NEET 2019 Marks Vs Ranks

How to Calculate NEET 2019 Marks Vs Ranks

As soon as the coaching institutes and NTA publishes the NEET answer key, the students who appeared for the exam get busy in calculating the marks they might achieve. Not only that, they start searching the web for NEET rank Vs marks algorithm. In this article, you will find all that is needed to calculate NEET 2019 Marks Vs Ranks. Read on to know how to analyse NEET rank vs marks data in order to predict your NEET 2020 ranks.

What Do You Need for the Marks vs Rank Calculation

In order to calculate NEET marks vs rank 2019 or NEET rank Vs marks 2018 (any year, basically), you have to first find out how many marks you would get in the NEET exam. How can you do that? Not very long after the NEET exam every year, prominent coaching institutes bring out answer keys to the questions asked in the corresponding NEET exam. NTA too brings out the official answer key and publishes it on its website. Consult these answer keys and predict how many marks you would be getting in the year’s NEET exam.

Below is the method to predict your NEET marks: 

→ For every correct answer, add 4 marks.

→ For every incorrect answer, deduct 1 mark.

→ Subtract the total of negative marks from the positive marks and you get your total NEET marks.

  • Thank God, you will not lose any marks for not attempting any question.

  • If you choose more than one option, it will be considered unattended answer and you will not get or lose any marks.

  • The full marks is 720. Each of 180 questions in the paper carries 4 marks.

Now that you have predicted your marks using the answer key, you will find that calculating NEET marks vs. rank 2019 (or for that matter, any year) is easy. Do a little Google search with the term - NEET 2019 rank Vs marks - you will find hundreds of websites which will tell you which rank range will be assigned to which marks range. Be careful while trying to calculate NEET marks Vs rank 2018 or NEET 2017 marks Vs rank, you consult reputed websites like ours to get an accurate rank prediction.