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Last updated date: 25th May 2024
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Animal - Facts, Types and Examples

Animals are an essential part of this ecosystem as they help in balancing the ecosystem.  There are over 7 million animal species found in the world. The entire species of animals are divided into 5 types: Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

The mammal is a type of animal with warm blood and a hairy body. Examples for mammals are cow, lion and elephant.

Reptiles are types of animals with cold blood and dry scaly skin. Examples for Reptiles are snakes, crocodiles and lizards.

Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates with wings and beaks. Examples for birds are crow, parrot, and owl.

Amphibians are small vertebrates, they need a moist environment or water to survive. Examples for amphibians are frogs and toads.

Insects are made up of 3 parts: head, thorax and abdomen. They do not have a backbone. Examples for insects are mosquitoes and bees.

Learn more about different types of animals in detail with examples here.

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1. Animal - Facts, Types and Examples

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