ICSE and ISC Sample Papers for Class 6 to 12 - All Subjects (2019-2020)

ICSE and ISC Sample Question Papers with Solutions for Class 6 to 12 - All Subjects

ICSE Sample Papers for class 6 to 10 with solutions

Students’ confidence is built gradually when they perform well in their academics. In order to do that, their preparation for exams should have specific strategies. Every year and stage of a student is equally important and should not be neglected at any cost regardless of the grade he or she is in. In ICSE board, referring to sample papers are a great source if you are planning to excel in your studies. This will prepare students’ minds for the level of difficulty they can expect in the exam. One must always prepare themselves before they attempt the exam to perform well. We at Vedantu provide the ICSE sample papers class 6 to 10 to help the students in their preparation and be a part in their success journey. These sample paper assist the students to understand the type of questions they can expect in their exam, make them familiar with the exam pattern and give an insight on the topics they need to study for the examination. 

ISC Sample Papers for class 11 to 12 with solutions

As students move to higher grades, reading only the textbooks will not be sufficient. The syllabus only gets extended and makes it hard for the students to comprehend which are the most important topics. Especially when the students are preparing for competitive exams, it is tedious for them. This is when the sample papers play a major role. ISC sample paper class 11-12 can help the students in numerous ways. One can perform better in their Class 11 and 12 when they refer to the sample paper as it gives them an idea on the important and necessary topics that they have to pay more attention to. When they solve the sample papers, students can analyse their performance and can work on their weak areas accordingly. This will indeed build their confidence level and help them to take up more challenges. 

You will find the sample papers of all the classes here. Download them and get access to the detailed solution of all the sample papers.