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Know Important Details About Quail Birds 

Quail birds are mostly very small to mid-sized birds that tend to belong to the species of partridges and pheasants. The main characteristics of these types of birds are a very distinctive shape of the body that includes a stocky patter and pointed wings that are very long. The quail bird is one of the most exquisite forms of bird and it is also identified from its very distinctive calls as well. The sound is particularly melodious and hence it is considered to be a very distinctive species of Aves. For the students who need to know more about quail meaning and different details about the birds, there is no doubt that we would be able to help them out in the best way for sure. 

The Quail bird generally belongs to one of the 130 species of smaller and short-tailed game birds that are classified into different families such as Odontophoridae and Phasianidae. These birds belong to the order Galliformes. These birds have a very striking resemblance to the partridges, however, the size of quails is a bit smaller than the partridges and they are generally less robust too. There are 95 different species of Old World Quails and these are mostly classified in the Phasianidae group and they belong to either of 2 different subfamilies Perdiciane or Phasianidae. Also, the New World Quail birds that consist of about 32 different species have been classified into the group Odontophoridae. 

There are some of the important species of quails that are also feared to have been extinct. One of the main examples of such birds is the Himalayan Quail. These birds have been said to become extinct. However, there might still be traces of such species in the world. For students that need to know more about the quail birds in the best way, there is no doubt that our notes are going to provide them with all the information that they need and much more in the best way. 

Key Facts and Information About Quail Birds 

There are many different facts and information about the Quail which is really important for the students to know so that they can gain all the necessary information. Here we are going to provide some very important detail so that students can get familiar with Quail meaning and learn some more interesting details about the bird. 

Quails basically have buffed and streaked feathers that tend to be of different colors such as Blue, cream, white, and black. This gives a very distinct appearance to the bird and hence it is very easily identifiable as well. The arrangement as well as the colors of the feathers also has a very scaly pattern. One of the most interesting facts about the quail animal is that they tend to have very strong legs that are also long and the color of the legs is brown. The parts of the body on the lower side of the bird are pretty buffy as well and are orange in color. These types of birds have beaks that are mostly curved, short, and chunky in nature. The color of the beak tends to be black. The average length of a quail goes up to about 4.5-7.8 inches in total. The length may vary according to the species and the gender that these birds belong to. The weight of the bird is ranging between 2.4 to 4.9 ounces in total depending on the species that it belongs to. The wingspan of the bird will easily reach up to about 35 centimeters in total. 

Even though quails tend to have pointed and long wings, the birds are not able to fly for a very long distance as their flight plans remain short. The color of this particular bird might change according to the species that it belongs to. There are some other factors that also bring changes in quails such as adapted environment and the quail bird size. There are certain types of quails that tend to have a part known as the plume or the topknot. It is basically in the shape of a particular teardrop and can be seen in different species of quails. 

Learn All about the Habits and Diet of Quails 

Most of the quails tend to live in the crop lands as well as the woodlands too. There are many open spaces present in these areas that are mostly covered up with bushes and so these places seem to be the perfect kind of habitat for these birds. The quails mostly originated from places such as North America. However, their location can also be traced to certain parts of Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. While the Wild Japanese quail seems to be located in areas such as East Africa, Russia, and other African parts, the Himalayan Quail mostly resided in the Himalayan regions from which the name of the bird came to be. Quails seldom tend to change their habitat and they are most likely to spend their entire lives in a singular location as they are not migratory birds. These birds also are capable of living on the land.

 An interesting fact about the Quail bird is that they are mostly omnivorous. However, 95% of the entire diet for the bird consists of plant materials only. A quail tend to survive on seeds, grass, and most berries. On the basis of their environment and habitat, a quail will also be able to survive on worms, roots, leaves, and certain insects like grasshoppers. Students can get more information such as what is quail from our notes.


Behavior and Ecology of Quails 

Quails can be active on both days and nights and it totally depends on the species that they belong to. The quails also have a tendency to clean their feathers a lot since they need to protect their skins from pests. Also, they bathe in dust to keep their feathers pretty clean. One very interesting fact about quails is that while they might be solitary in nature, they are often found to be in pairs as well. For a group of birds that are quails, the name Flock, Covey, or Queer can be used. Quails tend to be in flocks during the time of the winter because it is the mating season for sure. There are many factors that can threaten the eggs of quails since they are pretty soft in texture. Snakes and other land-based animals often include quail eggs in their diet and hence that can be a danger to the bird’s eggs. Quails have a tendency to communicate through calls that are high in pitch. Also, they make grunts and cackles for communication. There is a certain harmony and beat to the calls of these birds. Students need to know all the information about the birds if they ever want to define quail in their exams and these pieces of information are truly helpful in that case. 


Originally known as land dwellers, Quail birds tend to stay on the ground and hence choose their habitats in the open areas where there are bushes covering the entire area. Most common examples of the breeding grounds for the quail birds include wheat lands, fallows, and certain grasslands as well. When the quails turn 2 months old, the mating begins at that time. A quail bird is able to lay about 12 different eggs. The number may decrease according to the species that the bird belongs to. It is a very interesting fact to know that quail eggs tend to have particularly brighter colors than the eggs of other birds. The babies that come out of the quail eggs are termed chicks and they need to grow for some time to begin their own period of mating. The chicks need about 1 month in total to completely hatch out from the eggs that they have been in. In order to reach maturity, a baby chick needs a total of 2 months and then they will be completely ready to mate. A quail is able to live for more than 5 years if it is situated in a land that is safe from dangers. It is essential that students get all the information that they need about quail meaning so that they can get a better understanding of the topic without any difficulty whatsoever. 

Quail Farming

While quail birds tend to get hunted down by predators, there is also another use to the bird as some of them are kept as poultry. Quail farming is one of the most common practices in many different parts of the world and people really need to know about it. The meat of a quail is said to be a delicacy and the eggs are also used in several locations as foods and hence poultry farming seems to be a much better idea for some people. 

One of the most common species of quail birds that are kept as poultry is the Japanese quails. Their use in poultry dates back to the 11th century in Japan. Also, some of these birds were kept as songbirds due to their harmonious calls and cackles. 

When it comes to farm birds, quails are considered to be the smallest ones in the group and they weigh only about 100 grams in total. However, the weight might increase depending on the species of the birds. About 80% of quail farming happens in China. It is also a known fact that the European Union is responsible for farming about 100 million quails every single year. There are a total of about 1.4 billion quails that are farmed every single year in the entire world. Due to the unregulated farming that happens with quails, there are certain rules that have been created. Several practices have been banned in different countries related to quail farming. The use of battery cages for the birds and keeping them in overcrowded barns are banned. Storing the birds in overcrowded areas that tend to keep more than 100 birds in one place can lead to several mishaps and death of these birds. This renders the whole process of farming futile and hence such practices have been banned across several countries where quail farming prevails. 

With the help of our notes, students will be able to know what is quail. 

FAQs on Quail

1. What is a Himalayan Quail? 

The Himalayan Quail is more commonly known as the mountain quail is a type of quail that is mid-sized and is a member of the pheasant family. The bird is now feared to be completely extinct and hence is not mentioned much. The last known sighting of the bird happened in the year 1876 so many people fear that the bird is now completely vanished from the earth. This particular species of bird was known to be situated in 2 different locations, mostly in Uttrakhand (Western Himalayas) and in North-West India. There were about 12 specimens reported for the bird. 

2. Is Quail a Bird? 

One of the most common questions that students have is whether quail is a bird or not. Well, yes, it is a bird that belongs to the pheasant family. Quails basically have buffed and streaked feathers that tend to be of different colors such as Blue, cream, white, and black. This gives a very distinct appearance to the bird and hence it is very easily identifiable as well. The arrangement as well as the colors of the feathers also has a very scaly pattern. One of the most interesting facts about the quail animal is that they tend to have very strong legs that are also long and the color of the legs is brown.

3. What are Some of the Common Types of Quail Birds? 

Some of the common types of quail birds include Coturnix or Japanese quail, Button, King, Chinese-Painted or Blue-breasted quail, Bobwhite quail, Mearn's quail, Mountain quail, Gambel's quail, California (Valley) quail, Scaled quail. There are many more examples of quail birds that are yet to be discovered. Students can find all sorts of information about quail birds from the notes that we have here.