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NEET 2015 Question Paper with Solutions PDF Download

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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NEET Question Paper 2015 with Answers Keys - (Code A, B, C, D) - Advantages of Solving the Previous Year’s Question Paper

The NEET 2015 question paper with answers is provided here for the NEET aspirants o that they can prepare for their upcoming NEET exams effectively.

This NEET 2015 question paper serves as an important previous year’s question paper and thus the students must mandatorily give it a go.

Additionally, check out the analysis, highlights, and other important discussions of the NEET 2015 question paper.

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Preparation should be strategic with more time spent on the more rewarding topics. Going through old question papers is one of the most important parts of the preparation process. 

The NEET question paper 2015 and other solved old papers in many ways can give students foresight on what to expect in coming exams. There are many advantages of solving the NEET previous year question paper with solutions PDF and other papers. 

The Advantages are Discussed as Follows:

  • The students improve their time management skills and get to experience the recreated exam scenario. 

  • This goes a long way in reducing the anxiety that many have before the big test.

  • Studying the previous year’s question paper like NEET 2015 will help the students in knowing the NEET question paper pattern.

  • The NEET questions can be repeated, and thus studying the previous year’s question paper like NEET 2015 might be lucky for the students. 

  • Studying the previous year’s question papers can be adopted as a vigorous revision strategy which the students will be paid for in abundance in terms of good marks. 

NEET 2015 Subject-wise Difficulty Level of Question Paper

NEET 2015 subject-wise difficulty level of the question paper is discussed in the following table. 

The NEET 2024 aspirants can take a note here and can make an analysis of the same. We have provided a total number of tough questions, moderate questions, and easy questions in this section. 

Check the table below to get a fair idea:


Tough Questions

Moderate Questions

Easy Questions

Total Questions

Total Marks

Total Questions

Total Marks

Total Questions

Total Marks





























NEET 2015 - Analysis of the Complete Question Paper 

1. The Biology Question paper in NEET 2015 was moderately easy. 

These were the major topics from which questions were asked in the Biology paper:

  • Diversity in the living world

  • Structural organization in animals & plants

  • Cell structure & function

  • Plant physiology

  • Human Physiology

  • Reproduction

  • Genetics & Evolution

  • Biology & Human Welfare

  • Biotechnology & Its Applications

  • Ecology & Environment

2. The Physics Paper was average in difficulty level. 

Following were the majorly covered topics from Physics:

  • Mechanics

  • Thermodynamics and Wave Motion

  • Electrodynamics

  • Optics

  • Modern Physics

3. The Chemistry paper was again moderate in difficulty level. 

These were the main topics covered in the Chemistry question paper:

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry

NEET 2015 - Highlights of the Examination

Check out the major highlights of NEET 2015:

  1. The students who only relied on NCERT study material faced difficulty while attempting the NEET 2015. 

  2. The Physics question paper was quite lengthy, while the Chemistry and Biology sections had standard questions.

  3. Biology questions were asked from the Class 11 syllabus as well.

  4. In Physics, lengthy and formula-based questions were majorly asked.

  5. Chemistry was the easiest section of all.  

Chapter-wise Weightage of Subjects - A Guide for NEET 2024 Aspirants

Physics Important Chapter list

Chemistry Important Chapters

Biology Important Chapters

Tips for Managing Time During a Lengthy NEET Exam:

  • Start with the easiest section and move on to the more difficult sections later.

  • Do not attempt those questions to which you are not sure of the answer.

  • Do not spend too much time on any one question; mark it for review and come back to it later.

  • Take breaks of 1-2 minutes between each section to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

  • Stay hydrated and eat light snacks before the exam to maintain your energy levels.

  • Make sure you have a good night's sleep before the exam day!

Prepare NEET With Vedantu

In Vedantu, the NEET study plans are carefully formulated to ensure maximum knowledge retention. What other benefits can a NEET aspirant vail from Vedantu?

  • Vedantu provides one-on-one nature where students can enjoy personalized study plans that address their unique weaknesses and strengths. This also prevents any topic from being overlooked. 

  • Apart from the core academic material, the tuition classes will also focus on confidence-building and mental preparation for the exam.

  • Vedantu’s teachers are amongst the most highly qualified available. They are alumni of top institutions and can share first-hand experience of having cracked the toughest competitive exams. 

  • Assignments at the end of each lesson and sample tests will keep the student fresh. 

  • Old papers will be analysed and dissected so students can see important trends and familiarize themselves with the format.

Give yourself a good platform to crack this all-important exam. Browse through the AIPMT 2015 question paper with solution PDF download and explore the other NEET resources at Vedantu. Students can also download important materials like NEET Study Material, NEET Syllabus, NEET Sample Paper and NEET Important Questions for NEET 2024 exam preparation.

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This article was truly very beneficial for the NEET aspirants. From this article, along with the free pdf, they can also know the in-depth analysis of the NEET 2015 question paper and also check the chapter-wise subject weightage for the NEET exams.

FAQs on NEET 2015 Question Paper with Solutions PDF Download

1. What was the level of difficulty in NEET 2015?

The level of difficulty in NEET 2015 was moderate to difficult.

2. How to manage time during the NEET Exam?

One should start with the easier sections and move on to more difficult ones later. Do not spend too much time on any one question, mark it for review and come back to it later! Take breaks of one or two minutes between each section to relax. Stay hydrated throughout the exam day! Make sure you have a good night's sleep before the exam day.

3. Which were the reference books from which questions were asked in NEET?

The questions in NEET 2015 were mainly from NCERT textbooks and other reference books. However, there were no questions from current affairs or new topics.

4. How was the Biology section of NEET 2015?

The biology section of NEET was of moderate difficulty level.

5. How to prepare for the medical entrance exam?

One should practise as many mock tests as possible and have good conceptual clarity to do well in this examination! It is important that students understand concepts thoroughly, so they can get maximum marks.

6. Which was the easiest section in NEET 2015?

The Chemistry section of NEET 2015 was considered easier than Physics and Biology sections.

7. How to attempt the NEET question paper?

Start with the section you are comfortable with and then proceed to the next difficult section. Do not attempt those questions that you are unsure of and leave them for later review. from NCERT textbooks and other reference books. However, there was no specific book recommended for this examination!

8. How much time should be spent on each question?

Limit your time on each question to approximately one minute. All you need is good conceptual clarity of the questions and to know how best to attempt them.