on JEE Advanced Answer Keys 2024

1. When will JEE Advanced answer key date of paper I and II be announced?

The answer key of paper I and II of the JEE Advanced 2023 exam will be declared on 11 June 2023. The final key and results will be announced on 18 June 2023.

2. What should I do if there are any problems with the answer sheet?

If a candidate finds any error with the JEE Advanced official answer key, then he can challenge it in the above-mentioned procedure within a specific period of time.

3. Will I be benefited if I challenge JEE Advanced official answer key?

Yes! The answer key will first be carefully inspected for the objection you have raised. If an issue has been discovered, it will be rectified by the authorities responsible for it.

4. When is the date to challenge the answer key for papers (I & II)?

The window to challenge JEE Advanced answer key for both the papers will be available from 11-12 June 2023. Do note that once the deadline passes, you won’t get another chance to raise your doubt. So, follow the above-mentioned points in case there are issues or doubts with the JEE Advanced official answer keys.


The JEE Advanced results will be declared on 18 June 2023. JEE Advanced answer key will give a candidate the make or break opportunity to get through to the most reputed institutes, the IITs, in this country.