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NEET 2016 Question Paper for Phase-I & Phase-II with Answers and Solutions

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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NEET Examinations

Those who aspire to work in the field of medicine will recognize NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) as the first major stepping stone into making this dream a reality. Hundreds of thousands of students attempt to crack this nationwide exam every year, and the competition is increasing rapidly, while seats in top institutions remain a premium. Understanding the format and style of the NEET 2016 question paper is part of the preparation process. Students can download the old question papers and supplement their larger preparation. 


The NEET 2016 question paper and other question papers are a great way to familiarize myself with the structure of the exam. Students can test their knowledge by attempting to complete the paper in the stipulated time given for the real exam. Solving the NEET question paper and NEET sample papers also is a good step for revision. Along with these question papers, it is important that students have an in-depth understanding of all the subjects. Specialized study plans for NEET like Vedantu’s coaching have become a necessity to be able to garner the most marks possible.


The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), formerly known as the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is the entrance exam that students undergo to get admission for MBBS and BDS programmes in Indian medical and dental colleges. This is one of the most completed exams anywhere in the world for students who want to pursue Medicine. The exam consists of questions from +2 level of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with questions from moderate to advanced level.

Vedantu provides answers to previous year's question papers along with the solutions of the questions so that students can get an idea on how to approach questions during these examinations, these solutions are made by professionals in this field who have years of experience in mentoring students going through the NEET Examinations. The previous year's question papers can be downloaded from the Vedantu Webpage and App.  

The NEET 2016 question paper with solutions PDF download will contain important topics that get repeated over the years so it cannot be ignored. Questions get rephrased or presented in different manners, but the core concept and topic is the same. Therefore, by solving the old question papers and NEET important questions, students will find fewer surprises in store on the big day.


Apart from question papers, students need to dig deep into the topics with the help of tutors who understand the ins-and-outs of NEET. The advantage of specialized one-on-one coaching is that students do not suffer from the distractions of a group environment. It also allows students to be more disciplined in their preparation and they get a better platform to communicate doubts and learn at their own pace.

Why Vedantu

Vedantu’s NEET coaching allows for a customized approach that addresses the unique strengths and weaknesses of a student. The cutting-edge learning platform recreates the live classroom atmosphere and is easy to access and use. Students do not need to spend time in transit, and the online classes are easier to schedule.


Vedantu boasts a faculty that is comprised of highly qualified teachers, many who are alumni of some of the country’s top institutions. Teachers will focus on exam techniques and important core concepts. The NEET syllabus was drafted by the Medical Council of India, and all Vedantu’s study plans are based on the topics given.


Study plans are designed to get the best out of the student. During these intimate one-on-one learning sessions, students will gain confidence, and they will also be able to ask more questions to the teacher. These NEET coaching sessions will also include assignments and mock tests, so the student is primed for the high-pressure environment of an exam. Old question papers will be solved and dissected. The NEET 2016 exam question paper free PDF download is one of many resources available on Vedantu that will give participants a proper taste of what is in store.


The NEET exams are also known by their previous avatar – the AIPMT (All India Pre-medical Test). Enjoy solving the AIPMT 2016 question paper with solution free PDF download and add to your holistic preparation for this make-or-break exam.

Solutions of NEET 2016 Examinations

The NEET Examinations are conducted annually by the National Testing Agency and by clearing this exam candidates can pursue an MBBS degree among the top colleges in India. These exams have around 90000 seats and more than a million candidates. Candidates preparing for these exams need to put in extremely hard work to ace these examinations. The previous year's question papers are a key to understanding the pattern of the NEET examinations so that students can get acquainted with the ways of these exams. 

The solutions are easily accessible online on the Vedantu platform. The PDF version of these answers can be downloaded by clicking on the link here:

FAQs on NEET 2016 Question Paper for Phase-I & Phase-II with Answers and Solutions

1. How helpful is solving the previous year's question papers from the perspective of NEET Examinations?

The NEET Examination needs extreme dedication as the exam is objective so students need to be well acquainted with the nature of the examinations. The aim of the exam is not only to test your subjective knowledge of the respective subject but also to check your ability to do well under pressure as the exams have a time constraint. Time management is of the essence and students need to have clarity and confidence in their approach during the examinations, Going through these solved question papers would help you in confronting the challenge. Hence solving the previous year's question paper is very important to get acquainted with the challenge of time management and understanding the pattern of the examinations.

2. How to score well in NEET Examinations?

To get good marks in your examinations, you would need a good strategy along with discipline and determination.  Students should be attentive while the topics in their classes, going prepared for the topic being taught helps in a big way. Whatever doubts that might arise in your mind should be clarified with your teachers. Discussing the questions and concepts that you cannot understand with your friends and group study sessions are also helpful. 

3. How to download the previous year's question paper along with its solutions from Vedantu?

The Online resources at Vedantu can easily be accessed using 4 steps:

  • Open the Website of Vedantu on your Laptop or you can login to the Vedantu App through your phone.

  • Search the question paper from the selective year and also look at the paper code.

  • Click on Download PDF to download the solution in PDF format.

  • Enter OTP and then the solutions will be sent to your email ID.  

4. I am having trouble in Physics subject while preparing for NEET Examinations, what should I do?

The NEET exam covers the curriculum across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Being strong in all three subjects is necessary to ensure you can ace the examinations. If you are having trouble in Physics that means you need to pay special attention to the subject. Try solving as many questions as you can to strengthen your fundamentals and use the online resources available at Vedantu to boost your preparation. 

5. How can I balance Class 12 board examinations along with the NEET Entrance exams?

Students should always be prepared for the mentally exhaustive task of balancing the class 12 exam along with entrance preparation. However, if prepared in a strategic and smart manner, the students can make the process a lot easier for themselves. The syllabus is same roughly the same for both of these two exams but the nature of the questions along with the pattern of the question paper is vastly different.  You should be serious about your class 12th Board examinations, take timely measures and solve previous years papers to be acquainted with the challenge ahead.