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Frank ICSE Biology Class 9 Solutions 2023-24

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Frank ICSE Biology Solution Textbook Preview

Class 9's one of the core and top-scoring subjects is Biology. Frank Textbook is the ideal mentor for resolving challenging syllabus questions. The solutions, which were created by subject-matter specialists, are a crucial tool for finishing your homework and getting ready for an exam. Now that you have access to these chapter-by-chapter reference solutions, which offer conceptual clarity, you can concentrate on getting better grades.

The book has more than 20 chapters, making it extremely challenging for students to learn, comprehend the topic, and practice the solutions all at once. Frank Biology Class 9 Solution will help the students conceptualise these activities more readily as a result.

Chapter List in Frank Solution

  1. An Introduction

  2. Being Active- What is its meaning?

  3. The Cell- A unit of life

  4. Tissues

  5. Vegetative propagation

  6. Biotechnology application

  7. Flowers

  8. Pollination & fertilisation

  9. Seeds: structure & germination

  10. Respiration in plants

  11. Understanding Ecosystem

  12. Interactive between biotic & abiotic factors in ecosystem

  13. Diversity of life & classification

  14. Bacteria & fungi: their importance

  15. Nutrition in man

  16. Digestive system

  17. The skeletal system

  18. Structure & function of skin

  19. Respiratory system

  20. Health: cause of diseases

  21. Health: personal & social

  22. Source of waste

  23. Safe disposal of waste

Topics Covered in Detail from Frank Solution

Chapter Number

Chapter Name

Chapter in Detail

An Introduction

The chapter focuses mostly on the benefits of learning Biology. Students will learn about the subject’s different branches and recently developed topics in this chapter.


Being Active- What is its meaning?

It distinguishes between catabolic and anabolic processes. Use our textbook solution to learn about topics like digestion, movement, reproduction, nutrition, and more. With appropriate examples, the idea of living versus non-living objects will be easier for you to understand. The frank solution from vedantu will be quite helpful for last minute revision.


The Cell- A unit of life

Become familiar with eukaryotes and prokaryotes to better understand the world of cells. Learn the basics of cell theory and the distinctions between the cell wall and the cell membrane. 



A permanent tissue is what? What elements make up a phloem? Make sense of ideas like these by applying Frank solutions. Students can quickly review more ideas like meristematic tissue, parenchyma, organelle, ligament, lymph, and more with the aid. 


Vegetative Propagation

Discover the many artificial vegetative propagation methods, including layering, cutting, grafting, and budding. Recognize the importance of plant hybridization from a business perspective.


Biotechnology Application

Find out how bacteria are used in the processing of food. From Frank textbook solutions to re-evaluate the function of biofertilizers. Learn how vaccinations, diagnostic tools, and other medical advances have benefited from biotechnology.



It enlightens the development of various floral components. Review the various floral types, including epigynous, hypogynous, and perigynous flowers. Additionally,it makes you familiar with the differences between ray and disc florets.


Pollination & Fertilisation

To review pollination and the types of pollination. Understand the distinction between cross-pollination and self-pollination. Using  Frank Biology textbook solutions you can  learn about pollination plant adaptations. Study the salvia pollination process as well.


Seeds: Structure & Germination 

What does the term "hypogeal germination" mean? What would be the best way to describe how cotyledons work?. Find out more about the three-bean experiment's specifics and importance of it.


Respiration in Plants

What distinguishes photosynthesis from plant respiration? Learn crucial ideas in Chapter 10 to comprehend plant respiration, including aerobic respiration, combustion, glycolysis, photosynthesis, and more. Reconsider the role of the Krebs cycle in the investigation of plant respiration.


Understanding EcoSystem

To comprehend the properties of forests, you have studied abiotic and biotic components. Use our Frank solutions to practice these responses and more. This chapter also covers other significant subjects, such as aquatic ecology, tropical rainforests, and forest biomes.


Interactive Between Biotic & Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem

Learn about the food chain, the food web, the biotic and abiotic elements, and more. For information on subjects like the energy pyramid, atmospheric gases, and more, read our Frank solutions.


Diversity of Life & Classification

Examine the classes of chordates using the illustrations and explanations provided by knowledgeable biologists. Review the animal phyla, including those of the scorpion, leech, and hydra.


Bacteria & Fungi: Their Importance

Learn to describe the bacterial morphology and rhizopus structure. You can learn more about the value of fungi as a food source and in the study of medicine by reading the chapter solutions.


Nutrition in Man

Study the subjects presented in this chapter to gain an understanding of how nutrients affect human life.  Questions about sources of vitamins, carbs, and other crucial nutrients. Update words like "scavenger," "carnivore," "herbivore," and more.


Digestive System

Learn how the human body breaks down food. How the pancreatic juice promotes the breakdown of proteins, carbs, and lipids. Additionally, update your knowledge of how the human body digests starch.


The Skeletal System

Student can find the answers to skeleton-related questions like "which is the longest bone?" or "which is the tiniest bone?" The chapter also aids in your review of the various spinal column segments.


Structure & Function of Skin

Students can comprehend the numerous roles played by the layers of skin that are present on the human body. In this chapter, you can learn about soles, keratin, the epidermis, melanin, and other topics linked to the skin. Also, practise the multiple-choice questions focused on the structure of the skin.


Respiratory System

Review the definitions of eupnea, apnea, the sneeze reflex, and more. Learn about the respiratory quotient idea. Understand more about the roles of the larynx, alveoli, cartilaginous rings, and more.


Health: Cause of Disease

This chapter will broaden your knowledge about many diseases, their causes, and methods of prevention and treatment. Find  the origins of various diseases . With material on communicable diseases, epidemic diseases, pathogens, pandemic diseases, and more.


Health: Personal & Social

Discover and learn about examples of residential and commercial garbage. Find how to make it easier to comprehend how a sewage system operates. Discover more about the effects of sewage on the ecosystem.


Sources of Waste

Discover and learn about examples of residential and commercial garbage. Find how to make it easier to comprehend how a sewage system operates. Discover more about the effects of sewage on the ecosystem.


Safe Disposal of Waste

Learn about the advantages of composting and environmentally responsible ways to dispose of waste. Find out how to treat sewage water and why segregation is important. You may learn about the many ways to dispose of liquid wastes and kitchen wastes.

Why is It Important to Use Frank Solution for ICSE Class 9 Biology?

The Biology curriculum for ICSE Class 9 is extensive and covers several significant topics, including respiration, health, nutrition, and biotechnology. One of the top Biology revision books utilised by ICSE students is Frank's textbook. Vedantu offers Frank solutions to give you more assurance during revision since the solutions were created by our topic specialists.

Try To Solve Some Questions From the Frank Textbook

Multiple Choice Questions( MCQ):

1. The part of the flower that gives rise to the food is____.

a. Sepal

b. Petal

c. Stemen

d. Ovary

Solution: d. Ovary

2. Which of the following is found in both cells of a mango plant and monkey?

a. Chloroplasts

b. Centrioles

c. Cell wall

d. Cell membrane

Solution: d. Cell membrane

3. Exine and intine are the parts of:

a. Embryo sac

b. Pollen grain

c. Stigma

d. Seeds

Solution: b. Pollen grain

4. Marasmus is due to deficiency of

a. Vitamin C

b. Food

c. Fat

d. Carbohydrates, fats & protein

Solution: d. Carbohydrates, fats & proteins

5. Write the overall chemical equation for the respiratory system.

a. C6H12O6 + 6O2→ 6CO2 + 6H2

b. C4H10O6+ 5O→ 5CO4 + 6H2O

c. C8H15O5+ 4O→ 6C03 + 4H4O

d. C2H16O5+ 4O→ 7CO2+ 4H2O

Solution: A. C6H12O6 + 6O2→ 6CO2 + 6H2O

6. Your external ear(pinna) is supported by:

a. Bone

b. Cartilage

c. Tendon

d. Capsule

Solution: b. Cartilage

7. The type of joints found at shoulders are also found in:

a. Elbow

b. Knee

c. Ankle 

d. Hip

Solution: d. Hip

8. “T” in DTP stands for

a. Tuberculosis

b. Typhoid

c. Tetanus

d. Tonsillitis

Solution: c. Tetanus

9. World Health is celebrated on:

a. April 7

b. February 21

c. October 10

d. January 15 

Solution: a. April 7

10. The water from the digested food in mainly absorbed by

a. Stomach

b. Duodenum

c. Colon

d. Rectum

Solution: c. Colon 


We hope the information presented in this article will help you understand chapter by chapter and section wise and necessary material has been covered for the Class 9 Biology syllabus.

Following Vedantu is one way to learn more details. When you are finished with the solutions, continue to exercise your memory as much as you can. The more questions you can correctly answer, the higher your score will be!

FAQs on Frank ICSE Biology Class 9 Solutions 2023-24

1. Where is the human salivary gland found?

The majority are located in the cheeks, nose, sinuses, larynx, roof of the mouth, lining of the lips, tongue, and these areas (voice box).

2. Why is using Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology so important?

Frank Solutions for ICSE Class 9 Biology has the following benefits:

  • Frank Solutions is a world-class ICSE Class 9 Biology curriculum that has been designed by experienced educators. This book covers all the essential topics in Biology, including Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, and Phylogenetics.

  • The unique approach taken by Frank Solutions allows students to gain mastery over these complex concepts through engaging and interactive learning modules. In addition to this rich content coverage, the modular format also facilitates student migration from one module to another without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

  • This comprehensive curriculum makes Frank Solutions an ideal choice for any student who wants to excel in Biology in ICSE for higher education.

3. Why are Frank Certificate Biology Class 9 Solutions the most effective textbook for students?

For tough ICSE Class 9 Biology curriculum questions, the Frank Textbook Solutions are a great resource. The solutions, which were written by subject-matter experts, are a fantastic resource for doing homework and getting ready for tests. With access to these chapter-by-chapter reference solutions that offer conceptual clarity throughout the day, every day of the week, students may now focus on obtaining superior scores.

4. Which Biology chapter discusses the forest biome?

The forest biome is discussed in Chapter 11 of Understanding Ecosystems.

5. How do I download Vedantu notes to PDF?

Just visit the Vedantu website and search for the required revision links. These revision websites also offer free PDFs in those formats!