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NEET 2017 Question Paper with Answers and Solutions

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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NEET 2017 Question Paper with Answers serves as one of the previous year’s question papers which can be referred to by the NEET 2023 aspirants in the study of their previous year’s question paper set. 

In this article, we are providing you with a free pdf of the answers to the NEET 2017 question paper. Not only that, but we will also be analyzing the NEET 2017 question paper and discussing the chapter-wise individual subject weightage of the NEET examination. 

NEET 2017 Question Paper with Answers Keys - (Code A, B, C, D) - How Will It Help the NEET Aspirants?

The study of the NEET 2017 question paper is mandatory for the students as it will help them to crack the NEET Exam and thereby can secure a better chance in the medical colleges. There are several ways in which how the NEET Question Paper with solutions free PDF can help a NEET aspirant:

  • To prepare for the exam, there is no better source to refer to than the previous year's question paper.

  • The NEET 2017 previous year paper with answer key can give the student an idea of where his weaknesses are, and tailor his study schedule accordingly to improve his performance in the exam.


NEET 2017 Subject-wise Difficulty Level of Question Paper

In the following table we present the NEET 2017 subject-wise difficulty level of the examination. Subject-wise total number of questions is mentioned here and thereby we also have identified the difficult, moderate, and easy questions accordingly. 


Difficult Questions

Moderate Questions

Easy Questions

Total Questions

Total Marks

Total Questions

Total Marks

Total Questions

Total Marks





































NEET 2017 - Analysis of the Complete Question Paper 

  1. The Biology Question paper of NEET 2017 was moderately easy. It was a bit more difficult than NEET 2016 Biology question paper. 

These were the major topic coverage of the NEET 2017 Biology question paper:

  • Genetics and Evolution

  • Human Physiology

  • Diversity in Living Organisms

  • Reproduction

  • Ecology

  • Structural Organization in Plants and Animals

  • Biology and Human Welfare

  • Cell Structure and Function

  • Plant Physiology

  • Biotechnology

  1. Physics was the toughest of all three subjects. Following were the important chapters from which questions were frequently asked in NEET 2017 Physics question paper:

  • Mechanics

  • Electrodynamics

  • Modern Physics

  • Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics

  • Optics and Waves

  1. NEET 2017 Chemistry question paper was quite easy. Check the list of the following important chapters for the NEET 2017 Chemistry Question Paper:

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • General Chemistry

NEET 2017 - Highlights of the Examination

  1. NCERT-based questions were pre-dominantly asked in the NEET 2017 question paper.

  2. The NEET 2017 question paper tested the analytical knowledge of the students along with asking the knowledged based questions. 

  3. NEET 2017 Physics question paper was quite conceptual and hence it consumed a lot of time. 

  4. In NEET 2017 Biology question paper, questions from Class 11 were majorly dominating in the exam. 

  5. Apart from NCERT books, students were required to refer to other books for preparing Biology. 

Chapter-wise Weightage of Subjects - A Guide for NEET 2022 Aspirants

1. Physics Important Chapter list

2. Chemistry Important Chapters

3. Biology Important Chapters

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We have shared a great detail of the NEET 2017 question paper. Apart from providing the free pdf of NEET 2017 answers, students are required to check the analysis of the question paper, highlights of the question paper and the suggested chapter-wise individual subject weightage are also available. 

Do check the previous year's question papers for your NEET 2022 attempt, it will definitely elevate the level of your preparation.

FAQs on NEET 2017 Question Paper with Answers and Solutions

1. Was the NEET question paper of 2017 difficult to crack?

The neet 2017 question paper is considered as one of the toughest question papers in comparison to other years. The Neet 2017 question paper was conducted by the CBSE for admission into the medical stream – the MBBS and BDS courses that are medical and dental courses. The exam pattern was similar; it had 180 questions of 720 marks. Neet aspirants who are planning to give the examination or a device to solve all the question papers that are available on Vedanta‘s website. All the study material and previous year’s question papers are available for free download.

2. Where can I find The NEET Question Paper 2017 with Answers Keys - (Code A, B, C, D)?

The needed question paper 2017 with answer keys – code ABCD can be easily accessible on Vedanta‘s website. The material is available for free download. The Vedanta team has curated all the previous year’s question papers and the important questions of specific topics for students. This is done in order to help students achieve a good score in the examination and also for hassle-free learning.

3. What are the changes in the NEET exam pattern since 2017?

There have been significant changes in the Neet exam pattern. The question paper has become tougher to crack and since 2021 a significant change has been introduced in the need exam pattern by introducing the internal choice questions in the paper. To achieve a good score Neet aspirants are advised to look into all the study material and the important questions of various specific topics that are available on Vedanta‘s website.

4. How can The NEET Question Paper 2017 help in exam preparation?

In order to get a good Neet rank previous year question papers have been of the utmost importance for Neet aspirants, it helps them to make a clear mindset and also prepares them in advance about the type of questions that can be asked in the examination. By completing the previous year’s question papers the students can keep in check of their progress. Looking at the solutions of the question paper can give students an idea about The various ways in which a question can be solved and the easiest and time-efficient we can be the most effective.

5. What are the important dates regarding the NEET exams?

The important dates are as follows-

The national eligibility entrance test is held every year in May. Registrations for Neet 2022 have already been started in November 2021 the applications will be closed in December 2021. The admit cards will be released in April 2022. The answer keys will be released one month after the exam has been held and the results will be released in June 2022. For now, only tentative date sheets have been released. Aspirants are advised to keep checking the exam dates and prepare accordingly.